OPTM-Chapter 28 Return

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Marine Headquarters, half past one in the afternoon.

Confrontation training Competition is almost a necessary training course for every force. Rowen has also participated in it before in the Camp, but at that time, if he did not use Rumble-Rumble Fruit, he would not have been able to fight against the Recruits with high-level Sword Technique in the same grade. 

Without mentioning experience and skills, his physical fitness alone was enough for him to keep a distance as his foundations were weak.

But now, the situation is different. Even if he doesn’t use his Devil Fruit ability, the power in his body is enough to make the other recruit feel desperate! Compared with other Devil Fruit Ability users, Rowen is a guy who pays more attention to his physical development than the Devil Fruit. 

He would rather let his physique drive the development of the fruit, rather than becoming a waste person who couldn’t do anything without his Devil Fruit!

His Self-challenge is not a pure pursuit of destruction…

When Rowen came to the square, the Colosseum was full of people who came to watch the test. It’s worth mentioning that they all changed directions at this time… 

The seat that wrapped the test bench in a circle during the Doriki value test in the afternoon was cut apart and stretched to the left and right to form an arc, which is enough to embrace the front piece. It is a plaza with at least 100,000 people!

There is a huge square with high platforms in it. There is an Instructor standing on each high platform, with their hands behind their back. They are responsible for protecting Recruits from fatal injuries during Confrontation Training, and they are also part-time referees to judge the outcome.

When the Recruiting team entered the arena under the leadership of Zephyr, cheers rang out into the sky!

“Come on!!”

“Remember, beat him! Beat him!”

“Hahaha! Rowen, I know you  will win!!”

In addition to cheering, Officers at all levels discussed privately about those who deserve their attention in this team of recruits… Marines are just like an Iron Plate to the outside, and all contradictions can be put down in front of Pirates. This is the iron law! 

However, there are factions inside the Marines. The War Faction and the Peace Faction are just major mainstream organizations. They are many different Marine giants formed from families of Marines, competing openly and secretly for the talents and to seek benefits.

The Marines and the World Government have a similar history. They have stood on the Sea for hundreds of years, and their children and grandchildren have worked for the Marines. It would be a joke if there are no factions in it.

And in this world where the strong are respected, those with real potentials, such as Rowen, a genius Logia user who may become Admiral in the future, befriend him will bring many benefits to the faction.

“Hey, Stein, what do you think of that Zorro?”

“It’s a manufacturable material, but I haven’t had the energy lately, and I don’t know why…”

“Is Rowen here? The kid from the Quist Family will definitely help his father if we can…”

“Save it! With Fleet Admiral’s attention to Rowen, how could he allow us to get Rowen!”

“Tsk, that’s right! That can only be familiar…”

“Who said that!”

The Marine Fleet Admiral in the past did know that there are many factions in the Marines but they have never over-repressed. Because they knew that even in this world of the strong, they couldn’t solve all problems with their fists… There is always someone strong.

As long as they don’t touch things they shouldn’t touch, then Sengoku wouldn’t bother to pay attention to them.

For example, even blind people can see that Rowen has a bright future. Such a person cannot stand in front of a Family faction in the Marines. Sengoku and the World Government will not allow him to stand in line and become the banner of a certain family, leading to the dominance of that family.

Moreover, it is more conducive to rule by coordinating with subordinates who are twisted together to lead controllable disputes.

It has nothing to do with right and wrong, this is just a kind of thing that happens.

When Sengoku took his place, the Officer took the stage and began to clarify the rules. It is not much different from the confrontation training rules, and the biggest change is only three points.

  1. You are not allowed to deliberately kill, and those who violate this order will be expelled from the Marines and they will never be allowed back!
  1. You are not allowed to operate in the dark, to buy out opponents, and those who violate this order will be expelled from the Marines and they will never be allowed back!
  1. You are not allowed to deliberately interfere with other people’s matches, and those who violate this rule will be expelled from the Marines and they will never be allowed back!

On weekday confrontation training, there will be no such serious penalties as expelling from Marine and never being allowed back. The same foul will at most get them detention and punishments. This is just because the occasion is too serious today and the Marines need to show more discipline!

In a brief explanation, the Officer announced: “Now… the Confrontation Test, Start!!”

“Then… I’ll go first…”

Rowen looked around, and under the twitching gaze of the recruits’ mouths, he turned into thunder and moved quickly. Ordinary people will only be able to judge that something has just flown past through the mottled light and shadow left by the visual membrane of the thunder.

Even if he hasn’t learned Marine Rokushiki, Rowen’s movement speed is equally fast and scary!

“That is……?”

“It’s Rowen! I didn’t expect him to be the first to go!”

“It’s okay! Anyway, let’s just sit and watch the play…”

“Hahaha! That said, these little guys can’t do anything to a Logia User!”

The Recruit Camp recruits hundreds of people and they all fight in the confrontations one by one, so they don’t have to do anything today, they just have to sit in place and watch the game! Therefore, the process of the confrontation match has been adjusted to some extent, and the summary is…the high platform grab!

The duration is two hours, and the number of high platforms is 30. At the end of the time, those who are still standing on the stage are the top 30 Recruits. After that, fifteen teams will be arranged for confrontation in pairs, and then the first place will be decided. The end was almost exactly eight or nine o’clock.

“Wait! Something is wrong!”

A sharp-eyed person suddenly opened his mouth and he carefully counted the number of high platforms, and then exclaimed: “Why is there one missing? There are only 29 platforms?!”

“Nani? Are you…really!”

With only 29 Platform, doesn’t it mean that there will be only 14 Winners Confrontation?

There is also one person who either has a bye and is promoted directly. Either…

“What, could it be…”

Seeing Rowen’s face that has a weird expression on it, he obviously discovered this too. The crowd of onlookers who came to watch the performance looked back at Zephyr, and the man’s mouth twitched…

Now, there will be a good show to watch!

“Puff ha ha ha ha!! You bastard kid, you will also have it today!!!”

Garp’s signature hearty laughter echoed in the quiet area. The voice was loud and deafening. Sengoku raised his eyebrows and snorted, “Quiet it, Garp!”


Garp threw his booger indifferently and he looked back at Rowen, and “Snorted” again, spraying the doughnuts all over the floor.

“Hahahaha! But…but…so funny!!!”

“Ahrara, what are you so happy about,  Garp?”

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