OPTM-Chapter 39 Set-Off

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In winter, the sky is just getting bright. One can’t see too many people even in the Marine Headquarters. Most of the soldiers have just gotten out of bed now and they are ready for routine drills after washing up.

Rowen struggled hard on top of Garp’s soldiers, only to find that Garp’s hands were like steel, he could not move them no matter how hard he tried. The thick Armament Haki coating Garp’s hand made it impossible for Rowen to use his Elementalization, he could only let Garp carry him.

Even more frustratingly, Garp used Geppō (Moonwalk) and went straight forward from the air, avoiding the winding road.

“Where are you taking me?”

Rowen yelled while the wind was howling.

“Don’t worry! You will know when we get there!”


Rowen looked up and he realized that they had passed through the large square in front of the fortress to the port in front of the fortress in just ten seconds. On the shore of the bay port, Trane has been waiting here for a long time.

After spotting the two, he smiled and waved towards them, “It’s been a long time, Rowen! How have you been?”


Being thrown off his shoulder by Garp, Rowen only felt a churn in his stomach.

So for Trane’s question, his mouth twitched and he spoke while clutching his stomach, “Rear Admiral Trane, you are asking me how am I doing, are you sure you can’t tell just by looking?”

Trane: “…”

“Yeah… Seeing that you are still energetic, I know you’ll be good, it’s good to see you again on the ship. We are departing now!”

Rowen was stunned: “Now?!”

Going to sea early in the winter?

“Stop talking nonsense and let’s go!”


Garp dusted the folds of his cloak on his shoulders and he moved his leg to kick Rowen, who was caught off guard and was kicked to a height of more than ten meters in the air and dropped onto the deck.

Later, he and Trane used Geppō (Moonwalk) to get back to the deck and gave orders directly.

“All get ready and go!”


The whistle honked and the machine turned. Lying on the deck with a dazed look on his face, Rowen felt the movement of the “War Behemoth” under him leaving the port, and his whole body was not feeling well.

Is he really going to sea?

What is the reason?!

What am I here for?

“Wait a moment, I’m a little confused, let me think about it a little.”

Getting up and sitting down cross-legged, Rowen said to himself.

“I didn’t sleep at all last night. The first thing I did after getting up was to ask Teacher Zephyr to teach me Marine Rokushiki, and then I ran into this Old Asshole… After that Teacher Zephyr asked me to sign a form and this Old Asshole abducted me right after I signed it, and now the Old Asshole’s Ship is going out to sea…”

Rowen spoke a mouthful of “Old Asshole”, and Garp who was near him turned blue after hearing Rowen curse him repeatedly with the same word.

But before he could hit someone, Rowen took the lead to ask: “So!!! What am I here for?! Do you have a mission that requires me to not even pack my shit up!”

Staring at Garp, Rowen had a dumbfounded look on his face.

“Huh! There is a reason for you being here! You just need to obey the order, understand?!”

Garp rarely talks with a serious look on his face, his eyes at this moment are not filled with anger or pretentiousness.

In response, Rowen slightly frowned as he recalled Garp’s way of using Geppō (Moonwalk), and soon thoughtful.

“That’s it… Did you avoid the patrol just because of something you can’t tell me? It looks like no one knows where I am going except for the people on this ship and Teacher Zephyr… So it’s a secret mission?”

Rowen quickly understood the situation and rubbed his chin in silence.

Now that he had been forced to come on this Secret Mission, he will think of something that will save his ass, he probably is required to fight… but that should not be possible!

And if it’s a mission, then there must be some reward…

So a smile appeared on the corner of Rowen’s mouth, he stood up and saluted, and answered loudly.

“Understood! Vice-Admiral Garp!”

Hiss… This Little Asshole’s brain is too good!

Seeing Rowen’s clear eyes, Garp dared to bet his ten-day share of donuts that Rowen must have guessed something. But he didn’t say it clearly, instead, he followed his instinct and agreed with Garp. Because he knows very well that there is something he doesn’t know that needs to be kept secret for the time being.

Conversing with Rowen, Garp sighed secretly when he thought of his stupid grandson Luffy and his son Dragon, who had disappeared and he did not know where he was.

“Are they all the children of someone else’s family!”

The azure sea looked vast as it spread out in all directions and it went on forever.

A huge Battleship erected its sails and cut the Sea like blue colored paper, breaking through the waves. Little seagulls coiled around the Battleship, screaming at each other, waiting for the opportunity to snatch the bread…It was lunchtime for the soldiers.

These little guys look white and holy, but in reality, they are unscrupulous bandits!

Just like the sea in front of them, the beauty shown is only an appearance, and danger is in the essence.

A few minutes later……


The huge waves came and it created a deafening sound.

Even the huge “War Behemoth” is still an ant in front of Sea. The vastness of nature is really terrifying!

The weather on the Grand Line is weird, the sun was shining a few minutes ago and dark clouds appeared a few minutes later. Some people compare this sea to a girl who is pregnant and who is going through Mood Swings. Rowen thought…what a lunatic those guys were!!!

The soldiers immediately ignored their meals, and under the Senior Official Captain of each team, they put away the sails and tied up the supplies on the Ship. All of them were wet, not knowing whether it was seawater or sweat.

In the Garp ship, there is no place for anyone to be lazy!

Rowen’s mission was to clean the deck, but today’s situation is no longer a matter of visual inspection. Looking at the busy soldiers on the deck, Rowen lit up a light blue cover and sat down to eat in peace.

In addition to Kami-e (Paper Drawing), Rowen also remembered Kizaru’s phrase about “Electromagnetic Force Development and Extension”. He is not a scientist, and he doesn’t understand electricity and magnetism, but electromagnetism does not distinguish between families. 

As a Thunder-Lighting Human, he is uniquely endowed with some means to understand these concepts without having to read about it. This layer of Electromagnetic Barrier is his initial application of use in his understanding of Electromagnetic Force.

Relying on the Electromagnetic Defense Field to isolate the rain from dropping on him and his food, Rowen ate quickly.


Accompanying the Rainstorm are the terrifying sea beasts in the eyes of ordinary people. The churning seawater can make anyone feel dizzy. A black-brown manatee with a ferocious head rushed out of the water to breathe, and at a glance, it spotted the Battleship floating in the wind and rain.

Huā Lā La!

This behemoth is over a hundred meters in size and the size of its eye alone is as big as a house, and with its size, it only needs a small circle to surround the War Behemoth, and the seawater it brings is overwhelming! Tons of big waves came and broke through the defensive circle around Rowen that was only set up to resist rain.


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