OPTM-Chapter 40 Line Up Part 1

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With half a loaf of bread in his mouth, Rowen, who was hit by the spray water, looked at the mushy food in front of him. He was not feeling well at this moment. Once he went to the cafeteria to look through the cabinet without eating enough, he was beaten to death by Garp, but this time… he didn’t eat at all!

Rowen’s eyes turned red instantly.

“Line up! Ready to shoot! 3…2…”

The Rear Admiral Trane drew his weapon and shouted bravely. In the next moment, Rowen jumped up…

“It is mine!!”

His eyes were stuck on the monster, and Rowen turned into thunder and lightning, and in the blink of an eye, he moved from the deck to the top of the sea beast. Seeing this scene, the corners of Trane’s mouth twitched as he couldn’t say “1” even when he reached his mouth.

For the “War Behemoth”, this sea beast which is capable of overturning a merchant ship is just a small scene. Not to mention Garp, even he himself is not interested in taking any action against this sea beast. It is a good time to train the soldiers on the board.

But now Rowen has moved and the result is the same if they did…

Seeing Rowen who appeared on top of the sea beast accompanied by thunder, the soldiers looked up and swallowed their saliva.

“It’s Chore Boy Rowen!”

“Great! There would be no problem with him handling it!”

“Come on Rowen! Kill it!”

The soldiers trust Rowen very much, and in the Marine, Rowen is now considered to have a small reputation. In the cabin, through the window, Garp glanced at the thunderbolt flashing from the gloomy rain screen and he smiled and shook his head.

“This little guy!”

The minotaur like sea creature was feeling very strange, how did this human appear on top of his head, and Rowen’s exaggerated movement speed made it stare with a pair of big eyes and a demented expression. But soon it opened its mouth wide, trying to swallow Rowen into its stomach.

But before it could do that, Rowen had already made a bold move!

The Marine Soldiers saw him clenching his fist, with a murderous face, his muscles swelled up, allowing his fist to accumulate strength.

“Die… You F*cker!!!”



A loud sound like a sky crash rang through the Sea. Under the horrified gaze of the soldiers, the eyeballs of the minotaur looking sea beast burst directly out of its head, pulling out a long blood vein, and falling into the Sea on the other side of the Battleship. 

The head, which was originally slightly smaller in the chubby body, was directly retracted into the neck, and it looked like a deflated ball.

Without any screams, the sea beast that came out was dealt with so easily that Rowen’s fist slammed his head into his stomach, and he couldn’t be anymore dead!

Huā Lā La!

A lot of blood was sprinkling down, and the thick blood curtain Rainstorm was even bigger, the current picture was a bit frightening!

Trane knew that Rowen was the one who hated trouble the most… Even when the deck was messed up, he would be the last to clean it up. And now he had used violence and his Devil Fruit Ability to kill the sea beast, there must be some deep purpose.



Turning over his figure and landing on the deck, Rowen’s figure was entwined with electrical sparks and he asked with a grim expression on his face: “This sea beast… can I eat it?!”


The soldiers who were sprinkled with blood were originally horrified, but when they heard these words, they directly fell face first on the deck…

“So that is the reason he killed that Sea beast!”

Trane glanced at the cabin, paused for a second in a window where a strong black shadow was looming, then gave a wry smile, and then ordered: “Stop talking nonsense! Clean up the deck! We are about to reach Huadu West Island (Flower Capital)!”

Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) is the famous name of West Island. The four seasons coexist on the island at the same time on different parts, and the altitude varies from region to region. Numerous fresh flowers can be found here. It is called “Huadu West Island (Flower Capital)” by the world for that reason alone.

The City of Thousand Flowers!

As one of the World Government Allied Kingdom Members, Tenryubito is the designated receiver of decorative flowers. Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) has been peaceful for a long time, and the people live and work in peace and contentment. It is a rare peaceful island in this sea which is infested by Pirates.

Ordinary pirates won’t dare to make trouble on this island, even the supernovas would think twice before creating any trouble here.

Because they know very well that if they make trouble here, they will be chased by both the Marines and the World Government’s secret agencies. They will no longer have any place to hide in this sea! Even if they escape to Four Blue and leave Grand Line, the Marines and the World Government would not stop chasing after them.

There is only one reason for this…

The flowers here are loved and coveted by Tenryubito so this Island falls under their protection!

It seems silly to fight for the flowers Tenryubito likes so much, but this kind of thing is not so rare.

The place where the Marine Battleship landed is the “Summer Region” in the four seasons area of ​​West Island, where the grass looks fresh and the flowers are red and the willow green and the air is filled with the fragrance of nature. 

The exterior wall of the port building is surrounded by creepers and is lush. Looking around, the gorgeous green plants and the City are integrated and coexist in harmony.

Huadu West Island (Flower Capital), the capital known as the City of Thousand Flowers cannot be described by just using words, one has to be here to witness its beauty.


The thick steel anchor was lowered by the winch, and the water splashed with white waves. Accompanied by the sound of the machine churning, the deck at the guardrail began to deform, forming a wooden ladder, slowly extending to the mossy stone steps of the port.


A soldier manipulated the disc as he stuck it and locked it in place. Then he saluted Garp and spoke: “Vice-Admiral Garp, the stairs have been installed!”

“Well, inform everyone… form in line!”

“Yes Sir!”

The soldiers started to move one after another, they straighten their waists, with their guns reaching their shoulders as they lined up in two rows, and stepped along the stairs from left to right.

Huadu West Island (Flower Capital), as the World Government Allied Kingdom Member and Tenryubito’s designated flower supplier, has a high status in Sea. The Marine Battleship under the World Government can dock but they need to show some courtesy and discipline no matter what their status is.

Garp rarely put down the doughnuts he ate as they virtually never left his hand but today was a little different. He was neatly dressed, and the Justice Clock behind him was spotless, he looked like an old man going on a blind date.

As he was about to go down the stairs, Garp suddenly turned his head and said.

“Rowen, come and stand on my right!”


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