OPTM-Chapter 48 Fearful Possibility Part 1

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It was night, and the moon and stars were scarce in the dark sky.

Because of the instability of the political power in the Royal Capital, even if the Queen’s birthday banquet is around the corner, the residents of the Royal Capital can only rest early and dare not wander the streets in the middle of the night.

Under the bright moonlight, a group of figures stepped across the roof and alley corners and moved forward with great momentum. 

Their action is orderly, swift, and agile. Everyone present in the group is using Soru. Their speed is so fast that ordinary people would only see a shadow flashed by them and they will think of them as their imagination.

This is a team of Elite Marines with an average Doriki value of around 500! This is the Strongest force under Garp! And it was… Rowen and Trane were leading them!

No one knew where Garp is!

The direction where Rowen and others were going is a jungle in the Summer Region, which is also the hiding place for members of the Baroque Work Agency.

According to the intelligence Rowen had received from Fred, the members of Baroque Work Agency did not evacuate directly after General Jade became lost in the Sea. 

Instead, they hid in the West side of the Island and waited for them to take the power and receive handsome rewards. Although four months have passed since the incident with the General and many people have left one after another, but there are still hundreds of people remaining there!

For the sake of safety, Garp had sent out this Elite unit led by Rowen and Trane to act together. With the cooperation of a Logia User and a Master Swordman, they should be more than enough for the enemy.

They are all little Powerhouses whose Doriki value exceeds the limit of normal humans. This squad of only thirty people is extremely mobile and aggressive!

In less than half an hour, they walked through the town and arrived at a remote mountain in the old forest.

Behind the hillside is a dense jungle, which looks no different from the Jungles in other places. But Trane, who was utilizing his Observation Haki, clearly felt something from there. He pulled Rowen, who was about to move on, and gestured forward.




Nodding, Rowen allowed Trane to call the three people behind him, and then he opened the parchment map to indicate their respective goals. Thunder and lightning are definitely not suitable for clearing the mission which is to be done with utmost secrecy. 

Although thunder would be able to kill any enemy instantly but the movement would be too big. After waiting for a while, three vivid nightingales crowed from the jungle, and Trane told the troops to move on.

At this time, Rowen’s mission also came.

Waiting for Trane to lead people into the jungle and calculating the time, Rowen entwines the electric light all over his body and he stepped on the ground vigorously, turning into an electric light, and flashing into the sky!

Thunder and lightning originally came from the sky.

As long as Rowen wants to, he can float in the sky for half an hour without falling. After mastering Geppō (Moonwalk), he can float for even more time and it is even possible for him to remain there forever! 

Because when normal people use Geppō (Moonwalk), they use their stamina and they really can’t use them limitlessly and stay in mid-air forever. But the situation is different for Thunder-Lighting Human as he would consume nothing.

His mission tonight is to provide Trane with high-altitude reconnaissance and…Air Support!

Bang Rumble!!!

The jungle still looks like a jungle, but deep in the dense forest, a house has been built in a small open space.

This is really weird…Why did the Baroque Work Agency not leave after completing their mission, but instead stayed here for half a year?!

But combined with the intelligence provided by Fred in the afternoon, Rowen already had the answer in mind.

The root of Garp’s inability to do whatever he wants is actually the attitude of Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars). It’s just different from the unilateral dissatisfaction of Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) before. This time, the source comes from Allied Kingdom Members.

The day before they were ready to leave, some King from the Allied Kingdom got the information about the Marine’s plan from someplace. 

In Mary Geoise, in front of Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars), he accused Garp of interfering in other countries’ internal affairs with Marine forces and organized other Allied Kingdoms to move against the Marine together!

This situation created a headache for the Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars)!

The Allied Kingdom Members already pushed Garp back before he could do anything, so what should they do?

If they let him go and then called him back then where would the pride of Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) go?

If they don’t call him back then the Allied Kingdoms will make trouble for them again.

So Garp still couldn’t do it and the only one who can do it is Rowen, who has no files and is out of their jurisdiction.

And the guy who is doing things is Alabasta’s King, Nefertari·Cobra!


Rowen’s heart shuddered when he heard the name.

Time to return to the afternoon garden, surrounded by thunder and lightning and black coal, the two guys did not have to worry about their conversation leaking out.

“Yes, that is a powerful country not comparable to our Huadu West Island (Flower Capital)! King Cobra loves the people like his childrens and he is loved by the people in return.”

Speaking of this, Fred, who is always full of confidence was somewhat surprised: “But the strange thing is, why did Alabasta know what happened in Huadu West Island (Flower Capital), and why did King Cobra has changed his normal methods and took the initiative to go to Mary Geoise to help me speak.”

Although they are both descendants of the Twenty-Generation Royal Family, the Nefertari family and Mary Geoise’s “Tenryubito” family have never been of the same mind. This generation’s King, Cobra is even more typical and heterogeneous and he is disrespectful and disobedient towards the World Government.

On the contrary, when the World Council talked about the Revolutionary Army issue in 1514, Cobra also accused other Allied Kingdom Member Kings of not taking their citizens seriously which allowed the Revolutionary Army to gain an opportunity to make some serious issues in the kingdoms which made the Kings uncomfortable.

This kind of good old man was standing out for himself?

“Perhaps… it’s the high-level management members you bought in World Government helping you!”

Rowen looked at Fred weirdly.

“Do they even have that ability?”

Fred doesn’t believe that the group of pus*ies can do such a great thing as that, but only this speculation makes sense.

When the storm cleared, Fred suddenly asked, “You have asked me so many questions, and I also want to ask you a question, Chief Imperial Guard Rowen.”

Rowen, who was about to leave, turned back and spoke: “Please speak!”

“Why did the Marines abandon you? Do you know that there has never been a precedent for someone leaving Marine’s position to become the member of an Allied Kingdom Member!”

“This question…I will answer it when you become King!”

Fred watched Rowen walking away and clenched his fists silently.

“Am I… a King?”

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