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Suddenly, Kizaru raised his eyebrows and looked at the slightly chaotic recruiting team at the entrance, and smiled wryly: “Ahhhhhh…I thought that little guy was dragged by Zephyr to the hell island for training, but he was still in Headquarters!”

Due to the events of that night, he stayed in the Headquarters for probation. This month, Rowen was on the line at three o’clock, squatting honestly in the recruit camp for training, and had no contact with the outside world. Naturally, Kizaru would not be so idle, and it was okay to inquire about him. So far, he hasn’t seen him for a month.

“Is that? The Rumble-Rumble Fruit Ability user?”

Akainu was sitting next to Kizaru. He didn’t plan to come over to observe the ceremony but thought that Rowen would appear this time, so he temporarily put aside his work and came over to observe.

“I hope he deserves the name of Rumble-Rumble Fruit Ability user!”

Akainu never thought that his lava fruit was weak, he also proved the power of lava fruit with practical actions. But after Rowen appeared, rumors such as “Strongest Logia” and “Invincible fruit” spread in Headquarters, even if he doesn’t care, he still always hear it.

He isn’t angry with a newcomer, but he wants to come and see if Rowen can afford the resources the Marines are giving him for training.

“Then don’t be surprised, Akainu…”

Kizaru spoke slowly and looked at Garp, who was covered in black aura below, with a teasing smirk at the corner of his mouth: “It is not only Rumble-Rumble Fruit that is terrible, but the recruit named Rowen is even more so.”

Seeing Rowen entering, Garp, who had been detained for a month before being released today, bit the doughnut fiercely, and cast a murderous look at him.

“This little asshole, he is growing stronger!”

“Ro… Rowen!!”

“Why is he here?!”

“Shhh, what nonsense are you speaking! He is also a recruit!”

Seeing Rowen standing in the queue, the rest of the people cast a suspicious look towards him.

Due to Rowen’s rapid growth rate, all the insiders were shocked. So they were afraid of damaging the enthusiasm for other recruits to exercise, but after more than half a month, Rowen did not perform physical training with them in the big playground. Zephyr gave him his freedom for the rest of the time, allowing him to train on his own, he only helped when necessary, and to give advice.

In the recruit camp, this is a treatment that very few geniuses can enjoy!

It is unique in this batch!

There is no inquiry!

In addition, Rowen stays simple and often exercises and stays in the training room for three to five days, so that many recruits in the second half of the month don’t even know where Rowen was, and they even thought of the possibility of him going to the sea to perform missions.

Now that Rowen returned to the recruit queue, they were naturally shocked.

After Rowen returned to the batch line, Shuzo ran to Zephyr and said after saluting: “Chief Instructor Zephyr, all recruits are assembled! Please give instructions!”

“I will beat that brat later!”

The recruit year-end evaluation was almost made a joke because of Rowen, the expression on Zephyr’s face was dark, but considering that it is not time to care about this, he glanced at the recruiter who was moving his hands and feet, and waved his hand: “Go!”


“Oh!! Are they going to start?!”

“Well, the Quinn Family never admits defeat!”

“Come on, son!”

As the tall Instructor wearing the Justice cloak stepped on the wide platform in the middle, the entire “Colosseum” suddenly boiled! Since the focus is on the evaluation side, there are not so many rituals, the school Instructor immediately raised his flag after getting a nod from Sengoku.

“Marine Headquarters Recruiting Camp Year-End Evaluation, Start!!”

“The first team!!!”

Accompanied by the Instructor’s shouts, the recruits who had been doing preparatory activities lined up in a neat line, standing tall and stepping on the high platform. Their waists are straight, and they look proud. In the eyes of officers at all levels, recruits with an average Doriki Value of less than 500 are very weak. 

They would die the moment they entered the big sea.

But the unstoppable momentum should not be underestimated!

Even Sengoku, who was troubled by the fault of Marine’s peak strength, couldn’t help showing a smile after seeing them.

“As long as fresh blood is constantly replenished, the Marines will still be able to suppress the Pirates on the Sea!”

Soon, with a whistling sound, the recruit camp year-end evaluation officially began.

The first is the simplest test, Attack Doriki value!


A sword sound echoed in the air, and the first person in the first column drew his sword in his hand and took a deep breath. Then under the gaze of countless people, he rushed forward fiercely!

In front of him, there were Doriki value test machines designed by Vegapunk, each of which looked like an iron door, towering and huge. Behind the test machine is a display screen, unless the attacker can penetrate the iron gate, it can accurately display the Doriki value. Naturally, the limit of the test machine made for recruits is not too exaggerated. The test limit of 3000 Doriki value and Shuzo can easily break bit!

Rowen knew the first person, Quinn Dante, the son of Quinn Mast, Headquarters Rear Admiral.

As a few Sword Technique Masters who are rare in this recruit camp, he has a good sword and his techniques have barely reached the realm of Sword Energy Master in which he can bring the Sword Energy outside to attack. 

Even if it is not a threat to him now, once he masters Armament Haki, he would become an opponent that Rowen couldn’t underestimate. Even though he holds the Rumble-Rumble Fruit in his hand, Rowen never thinks he is invincible in the recruiting camp. 

Because he understands that the so-called “Invincibility” is based on the oppressive environment and opponents, such as Zorro…After being defeated by Rowen, he has fallen down from the top 100 rankings.

Even if someone is Invincible in the recruit camp, they may not be able to hold on even for a month after going to Hell Island…


While charging forward, the swordsman slashed down with his sword, and his sword slammed into the gate like a machine, making a huge noise. The surrounding crowd moved slightly, but the system had converged. After the corresponding Instructor checks, they raise the flag to announce that the results are valid and then read it out loud.

“Quinn·Dante, Doriki value, 550!!!”

Huā Lā La!

The crowd began to boil, and the noise was endless.

“550Doriki!! That kid is getting stronger and stronger!”

“Rear Admiral Quinn, you have to give us a treat tonight!”

“What strong, he is still far behind, hahaha!”

550 Doriki is not a small number, it can be said to be an extremely high value in the recruit camp. One must know that one of the top 100 recruits Zorro had 300 Doriki Value. Quinn Dante’s score is enough to rank for him to be ranked in the top ten in this session!

Obviously, he was deliberately arranged by Zephyr to go there first to stir up the atmosphere.

“I broke through? Hahahaha!! Father, did you see it?!”

The test data made the swordsman very happy. He didn’t expect to be able to break out on the spot, hitting 550 Doriki value, so he raised his sword to signal to his family… and then!

He was kicked off the stage by Instructor immediately, and the Instructor ordered him to put away his weapons and return to the team.

As a soldier, this guy had the guts to draw his weapon in front of the Fleet Admiral and Admiral.

As everyone laughed, Rear Admiral Quinn, who just had a proud expression on his face, suddenly became depressed and the corner of his mouth twitched and he began to think about how to teach his shameful son when he went home.

Subsequently, the Recruits went to test one after another.

As Headquarters Recruit Camp, there are only geniuses and strong people here!!

Even graduates from Marine Military Academy may not be able to join the Headquarters recruit camp and receive training under the former Admiral Zephyr. When Rowen joined more than a month ago, the physical data tested was five times that of 50 Doriki, which almost unqualified him.

So at this moment, the Doriki score of any soldier is not less than three digits, and the strong can even score about 300-500, which is gorgeous and spectacular!

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