OPTM-Chapter 58 *Hidden*

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Following Kizaru, the three came to the Underground warehouse.

Unlike the first time where there have been only a few people, the current scene is quite lively. May famous names in the Headquarters are gathered here on a temporarily built platform and the Rear Admirals, Commodores, Vice-Admirals were whispering to each other, waiting for the test to begin.

Looking at them, Rowen couldn’t help thinking, if Whitebeard suddenly appeared here and punched his full-powered punch then the Marines would lose One-Third of their Strength!

In the open space surrounded by the stands, there are a group of researchers wearing white coats. A half-naked male figure is sitting on a giant Device covering an area of ​​more than ten square meters. This figure is Trane who has more than 6000 in Doriki Value and he is also someone close to becoming a Rear Admiral…

When Garp walked in, Trane immediately noticed him and straightened up to salute.

“Vice-Admiral Garp!”

Trane didn’t move his butt. This is the second phase of the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Device, because of the increase in current, more complex devices were required to maintain stability, so he sat and couldn’t move until the researchers set everything up.

“Well, I’ll just come here to see the excitement, you can test it with ease.”

Garp waved his hand in greeting.


Then he looked at Rowen and nodded sincerely.

Rowen nodded dazedly in return.

“Mr. Garp, this is…”

At this moment, a tall man in the cloak of Justice came over. He looked very special… It’s not that his facial features are special, but half of his face was identical to that of an Animal spotted dog named Dalmatian, with two dog ears drooping with a longer chin. 

The lower half of the face is a normal human structure, a circle of the golden even cheek beard looks very conspicuous. At the same time, the back of this person’s hands are also that of the Dalmatian, his feet look like canines which were supporting his body on the ground, he is a vivid Dog-Headed Man.

Looking at his rank, he is a Headquarters Vice-Admiral like Garp, but his tone is still full of respect, which is probably a common occurrence for “Garp” in the Headquarters.

“Oh, it’s Dalmatian!”

Garp said with a start: “It seems that you are used to being in your Half Beastly form, quite good!”

“Dog-Dog Fruit · Dalmatian Form does not have any special abilities. I can only work hard on my body. By the way, this…”

Dalmatian shook his head with a wry smile on his face and he continued to look at Rowen. Regarding this, Garp suddenly realized something and he slapped his head: “I almost forgot! Rowen, this is Vice-Admiral Dalmatian who can maintain this Half Beastify Form for a week!”

For a week? 

“Hello, Vice-Admiral Dalmatian.” Rowen stands at attention and salutes.

This is really respect!

For the Zoan Fruit Ability User, they would require stamina to support their use of Devil Fruits, but because the use of Zoan is too extensive and there are few forms, many Zoan Ability Users are not very successful in their use of these Devil Fruits and this is also one of the reasons why Zoan Ability Users are considered to be the weakest one. 

In contrast to the Ancient Species and Mythological Beast, Dalmatian’s Dalmatian Form looks extremely ridiculous.

However, under such a premise, this person worked hard in his physical skills so that he could maintain the Half Beastify Form for a long time, and he used the Fruit Ability to torture him all the time. This is not only proof but also a kind of exercise and this is also his extremely strong will!

Rowen saw himself in him!

“Rowen?… So you are Rowen?”

Dalmatian has obviously heard of Rowen’s name. Although he did not personally appear in the test a few months ago, he is no stranger to this super rookie who has continued the legend of Admirals. 

Not to mention, their hope of breaking through, the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Device, was developed based on the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Method developed by Rowen. Without Rowen, most of them would have no hope to advance their strength.

“You are a good guy! I am optimistic about you! Hahahaha!”

Dalmatian spoke in a loud voice and many people have heard the word “Rowen”. As a result, the temporary stands were noisy, and a large group of Marines cast friendly eyes on them.

Feeling the stares from all around him, Rowen suddenly understood why Garp had dragged him here to watch the test.

It is the same reason he let himself follow him off the ship at Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) ……

Garp knew that many big figures had gathered here today, so he pulled Rowen here to introduce him and to let them see his face!

And compared to Huadu West Island(Flower Capital), the goodwill of fellow officers is definitely more important!

Rowen nodded honestly to a group of bigwigs while muttering in his heart: “Why is this Old Asshole treating me so well? Is he going to sell me out again?

He needs to be beware of fraud!

Rowen’s face smiling, but in his heart, he was on guard.

“Dr. Clown! The device has been debugged, we are ready to start!”

Soon after, the work of the people in white coats ended, and an old man peeked his head out from behind the Device and said respectfully.

“Got it!”

A man’s face with unflattering makeup emerged from behind the Device. He had long purple and black hair, a head with ornaments similar to horns, and thick purple paint on his lips… Maybe that was his original lip color.

The temperament of this person can be described in one word, that is “Flirtatious”!

But at this moment, he was greasy as he held a screwdriver in his hand and he looked at the surroundings with a Wretched look on his face and he impatiently waved his hand to drive away the people surrounding him. 

Afterward, he whispered to himself: “No, I have to check again here, so many Headquarters Vice-Admirals are watching me, if something goes wrong, I won’t be able to surpass Vegapunk in my life!”

When Rowen noticed a guy lying behind the Device, he didn’t care.

He may be a Repair master!

But when he raised his head while he was talking to Momonga and they were complementing each other, he almost bit his tongue when he saw who the figure was.

What the hell?

Caesar·Clown? !!!

The coquettish looking guy in front of him is the big boss of the original Punk Hazard arc, who has a bounty of 300 Million and was called the Mad Scientist, Caesar·Clown!

Why is this madman here?!

Rowen looked at him with a dazed expression on his face.

“Huh, what?”

Momonga saw the strange expression on Rowen’s face and he followed his gaze and frowned: “Do you know Dr.Caesar·Clown?”

As a genius scientist second only to Vegapunk under the World Government, his identity is quite secretive so how did Rowen know him?!

Rear Admirals and below level officers in the Marine Headquarters do not even have the qualifications to know his existence!

Could it be…

Momonga’s eyes narrowed. This old guy who has been in the Headquarters for 30 years was so vicious that he suddenly had a bold guess in his heart.

In response, Rowen as if completely unconcerned gulped and pointed to Caesar-Clown and asked.

“Vice-Admiral Momonga, are the Ram horns on his head real? Is he some kind of monster?”

Momonga: “…”

Breathlessly huffing and puffing, Momonga relaxed and rolled his eyes, “What a mess! They are just ornaments …… Besides, the Sea is so vast, even if someone’s head really has a ram’s horn, what’s so weird about it!”

“Oh, that’s how it is!”

Rowen patted his chest and let out a long sigh of relief: “Well… I hate monsters and ghosts!”


Momonga glared at Rowen with some resentment but he shut up and stopped talking.

Seeing this scene, Rowen licked his lips dryly and took a half step back, but the look in his eyes suddenly became deep.

Sea Calander’s Marine Headquarters in 1515, Caesar Clown appeared here…

Chapter 58 Caesar Clown

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