OPTM-Chapter 36 Device Part 2

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If it weren’t for his body’s self-healing ability which was beyond ordinary people, and the way he views his life and his tenaciousness, plus One Piece World’s nutritious and elixir food, he himself would not dare to use it. But the Marines actually made a device based on data and they have the audacity of wanting to imitate that process?

No wonder some people say that scientists are crazy!

Because they don’t think about the consequences at all!

“Murder… not yet…”

At this moment, a slow and lazy tone sounded on his side, the air flickered with golden yellow light as it condensed into a human shape, Kizaru wearing brown sunglasses appeared beside them.

Seeing him, Rowen salutes honestly: “Admiral Kizaru!”

“Oh, it’s been a long time… My Thunderous little brother!”

Kizaru was still so inconspicuous as he greeted Rowen slowly and wretchedly. Then he looked at Zephyr slowly and said, “I thought Teacher Zephyr had forgotten about it, after all, it was discussed a week ago…”

In response, Zephyr snorted coldly, not giving Kizaru any face.

“Huh! As the Recruit Instructor, this old man is busy with his work and it is normal for me to have no time!”

“Eh?! Really? But I heard that Mr. Zephyr has been drinking tea in the office every day recently. Aren’t you living very leisurely?”

“You only saw me during the time when I usually drink my tea, Kizaru!”

“Oh, is that so? That must be it…”

Perceiving the faint waves of Armament Haki that appeared around Zephyr’s body, Kizaru no longer spoke and accepted Zephyr’s answer. 

Then he looked back at Rowen, who was watching them both, and said: “Ordinary soldiers definitely don’t need these devices to activate their potential as they definitely won’t survive the process. This is for those Elite officers who are stuck in the bottleneck of their potential development and for those who have prepared themselves… Don’t underestimate everyone’s resilience, Rowen, for the sake of growing stronger, they can endure any pain.”

“I hope so…”

As the developer of the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Method and extending the genius of Overload Form, Rowen is not very optimistic about this Device. But this also aroused his interest. He was sure that he had never contacted Vegapunk, as a Recruit, he was not qualified to do that!

He wanted to see what Vegapunk could do after completely abandoning him as a developer, and relying only on data? What can the genius scientist Vegapunk, who has become legendary for his ideas and innovations that is beyond his time, do?

The Scientific Force Base is different from an ordinary military camp building. There are no sweaty soldiers, there are only scientific researchers wearing white coats and going around in a hurry.

Scientific Force Base was not established with Vegapunk in mind as Vegapunk appeared after hundreds of years of its establishment. 

Prior to the emergence of Vegapunk, the Scientific Force Base was responsible for the updating of Marine guns, ship construction, and many other things, in order to maintain the Marine’s leading position and suppress the Sea… Just as these scientific researchers are doing right now.

“What is that?”

“That is a burst machine gun that can fire bullets continuously.”

“What about this one?”

“Um… inflatable sleeping bags to help soldiers carry out missions on the island for a long time.”

The Commander-in-Chief Kizaru is still quite competent. Along the way, Rowen has played with the strange props that can be seen from time to time, new fire guns, self-propelled grenades, and black technology that can emit hot melt rays and freezing rays. But no matter what weird thing it is, he can tell a thing or two about that.

“Then… what about that?”

Seeing the direction Rowen was pointing, Kizaru’s eyes flashed with light and he spoke with his hands in his pocket: “A new type of artillery…”

In the clearing over there, there was a silver-white creation that looked more like flintlock guns than artillery. The barrel is more than three meters long, and the front end is not a muzzle, but two irregular metal strips. That is something that Vegapunk is developing, and a weapon placed in a design drawing of Pacifista.

A new type of weapon with its own laser can be said to be very powerful!

It’s just that the power required for each launch is quite big!

Even if it is a Pacifista, the powerful body reproduced with the physical body of the “Tyrant Kuma”, it can only withstand two launches.

As a last resort, Vegapunk replaced the weapon of the Pacifista body with a laser launcher researched by him.

From the gadgets in the Scientific Force Base, it can be seen that the Devil Fruit abilities of the three Admiral have been studied by Vegasunk. 

The reason why Kizaru was chosen in the end was because of the laser weapons, compared to creating weapons that can launch magma or ice, a laser is more practical and it is also easy to produce and use in the real battlefield.

It is precise because of the need to cooperate with Vegapunk to perfect the Pacifista that Kizaru became the Commander-in-Chief of the Scientific Force Base.

And this abandoned new artillery is the reason for Kizaru to watch the test on the first day of Rowen’s arrival at Marine Headquarters.

Because that was the time when Vegapunk gave up on the first version of the design and said with regret: “If we had the Rumble-Rumble Fruit…”

“Well, it’s all unformed things, let’s go faster.”

Kizaru retracted his gaze without any changes in his expressions.

Going down from the elevator inside the building to the ground floor, the Underground has a separate port. A Battleship is docked inside of it. The staff is inspecting the Device and installing the Seastone patch for the Battleship. This technology is currently only owned by the Marines, and they have no problem with keeping it a secret.

Passing through the port, the three quickly arrived in a large warehouse.

In front of them, hundreds of devices covered by white cloth were placed. One of them was transported to the door alone, and several scientific researchers gathered around the device and arranged it. Seeing Kizaru coming in, an old man in a white coat waved towards him and spoke.

“Admiral Kizaru! The Device has been checked, it is ready to use.”

“Is it this one?”

Rowen took a step forward before bending over to look at the white cylindrical object. The body of the cylindrical object is made of high-strength ceramics, the inner tank is made of metal, and there are movable hatches to enter and exit. 

The internal electrode patches are neatly combed on the left and right hands, and the insulating pedal is below. Once you cannot bear the pain, you can step on your foot at any time to block the current.

“This is also your mission Rowen!”

Zephyr also walked over and said to Rowen: “Test out the stimulation effect produced by this machine and tell us if it is similar or different from your Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Method. If you do a good job then Fleet Admiral will allow you to learn another Rokushiki technique.”

“It’s Rokushiki again?!”

The Recruit Camp year-end evaluation champion rewards only allow him to learn two techniques, and now he can learn one more Technique by doing a small favor, and Rowen’s eyes were instantly filled with a glaring light!


But at this moment, Kizaru said in a weird tone: “Be careful not to chew too much, Rowen! Have you learned the Rokushiki techniques given to you?”


Rowen looked up and glanced at Zephyr before saying: “Naturally! They are ready for actual combat.”


Kizaru suddenly took a deep breath, and said with some surprise on his face: “You can use them in actual combat in just two months? What a terrifying physical talent! It’s a waste of Rumble-Rumble Fruit…”

“Huh? What do you mean, Kizaru?!”

Zephyr’s old face turned black and he shouted.


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