OPTM-Chapter 27 Tests

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As the entrance to the New World, the last islands of the Sabaody Archipelago stands in front of the Holy Land- Mary Geoise, the fortress is heavily defended and it is also connected to the judicial island. 

The Headquarters Marine will face the enemies who have broken through the Grand Line First Half. Those are the real powerful people that do evil in the New World!

Therefore, the requirements for the strength of the Officers in the Marine Headquarters are very strict and it should be!

This is also the fundamental reason why the position of the Headquarters Officer is superior to that of any position in the Four Seas.

But hearing this sentence, someone quickly retorted.

“No, I think it’s still low! Rowen is a lightning human! On the same Doriki attack, his lethality is more terrifying! His Technique is not only fast, but it also has the advantages of distance and coverage! He can do this trick but he was also seriously injured in it, even then the Pirates of the Four Seas and even the pirates the Grand Line wouldn’t be able to handle this attack!”

After all… it’s thunder!

The lethality of thunder to the human body is too great!

“Hiss…That is to say, just by this attack alone, Rowen is already qualified to serve on the Grand Line?!”

“I think so!”

“Unbelievable! Another Monster has appeared in the Marines!”

“Rowen! Rowen! Rowen!”

On this day, three of the Monster legends left by the Admirals decades ago were finally renewed, and a new legend was born with the name of Rowen who had joined Marines for no more than a month!

Seeing the grandstand cheering and shouting of Rowen’s name, Sengoku felt relieved.

“Well, this is not bad! Not bad at all! Hahahaha!!!”

At their position, Akainu and Kizaru stared at the front with a dumbfounded look on their faces. After a long time, Kizaru’s mouth twitched and he teased: “What did you just say… 1000 at most?”


Akainu opened his mouth, looking a little embarrassed. However, he adjusted quickly and took a deep breath: “Amazing! In just a month, his strength has grown so quickly! What a Monster!”

“I think I should have made a bet with you just now… What a pity!”

Kizaru added regretfully, attracting Akainu’s unhappy eyes towards him.

It only took a month for Roweb to go from the limit of 500 Doriki to 2700!

In addition to his strength, this achievement also shows his terrifying talent!

He has grown to this level in just over a month. It is conceivable that if he is given enough time, Rowen will grow up to become a terrible Monster in the future!

The only thing that makes recruiters thankful is that Rowen’s overall evaluation is still within the acceptable range of everyone… 

Thunder’s terrifying lethality and Overload Form’s special blessings, plus “Thunderlight Fist- Eight Dragons Grasping Gems’ ‘ and eight Thunder Dragon stacks have improved Rowen’s power to 2700, but his physical power is only about 700 after a comprehensive test.

Isn’t 700 high?

It is very high!

In this year’s Recruit Camp, except for the Monsters who trained in Hell Island, Rowen ranked first!

But compared to his 2700 attacking Doriki Value that broke through the sky, his Physical 700 Doriki is not so exaggerated.

However, this is still a terrifying number that no one can break in the Recruiting Camp. With his terrifying growth rate, ordinary people can hardly expect themselves to overtake him. The gap between them will only increase over time until most people are left so far behind that they wouldn’t even be able to see Rowen’s back!

But surrendering so easily is not something that the soldiers of the Marine Headquarters recruiting battalion do. In the next test, they gritted their teeth and they used every ounce of their strength and they burst out with their strongest moves, and rekindled the lively atmosphere!

Rowen is a Monster, but these little guys are also the future of the Marines!

For a time, the atmosphere on the scene was high, and there were endless shouts and cheering.

After the end of the preliminary test and lunchtime, everyone reluctantly went to find food. It’s a rare day for Recruits to have a holiday, and their family and friends get together with them to have a good meal in City Town.

As Marine’s most lively event of the year, the independent test is just the beginning. In the afternoon, there will be a more intense Confrontation Competition! This competition also ranks the Recruits and Generals for the best stage in their future!

It can be said that the previous Headquarters Generals have been training for this Competition to shine!

The Veterans from 50 or 60 years ago, like Garp, Sengoku, and Zephyr can challenge each other, the Headquarters Vice Admirals like Momonga can also challenge each other, Recruiting Camp Commander Zephyr and Shuzo, and the current three Admiral, Aokiji, Kizaru, Akainu… and so on. 

As long as you can pronounce the name, anyone can challenge anyone without exception!

While everyone was discussing the outstanding performance this afternoon, Kizaru took out a Den Den Mushi in a corner of the Headquarters Fortress: “Moshi Moshi, Mr. Vegapunk, what’s the matter…”

“Ah, don’t worry about that. You still care more about Pacifista, Fleet Admiral Sengoku got angry today… What? You want me to draw out blood again? Can’t you forgive me as an old man?”

At the same time, in the Headquarters Hospital near the square. Rowen pulled off the bandage, and under the skeptical gaze of the doctor, he picked up the rice bowl and ate it whole.

This is the so-called Equivalent Exchange!

The energy that restores the body to heal injuries is not groundless, it must be refilled as much as it consumes. After a tedious test in the afternoon, he put his hungry heart on his back early, and now he is sure that his body is fine, he just wants to eat!

Zephyr smiled and stood aside. Seeing Rowen so energetic, he relaxed: “Eat it slowly, Rowen, some of the food is…”


“Huh? What did you say?”



Zephyr’s forehead wrinkled and his eyelids throbbed rapidly, he wrapped his fist in Armament Haki and punched Rowe, “Bang”!!

“Swallow your food before talking!!!”

After a month, Zephyr felt that he had reached this point, and his Armament Haki had also improved a lot. It’s because of the constant source of anger he has been training.

‘I heard that being angry can hurt your liver and your life.’ Rowen thought but he didn’t say it out loud.

Rowen deeply suspected that the food is his mouth was not swallowed by him, but it was hammered down by Zephyr!

It’s… it hurts!

But Rowen couldn’t make a move on Zephyr in this state, and he immediately stood up and said: “Teacher Zephyr, do I need to go to the Confrontation Competition in the afternoon?”

With his current strength, he would not be able to find an opponent in the Recruit Camp. In the three Admiral sessions, the three of them will probably fight against each other to train and the same will be true for all other sessions!


Who should Rowen call?

Should he challenge Zorro who ranked in the Top 100 who he subdued on his first day?

Or should he call out the Quinn Family genius swordsman Quinn Dante?

There is no need for him to do that at all!

Unexpectedly, when he heard this, Zephyr immediately smiled and said, “You should go, why wouldn’t you? This is a great stage, why not go? The world will be focused on you! Don’t worry, I have arranged something!”

At this moment, Zephyr smiled like a mysterious person… Which caused Rowen to have an ominous premonition in his heart!


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