OPTM-Chapter 37 Wishful Thinking Part 1

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In the Scientific Force Base stationed at the Underground warehouse.

After hearing Kizaru’s words, Zephyr crossed his hands in front of his chest and shouted, “Kizaru, what do you mean?!”

“Don’t be angry, Teacher Zephyr… I’m just worried that Rowen, a Logia Ability User, will devote all his attention to his physical skills. The harm he is doing by this is greater than the current benefits he is receiving…”

Kizaru casually replied with his hands in the air and said faintly: “As a Thunder-Lighting Human, Rowen has inherent advantages in speed and destructive power that ordinary people cannot match. Him doing balanced development is not as good as strengthening the advantages he already has. He can just develop the Rumble-Rumble Fruit to the extreme and when he does that, no one would be his opponent in this Sea!”

This sentence was addressed to Rowen, but Zephyr was shocked.

Because he knows Rowen so much!

After three months of teaching him, he was very aware of Rowen’s desire for power. He does not require strength to do anything, he just simply enjoys the fun of him growing stronger!

And just as Kizaru said, him doing balanced development of physical skills and fruit development is not as good as doing specialized development, specializing in one path can bring greater power to Rowen! 

Even this road was planned by Zephyr for Rowen in advance… After all, Rowen is a Logia Ability user, as long as his physical skills didn’t fall into a painful back foot, it was enough.

But Rowen is still laying the foundation. Even if he is talented, his knowledge of power will take some time to settle. This is the same for everyone.

Now that the easier path of growing stronger is directly in front of him, Rowen’s choice is also clearly visible.

Sure enough, after hearing these words, Rowen nodded: “That’s right! I shouldn’t eat too much and developing in a single aspect will bring me many benefits than spending my time on all of them…”

“Rowen? You!”

Zephyr looked at Rowen with a shocked look on his face, feeling inexplicably cold. Is his disciple going to follow Kizaru’s old path again?

In response, Kizaru’s eyes lit up and he said wryly: “Yeah! Your talent is amazing, Rowen. I learned Soru and Tekkai (Iron Body) in two months. I can’t deny that you are also a genius in body art. Your talent is also greater than anyone I have previously met. But as a Thunder-Lighting Human, you have more powerful power but you are not developing it. Isn’t this similar to putting the horse behind the cart instead of front?”

“Putting the Horse behind the cart instead of the front?”

Rowen stroked his chin while thinking carefully. Suddenly, he raised his head and looked at Kizaru: “Then Admiral Kizaru, how should I develop my Rumble-Rumble Fruit?”


Seeing Zephyr’s dark, oily face, and then seeing Rowen’s expression, Kizaru felt relieved and explained: “The destructive power of lightning and the use of Electromagnetic Force are both worth developing. However, lightning has inherent advantages in its lethality. You don’t have to worry about falling, so I recommend you to extend the application of the Electromagnetic Force… This is the Scientific Force Base. You can come here to use technology to reinforce this aspect. If it’s really impossible and there is also Vegapunk here who would be able to help you, he has done a very deep research on the Electromagnetic Force.”

This is naked planting of the foot on the wall!

As long as Rowen nods, Kizaru will do what he says, and he will definitely help Rowen develop the Electromagnetic Force application.

Not only can this make Rowen be on his side, but Zephyr would also be so angry that he will probably burst his veins, Kizaru has no reason not to do that.

“Electromagnetic Force? It is indeed a good thing…”

As one of the four fundamental forces of the universe, the Electromagnetic Force has a bright future, and its uses with lightning are even broader!


He is a Logia Rumble-Rumble Fruit Ability user, not a Paramecia Electromagnetic Fruit Ability user. 

Using lightning to construct a magnetic field and directly controlling a magnetic field seems to have the same effect, but after all, there is one more step and one less random aspect to them. Although electromagnetic does not separate them, the starting point determines the ending point.

If he focuses on the use of the electromagnetic waves, then it would definitely be similar to putting the horse behind the cart instead of in the front!!

At most, Rowen would be able to develop some applications of the Electromagnetic Force after a long time…

For example, the radio wave feedback he released during the first time he defeated Shuzo. 

That ability combined with Observation Haki can form Enel’s special move that he used to monitor the entire Angel Island (no mistake. Mantra = Observation Haki, but Enel’s Mantra can monitor the entire Angel Island, so It is a special type) to make use of his super long-range natural punishment attack!

Another example is the use of the Electromagnetic Force to generate a magnetic field defensive circle. The defense is second. 

Rowen sees that the electromagnetic defensive circle can isolate the air, which is equivalent to bringing your own oxygen cylinder in a toxic environment. Another example is its use to avoid the seawater in the sea and to keep moving freely, and avoid the weakness of Devil Fruit.

At best, the gains outweigh the losses.

And so……

Kizaru, Kizaru, I’m afraid I will disappoint you.

Rowen sneered inwardly while looking at the two expectant gazes, his face was full of entanglement as he spoke: “It sounds good, but it’s a man’s romance to punch someone in the face by using his own fist! How about… this way!”

Rowen focused his attention before speaking: “In the future, I will use the Device and data of Scientific Force Base to develop my Devil Fruit abilities. I will continue to bother Teacher Zephyr in terms of physical skills and try not to be biased!”

No matter what you think and carefully do, If I don’t learn, what will you do about that?

Hearing this, Kizaru suffocated the annoyance in his chest for a long while. It took a long time for him to do that and he spoke after he was successful: “Rowen, I mean you should focus on developing your Devil Fruit abilities, your development of physical skills can be put aside…”

God is not partial to discipline!

Why are you talking about a bunch of nonsense about learning your Devil Fruit Abilities later?

“But doesn’t that leave a weakness?!”

Rowen replied frankly while ignoring the embarrassed look that flashed across Kizaru’s face. Then he clenched his fist with one hand while his other hand flashed with light, and he held it in front of his eyes: “And when I have developed my physical skills and my Devil Fruit  Abilities to the extreme at the same time, how strong would I be?!”


Turning his head back suddenly, Rowen looked at the two people with full eyes and spoke: “If I only develop one aspect of my power then would I be able to kill a Yonkō (Four Emperors)?!”

Zephyr: “…”

Kizaru: “…”

This guy’s goal is a bit ambitious!

Killing a Yonkō (Four Emperors)?

Garp could have been able to do that decades ago! After all, he is the character who made New World Overlord Rocks retreat and forced Pirate King Roger into a corner several times!

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