OPTM-Chapter 65 Abyss Canyon

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In the central Thunderstorm Area, in the barren forest, two figures chased back and forth as if they were walking on flat ground. The crystallized tree trunk in the forest is as hard as steel, but they were nothing in front of two violent figures.

Because Elementalization will attract concentrated lighting to rain down on his head, Rowen now can only use his legs to chase after the Beetle which is running without its head.


How should I put it?

It is worthy of being a bug, right?

Its speed was quite fast when it ran on six legs on the ground! Rowen was surprised to find that he couldn’t catch up with the Beetle even with his Rokushiki attainments, so he could only barely guarantee that he would not lose sight of this Beetle!

One must know that the current Rowen is not the Rowen he used to be, and his strength is not what it used to be. He now has the speed to cross 300 Meters in 3 Seconds by using Soru!

But the current result is that this speed can’t catch up with a Beetle!

Fortunately, without the two Arthropod-Digging muscles on its head, the Beetle can’t escape to the ground, otherwise, Rowen really won’t be able to do anything to it!

Even the Beetles who are at the bottom of the food chain in the Barren Forest have burrowed and sprinting skills like this, no wonder Hell Island is called Hell.

It is very difficult to live here!

Just when Rowen was getting bored of chasing after the Beetle, the Barren Forest suddenly dispersed and a cliff appeared in front of him.

The Hell Island is very big, Rowen had walked for three days and the mountains in the distance were still far away. In these lofty mountains, cliffs or something similar are not uncommon. The Beetle without its head can’t see the route ahead so it just rushes forward with its head stuffed, and it is about to fall.

“Wait a minute, fall down?”

Suddenly, Rowen’s eyes lit up, and he forcibly twisted his body while running, and jumped along with the landslide.

Shuā, Shuā!

A man and a Beetle separated by more than ten meters and performed a leap of faith on the cliff. Losing its foothold, the Beetle’s six legs still fluttered and flopped, but could only fall down in vain. At this moment, Rowen seized the opportunity and launched himself out like a thunderbolt.


“Hahaha! I caught you!!”

Using the “Cross lock” posture to clamp his arms and legs tightly around the Beetle, Rowen laughed loudly.

I may not be your opponent in running but Mother Earth treats everyone equally when falling!


The Beetle that had lost its head also seemed to perceive that it had nowhere to go and struggled frantically. But Rowen is more confident if this is only simply fighting for strength!!

No matter how hard the Beetle struggled, Rowen seemed to have grown on it, and the Beetle was unable to break free.

It was then that Rowen realized that the vocal organ of the Beetle appeared to be on its back, so it could scream without its head. Naturally, this is not important, what is important is that he would finally have a full meal today!

The excitement brought about by the high-speed fall is very scary, but Rowen is a Logia Ability User, and a fall of any kind wouldn’t really kill him.

Besides… things like falling from a high altitude feel quite good!

At this moment, a thunderbolt fell from the sky and hit them…It was the thunderbolt caused by Rowen Elementalization just now. His path was like a river dug in the plain, and the guided Thunderbolt turned a bend in the air and directly hit them.

Zī Zī Zī Zī Zi!!

There was a burnt scent on the tip of his nose, and Rowen suddenly had a hunch.

Looks like… I don’t need to prepare a barbecue later.



In the end.

This is a Barren Rock area and because the depth is too deep, the brightness of the sun’s rays couldn’t reach here so it is completely dark.

But a glimpse of light appeared in this place that should forever be in darkness.

The light was so dazzling that many creatures in the darkness screamed in horror and went far away from here.


One person and one insect smashed into the hard stone, smashing it to pieces!

After a while, Rowen got up from the pit and shook his slightly numb arm: “It seems that Tekkai (Iron Body) Training is still very effective. I wasn’t forced to use my Elementalization even after a One-Thousand-Meter fall.”

The passive effect of Elementalization appears automatically whenever the Logia User is injured, even with Rokushiki’s “Tekkai (Iron Body)” suppression, it is also very easy to show. 

But the Elementalization didn’t show up which shows the epidermal defense that has reached an extremely frightening level of Rowen’s Tekkai (Iron Body), his current body is no different from real steel when he uses Tekkai!

Rowen didn’t rely on the Rumble-Rumble Fruit as he didn’t want to waste his power and effort!

So far, his approach has been correct.

Zī Zī Zī Zī…

With a burst of Thunderlight, the cracks on Rowen’s body closed at a speed visible to the naked eye, and soon healed completely, even his clothes were brand new. 

The self-healing is over and Rowen moved his joints, and then picked up a piece of cooked meat with some blood on it from the ground, he bought the piece of meat close to his nose and sniffed.

“Well… this is cooked!”

Although the Beetle was highly resistant to lightning, but it was only its carapace that was resistant towards the lightning. But the inside of any creature is fragile. The lightning that split from the sky poured in from the wound on the Beetle’s neck, roasting it into a half-cooked barbecue from the inside out.

Rowen hasn’t eaten enough for three days, let alone half-ripe, Rowen can swallow it even if it is a piece of raw meat!

Click ……

With one bite, the unique aroma filled Rowen’s mouth! This feeling is similar to some of the food he had eaten before: Charcoal Grilled Watermelon! But it is chewier than that, and the deliciousness and fullness of protein cannot be replaced by fruit.

“Um… still that familiar taste! Not bad!”

Rowen comfortably let out a syllable through his nose and tore into Meat with a big bite. He then sat on the ground and ripped off a piece of sinewy muscle from the fallen muscle beetle, and put it in his mouth to chew it up.

At the bottom of the dark canyon, the haunting sound of chewing kept reverberating, the scene was really scary!

The unprecedented aroma permeated the empty dark depths and a bold Creature began to approach him, Rowen’s ears suddenly twitched as he waved his hand and shot out a lightning bolt.


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