OPTM-Chapter 57 New Device

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“Oh, now I remember something!”

In front of Garp, except for a few fellow comrades, the rest are a group of brats. No one knew what came into his mind as he winked at Rowen said: “Want to go over and take a look?”

“Look at what?”

“The second phase of Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Device has arrived. Heis over there to test it.”

A dazed look appeared on Rowen’s face when he heard this news.

After the first results of the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Device was initially effective, Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) waved their hand and officially listed it as a Scientific Research Project equivalent to that of Pacifista.

At this point, Rowen was a little surprised for a moment.

The Pacifista’s combat effectiveness is very terrifying. One Pacifista machine can slaughter a City full of people and has the ability to destroy a Country. The next few PX-3 Models can even defeat all Supernovas in Luffy’s time period!

But the cost is too high, and no one can support the huge capital needed for large-scale installation!

Seven years later, Vegapunk developed it to the PX-5 type, and only Marine Headquarters and Mary Geoise have a Small-Scale army of them. When the Marines put them on the battlefield during the War Of The Best, it was no accident that all of the Pacifistas in the stock was put in the War.

Moreover, the Sea is a vast territory, and it is not realistic to rely solely on the rigid Pacifista Machines to maintain their stability.

In contrast, the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Device is a great source of supplement.

The Pacifista is expensive, but the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Device is cheap. Pacifista produces fast effects and results and the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Device gives out slow effects and results. Pacifista cannot be installed on a large scale but Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Device can be popularized.

The two have their advantages and disadvantages, but they complement each other perfectly.

And because there is no Devil Fruit ability involved, it’s just a simple electrical stimulation. 

After Vegapunk has thoroughly studied the principles behind the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Method, the remaining improvements and upgrades were just a small amount of work, and it did not waste too much time. 

Naturally, the good thing about this is that Rowen, as the developer, made a good impression on Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars).

This is the type of talent that the World Government needs!

He has the brains and awareness to follow orders and not take credit for anything, and he doesn’t hide anything good, but offers to contribute it to Vegapunk for research!

This alone will ensure that Rowen’s future official career will be smooth and unhindered!

The location is still the Marine Scientific Force Base. and the people inside of the base saw Rowen and Garp walking in, and Kizaru who was stationed here greeted them with an ugly expression on his face, “Yo! Vice-Admiral Garp, Rowen, you also heard the news?”


Rowen looked around and asked, “Is there anyone besides us, Admiral Kizaru?”

“Yeah, there’s a lot of them!”

Kizaru held up his hand and squinted his eyes while saying: “There are Vice-Admiral Momonga, Vice- Admiral Yamakaji, Vice- Admiral Maynard, Vice- Admiral Momousagi… Oh yes! Vice- Admiral is also getting added to that group. Except for the guys who are out on Mission, every Vice-Admiral from the Headquarters is there!”

Every single Vice-Admiral from the Headquarters will be there?

What the hell?!


Seeing Rowen’s stunned look, Kizaru came over and asked nicely, “You don’t know anything, do you, Rowen?”

“Me? What am I supposed to know ……?” Rowen turned his head to look at Garp for an answer.

“It’s because of Trane!” Garp seemed to have anticipated this and patted Rowen on the shoulder while saying: “Even though the Device in the First Phase was good, it is useless for most of the people in the Headquarters. But the Second Phase Device is different. Its limit is 6000 Doriki which is only one step short of being able to increase the power of a Vice-Admiral of the Headquarters, do you really think that they wouldn’t care?”

Rowen suddenly realized!

To explain this problem, we need to mention the prevailing Doriki value judgment standard in Marine… Unlike the Pirates, the Doriki value judgment standard is quite popular between the Marines and the World Government. 

Although it does not clearly represent the limit of someone’s combat power, but it can accurately judge a person’s lower limit!

Therefore, in the Marine Headquarters, in addition to Military Merits, some positions require Soldiers to reach the corresponding Doriki Value.

And the Doriki value required by the Main Positions in the Marines starts from 3000!

Someone with a Doriki value of 300 to 500 or higher is already classed as a Superhuman as a common Armed Soldier on average has around 10 Doriki Value. 

With someone’s physique surpassing an average person by three hundred times, this terrible figure which is an exaggerated superhuman figure in the eyes of the Four Seas Branch and Grand Line Branches is actually just the minimum requirement for being a Headquarters Commodore!!

That’s why Headquarters Officers have a lofty status in the entire Marine system because they are true elites!

But this Value isn’t definite.

Then, Rear Admiral’s position starts from 4000 Doriki Value and the Position of Vice-Admiral starts from 5000 Doriki Value while the Admiral’s position…

Well, no.

“Admiral” represents the highest combat power of Marine Headquarters. It cannot be summed up by a simple evaluation. 

On the other hand, their evaluation is quite meaningless. If you can beat all Headquarters Elites to the ground and can fight against the current Admiral without losing then you would have the strength to act as an Admiral.

Naturally, it’s better to take a look at it by standard, because in real life, some people have enough Military Merit and a Doriki Value of more than 6000 and they are just Rear Admiral.

After all, this is the Marine Headquarters, the competition here is too strong!

For the Monsters in Headquarters, this minimum standard belongs to the problem that couldn’t be solved by Military Merits. They raised the limit high, but no one cares about the lower limit. 

On the contrary, if their Doriki value is not outstanding enough, they would not have enough strength to get promoted even if they have the corresponding Military Merits…

Shuzo has about 4000 Doriki Value and he is also a Commodore. Rowen displayed a Doriki Value of 2700 to qualify for the Headquarters Military Camp. Someone with 6000 Doriki Value should already be a Vice-Admiral but he is still a Commodore. The terribleness of Marine Headquarters is evident from this!

Therefore, the Maximum Value of the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Device in the first phase was only 3000 Doriki, which is meaningless to most “Commodore” Level Officers.

However, the Device can be upgraded, as long as the research continued, its limit will only get higher and higher! Anyway, Rowen can guarantee that he himself didn’t see where the end of the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Method would be.

So, once they heard that the Second Phase of Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Device has a Doriki Value of 6000, they couldn’t just sit still!

The Current Doriki Value is 6000 and it is only a Second Phase Device then what about the future?!

Most of them have reached the pinnacle of mankind and have no hope of breaking through in this life. If this Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Device can take effect, wouldn’t it be another opportunity for them?

Regarding the desire to grow stronger, no one would be an exception in the One Piece World.


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