OPTM-Chapter 53 Chaos 2

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The problem in Rowen’s mind is not Fred, but the Allied Kingdom Member League.

In fact, after learning about Rosa’s arrangements, he directly labeled Fred an “Idiot”. How the hell did he not realize that he is not the only one with tricks.

However, the plan did not change. Fred would appear in the Queen’s bedroom tonight, and General Jade would continue to hide. After Fred appeared, he would be punished before he goes out and Rosa would push the process along and would give up the throne.

As a result, the Old Asshole Garp would have protected the Queen’s safety regardless of discipline, and he would let himself go out to deal with the Baroque Work agency, which would cause an uncontrollable variable in the plan.

“I don’t know how the Queen will deal with the Old Asshole’s temporary intentions. If Allied Kingdom Members are not charged with murdering Queen, the crisis would not be resolved…”

Rowen whispered to himself as he walked in front of the line.

Fred is a good genius, but the pressure of the Allied Kingdom Member League is not something that the Queen would look down upon and she has to act as if she is being coerced to abdicate. 

Even if Fred successfully succeeds in this situation, how would he deal with them? 

Counting on the fact that Fred continued to ‘Unload the Mill and Kill the Donkey(Kicking away the person who has worked for himself)’, how much flesh and blood is going to be spilled in a war between the Allied Kingdom Members and the Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) during this time?

Rosa can give the throne to Fred, but she will never allow her citizens to be betrayed!

So how to take care of those greedy hyenas is the real problem!

It’s already obvious here that Fred, Rowen, Garp, including Marine Headquarters, World Government, and Baroque Works were all getting played by the Queen!!

Civil turmoil in the palace?

No, no, this is just a test set by the Queen for General Fred.

A test to test his Willingness to support his Kingdom!

In the end, the main reason for this was that the Queen didn’t have any childrens.

Without heirs, the throne will be passed on to Fred as he is the only one with legal inheritance rights. It is only a matter of time.

But Fred suddenly rebelled against the Queen which took Rosa by surprise. After seeing his Elder Nephew’s thirst for the throne, Rosa simply took the plan and ordered General Jade to feign his death and hide in the dark. 

After that, she was afraid that her Nephew would rather die than surrender, so she left the position of the Chief Imperial Guard of the Palace vacant until Rowen appeared and she secretly entrusted him to help Fred.

According to their original plan, with the help of Rowen, the “Spy”, Fred would succeed to the throne tomorrow and Queen will step down.

Then the Queen would disappear three days later, and the people in the dark would begin to spread rumors about Fred killed the Queen and he also betraying the benefits of citizens of the nation in exchange for support, making Allied Kingdom Member League the prime suspects. 

After all, they need to stand on the same front with Fred to ‘Suck the Blood from the Fat Cow(To gain some profits)’ of Huadu West Island (Flower Capital). If Fred falls, forget profit, they wouldn’t even be able to set foot in this country.

When the situation develops to the point of having an Imminent Rebellion (Naturally this is also Queen’s trick), the Queen who “Magically healed up” will stand up and show evidence that Fred did not participate in the murder of herself (Naturally, the evidence is also forged). 

And then she would also point out that this incident was all planned by the Allied Kingdom Member accomplices!

At that time, if Fred wants to sit on the throne and face his aunt who supported his innocence, breaking his ties with the Allied Kingdom Member League would be his only way out.

Even if the League members disagree then the Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) is not afraid of war. At the same time, a big battle can also make citizens of the nation and soldiers completely twist together and accept Fred’s rule. 

In addition, the Queen would also choose to support Fred and the Allied Kingdom Member who are “Famous” for attempting to kill a queen would be having a large amount of pressure upon them, the League will not get any benefits, but it will cause a commotion!!

Finally, tonight, the Marines have wiped out the Baroque Work agency and Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) internal and external troubles are all resolved, Fred’s Kingship would be stable in the future, and at this point, Rosa’s goal would have already been achieved.

When he heard Queen Rosa’s complete plan, Rowen was stunned for three minutes.

These tactics are terrifying!!!

Naturally, this is also the perfect plan. Uncontrollable variables will definitely appear along the way. For example… Chief Imperial Guard, who was supposed to guard the palace is now holding a group of prisoners in the wild mountains and ridges. Garp is in the Palace to protect the Queen instead of being here.

If he didn’t show up then Fred wouldn’t believe that Rosa would give in so easily. If the words are to be clarified, the future plans may also have variables. There is no way to break the game, at least not any way that Rowen could see but he is sure that Rosa had planned for every situation!


Black Soot ignited a big fire in the palace, and the guards panicked. Some people wanted to ensure Queen’s safety, and some people thought that fighting and putting the fire down should be the main thing, and they kept clamoring.

Fred’s confidants in the palace were also dumbfounded at this moment. According to the current situation, it looked like their boss is exposed,

What should we do?

Should they help the fire-fighting crew or should they go with the guards who are going towards the Queen’s chamber?

They did not receive any orders as to what they need to do in this kind of situation!

At this moment, a figure flew from a distance and smashed the wall, and fell to the ground. These lawbreakers looked at him in a daze and then cast their gazes outside the hole and a tall and strong man holding a big sword in his hand while standing at the door.

“Jade…General Jade?!!!”

This group of people were stunned and it was as if they had seen a ghost. 

Many of the people present here have seen the death of General Jade as he was pinned down and his heart was stabbed through by Mr.1’s blade and his body was thrown into the sea after that. Judging by the Grand Line’s terrifying climate, General Jade should have drowned long ago!


Why is he here?

Fred also wanted to know the answer to this question, but now is not the time.

“Why are you standing here being stunned? Stop him!!”


The boss’s appearance was definitely exposed. These people had dared to follow Fred’s rebellion and there was a fierce spirit and fighting power in their hearts. Now that they had understood the relationship between the enemy and themselves, they all took out their weapons and rushed towards General Jade.

“Puff, Ha Ha Ha! Are they your subordinate? General Jade, leave them to me!”

Before they could rush out, a figure suddenly appeared in the center of the room. Fred’s pupils shrank, and he ran away in a hurry without attacking or giving any orders. The hearty laughter attracted the attention of the crowd. When they looked back, a few immediately fell to the ground.

“Marine Hero, Garp The Fist!!!”

“Yes, that’s me!”

Garp opened his mouth wide and waved his hand in a fan-like gesture and he took no other actions. A strong wind passed as Garp waved his hand and after the strong wind passed, the group of rebels looked at their empty palms and were stunned.

“Where are my weapons?”

“Here, little guys!”

Garp was holding a large bundle of sloppy weapons in his arms with a smile on his face. When He heard these words, he threw the weapons out. Suddenly, the weapons rushed toward the crowd and their eyes widened in horror, and they began to flee left and right in a panic.



After a series of collisions, only Garp and Jade who had just approached were still standing in the room.

“This kid escaped very fast! But… he is too naive!!”

Looking at the direction of Fred’s escape, General Jade raised the wide sword in his hand. He didn’t lift the sword fast, but as soon as the sword was taken out, a terrifying aura began to flow out of it, blowing this solid stone palace away.

Gyojin Karate(Fish-Man Karate)·Stone Dragon Roll!

Bang rumble!!!

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