OPTM-Chapter 52 Chaos

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This camp was built around a pit, filled with various excavating tools and mine carts that were used to carry sand. Judging from the degree of resistance just now, the Baroque work relied on its own people to dig, and they did not use any slaves much less any villagers.

So here comes the question…

“What were they digging?”

Standing in the heart of the pothole, Trane picked up a handful of soil and watched it blow away by the night wind.

“Who knows? It would be better if we ask this question to the little girl, or we wait for that guy to wake up and try questioning him?”

Rowen replied nonchalantly, already speculating in his heart.

Originally, it was just a possibility of doubt, but now it has slowly become an established fact.

First of all, more than 400 people were digging the ground collectively, and the supervisor was the most trusted person of Crocodile, Mr. 1

Secondly, there are no mineral veins here, and the things they were digging around for were not minerals. This can be seen from the fact that they did not carry any cargo.

Finally, Crocodile is not short on money, so why did he order his subordinates to dig out treasures from Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) at a location which is thousands of miles away from him? And why did he go behind Fred?

So there must be some important item that is easy to carry and that item is buried here, and Crocodile wants that item regardless of Fred!


Crocodile must have realized that the arrival of Marines would hinder his progress and he wouldn’t be able to do as he likes, so he can either immediately abandon the digging process and withdraw his subordinates, or he can create interference in other ways to prevent the famous “Iron Fist” Garp from taking action.

He chose the latter and let Bon Kurei play the role of Cobra in front of Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars).

If nothing else, this should be the truth…

And most importantly!

This also meets all requirements of history!

One, the process is important and requires the most trustworthy subordinate to supervise it and the person also needs to be powerful for killing people. The second is that the quantity is small, and it does not require a lot of manpower to move it out. 

In case Fred became aware of anything, he would not be able to do anything. The reasons are easy… The history of this process is indeed huge, each piece weighs tens of tons, but what kind of thing requires such elaborate planning?

If they continue to dig then they may be able to find an answer but what if that answer is something that they couldn’t afford?

The World Government’s control on history is well known to everyone. Counting time, 15 years have passed since the archaeological Holy Land O’Hara’s was destroyed by the Buster Call, and many people have a deep impression. Even Marine Headquarters is qualified to be exposed to this history.

So Rowen didn’t want to mix himself up in this muddy water, even if they had to dig it, he and Trane could not dig it out.

That Old Asshole is the most suitable candidate to do that!

Perhaps Garp did this in the original series, which directly disrupted Crocodile’s plan, leaving him to continue planning in Alabasta.

Trane didn’t know Rowen’s thoughts. He nodded after thinking about it for a moment: “That’s right, this is Huadu West Island (Flower Capital). Any treasures dug out will not belong to the Marine. We just need to ask and there’s no need for us to get involve.”

He stood up and returned to the ground with Rowen.

Glancing at the happy soldiers, Trane’s mouth was filled with a smile as he said: “Go!”


Baroque has always been secretive and no one knows what they are planning. But what can be predicted is that Das Bonez must be one of their High Tier members, after all…

“Sorry! I have never been cut by a swordsman…”

This battle not only uncovered the conspiracy of the Baroque Works, but the Marines were able to defeat all criminals including Das Bonez, and even if the Military Merits were to be shared between all of them, the soldiers could also get a lot of promotion.

So their excitement is natural.

The only problem now is Huadu West Island (Flower Capital)…

Thinking of this, Rowen raised his eyebrows and looked at the tall snow-capped mountain where the palace was located and muttered to himself: “It should be beginning now?”

Huadu West Island (Flower Capital), Queen’s Room.

An attendant rushed to the outside of the palace and knelt down: “Your Majesty, General Fred is outside.”

Tomorrow is the Queen’s birthday banquet, and it is also the time for Fred to succeed in the eyes of many insiders. Fred is coming to see the Queen now for this matter.

He is not sure whether tomorrow will bring another accident like today, so he decided to have a showdown with Rosa tonight…

Sometimes big things can be done with clearly placed words.

Before walking into the room, Fred thought so, but after walking into the room, Fred found that things have changed. He took the Giant Sword from his back and held it in his hand. Looking at the three familiar faces in front of him, the expression on Fred’s face was as dark as his black heavy armor!

“Queen, Garp, and…General Jade!”

In front of him, besides the d asshole named Garp, who is willing to go all out and ignoring discipline to protect Queen’s safety, there is also a character he never expected. That is the true confidant of the Queen and also the former Chief Imperial Guard of Huadu West Island (Flower Capital), General Jade!!

“Surprised to see me alive?”

General Jade is about fifty years old, and like Garp, he is tall and robust. He is nearly three meters tall. He has blond hair and a sallow complexion. Even as he sits in a chair, he looks twice as big as the other two.

Glancing at Fred, who was nervous and clenched the big sword in his hand, General Jade’s eyes were filled with disdain: “You want to become King with this kind of tolerance!


Fred’s face flushed instantly, he gritted his teeth and he wanted to hack this General to death, but he didn’t dare to do that. First of all, General Jade is his Sword Technique teacher. 

He has been instructing him in Sword Technique since he was a child. The rigorous education has been ingrained in Fred’s heart and he dared not attack as he knew he wouldn’t win. 

Secondly, he sat next to Garp, a monster who is a top combatant in New World, he is someone who defeated Rocks when he was young, and even Whitebeard and Pirate King Roger did not dare to attack him easily!

For this lineup in front of him, Fred knows himself that once he makes a move, he will definitely die!

“Well General Jade, he is a member of the Royal Family after all…”

Rosa is neatly dressed tonight as she sat in the smallest position, but she also has the strongest position in this room. She stopped General Jade and then said to Fred, “Do you know what you did wrong, Fred…”

“Huh?” Fred frowned when Rosa asked this question.

He thought that the Queen had come up with this lineup to inquire about his crimes, after all, it didn’t make sense to let him go for things like treason. But Rosa’s current tone does not seem to be asking him that, it looked as if she is speaking as an elder, teaching the younger…

Fred scanned the three people in the circle…Queen’s attitude has shown that Jade’s opinion can be ignored, but why is Garp acquiescing to this attitude?

Could it be…

Fred sneered, and laughed: “Do you still have to act with your noble posture today? You should know my character Aunt, even if I die, I won’t admit defeat!”

“You know you did something wrong, don’t you?”

The wrinkles on Rosa’s face slowly piled up as the expression on her face trembled and gradually turned into uncontrollable anger. She waved her hand and exclaimed: “General, Garp, please give him a severe lesson!”


The two people suddenly got up with a huge grin on their faces and smoke billowing from Fred’s body.

“If you were going to fight then why did you speak so much nonsense?”


Fred screamed and attacked with the big sword in his hand.

“You are dead!!”

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