OPTM-Chapter 48 Fearful Possibility Part 2

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Perhaps it is the Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) who has to take the blame. 

Why did Alabasta know what happened in Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) when they were thousands of miles away, and why did Nefertari·Cobra, a descendant of the 20th Royal Family whose Ancestors were there at the time of Creation of the current system, should call Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) matters to them.

But in Rowen’s eyes, there is a trace of doubt.

The Baroque Work Agency had intervened in the civil strife in Huadu West Island (Flower Capital), and the boss behind the scenes is Alabasta’s National Hero, Crocodile!

For Cobra to do such an uncharacteristic thing. There is no secret at all about an original party… because Rowen dares to assert that it is not Cobra at all!

It is the High-Level Cadre of the Baroque Work Agency, Clone-Clone Fruit Ability User, Mr.2, Bon Kurei!

Sand Crocodile must have the balls of steel for him to dare and deceive the Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars).

Or was it Bon Kurei who had the balls of steel for him to play Cobra in front of the Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars)?

Rowen didn’t care about that even though it is quite impressive.

What he cares about is the exposure of this matter, Crocodile’s determination to support Huadu West Island (Flower Capital)’s rebellion!

He let Bon Kurei pretend to be Cobra and speak to Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars), accusing Garp of interfering in the internal affairs of Allied Kingdoms with Marine military power, and letting Marine do such audacious and unforgivable things with only one purpose.

That was the rebellion, they must succeed!

But why?

Crocodile came to Alabasta after knowing about the traces of Ancient Weapon Pluton. What reason does he have to interfere with Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) which is thousands of miles away?

Rowen had spent some time studying Sand Crocodile who was defeated by a Rookie in the original work.

Crocodile is a man with extremely high ego and ambition as high as heavens, for him to do such things without any purpose is something that Rowen can’t imagine, Rowen really sympathizes with Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) for five minutes, one person for one minute…

And so……

“Ancient Weapon…?”

Pluton’s design drawing is in New World’s Water Seven Island, and the clues to Water Seven’s history are being buried in the Sacrificial Hall Underground of the Alabasta Royal Family. 

The Poseidon is the Merfolk Princess that appeared on Fisherman Island hundreds of years ago and will again in the current timeline. The clue for that is on Skypiea. 

These two weapons have nothing to do with Huadu West Island (Flower Capital), but Crocodile has a cruel desire for internal disturbances in Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) and he even left a large number of people hidden in the jungle…

Thinking about these points, the expression on Rowen’s face became serious.

This is just a possibility!

But it is a very terrible possibility!

Even if it is not an Ancient Weapon, there is a high chance that it is directly related to its history!

Inside the camp, there are three members of Crocodile Inner Circle, Namely Mr.1, Das Bonez, Mr.3 Galdino, and Mr.3’s partner, Miss Goldenweek.

The High-Level Cadres of the Baroque Work Agency have a common feature. Except for Mr. 2 Bon Kurei, the new Okama who firmly believes that he is both a man and a woman and thus does not need a partner. The rest of the cadres are in pairs, one man and one woman.

Naturally, there is no need to ​​hide his traces because of the peculiarities of the fruit, he is currently unknown, after all, Das Bonez did not know the true appearance of Bon Kurei until the later periods in the original works.

Miss. Doublefinger is Das Bonez’s partner, but if there is no special job, she usually assassinates part-time as an intelligence member in Alabasta Spider’s Cafe and does not appear at the same time as Das Bonez.

But just looking at the current lineup, it can already be seen that the Baroque Work Agency has laid out their best!

Das Bonez, Crocodile’s number one Hitmen, a bounty of 55,000,000 Belly!

Galdino, the candle man who is as powerful as Das Bonez, the bounty of 45,000,000 Belly!

Little Girl Goldenweek…well…

The World Government and Marine are based on Bounty based system which shows the degree of threat a person poses to them, and the two Hitmen are not people who Marines will tolerate. 

And just as he said before, more often than not, Baroque’s work agency focuses on the arms trade, making money to buy a type of powder…Dance Powder.

A Hidden Underground World Hitmen can get such a high-stakes bounty by Marines, which is proof of their strength.

“So we still haven’t dug something today?”

The night is getting dark, but this camp has just finished a busy day and started preparing dinner. Bonez stuffed the unpalatable food in his throat a few times and swallowed it while looking at the sky as if asking or talking to himself.

“I guess the so-called treasure must be a mistake on boss’s part, there is nothing here!”

Candleman Galdino has a strange setting. His mood is in sync with the flame burning at the end of his “3”-shaped hair, which is almost the same as the small fire. But now for several months in the jungle where he can’t eat enough, the flame is getting dim and has almost extinguished.

Because the candles made by Wax-Wax Fruit are as hard as iron, the tools needed for digging treasures, everyone’s residences, and other sundries, as long as they are not sticky to fire, are all made by him.

The boss ordered them to minimize the possibility of being discovered by others, so they were able to draw on materials.

Fred had to pay a lot of money in order to find out where these guys were hiding!


Bonez was silent. In the past, if Dino dared to say this and question the Boss then he would have definitely beat him up. But for half a year, even he couldn’t help thinking the same thing.

“We need to go on, it’s only two days after all…”

In the end, Bonez could not say anything to admonish Goldino and shook his head, he put the tableware aside and walked towards his room.

Dino chewed on the unpalatable food, and said to himself: “Never mind! If we can’t bring back the treasure then we will be afraid of the boss being angry… Bah! What a wicked thing, what a wicked heart!”

Someone next to him looked at the rice bowl that was thrown aside in pain and he swallowed his saliva and said, “My lord, it’s Wild Lard Oil, it’s very fragrant and delicious!”

“What fragrance? Can you eat such a big piece of oil in…huh?!!!”

Goldino suddenly noticed a blue crack that had appeared in the hazy wild lard oil. At the same time, a deafening explosion sounded out from behind them.

30 Million Volt·Thunderstorm!!

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