OPTM-Chapter 24 Year End Evaluation

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Sea Calendar, At the end of 1514, Marine Headquarters, Recruit Camp.

The sun shines from the far east, and the cool sea breeze gives a hint of warmth. The Marine Headquarters is silent at the moment and soon as the morning sun rises, it gets noisy again, as always, forever.

“It works well, leave the rest to me, and I will let Rowen cooperate…you…”


At this moment, the depressed explosion sounded through the tall buildings, making Den Den Mushi tremble involuntarily…

Click… the phone hung up.

In the office, Zephyr grinned and put down the microphone speechlessly.

“What is that little asshole developing?!”

In the underground areas of the recruit camp building, in the special training ground, the muffled thunder continued to explode. Even with the best sound insulation materials, the depressed explosion could still be heard in the corridor. 

The deafening burst caused ashes to fall continuously from the ceiling, and the soldiers speeded up their pace as they passed by.

“This Monster is getting even scarier!”

“He has the power of Logia Devil Fruit… what do you think he will become, cuter?!”

“Shhh, keep quiet! Don’t let him hear…”

“Right right, hurry up!”

A group of patrolling soldiers left quickly.

In the training room, one could see dazzling Thunderlight flickering, leaving light and shadow in the air. 

The surrounding walls showed pits that looked as if they were bombed by some Terrorists and a series of flying saucers were fired, not much slower than a bullet. But the thunder and lightning kept pulsing, and each time it could kill the flying saucer with extreme precision, no more than one percent was missed.

After a long time, the lights in the training room turned red, and the sweet female voice representing the end sounded.

“…The training is over, the fatality rate is 98.5%…”

The 98.5% fatality rate, after Vegapunk invented this tester, is already second only to the data of the old Monsters, and it is an even more unique and new case for the new recruits!

Zī Zī Zi Zī!

The Thunderlight, which had been shooting continuously before, stopped at the center of the field, and Rowen’s naked and panting figure was revealed.

“I am still missing a few.”

Rowen himself is not satisfied with data that others can’t even imagine getting by themselves.

He is a Rumble-Rumble Fruit Ability user, with a huge inherent advantage, no matter whether it is speed or lethality, ordinary people can’t imitate it. With such a huge advantage, he is still unable to score full marks, Rowen knew he had to walk a long way…


With Clenched fists, a Thunder Pillar formed, making a deafening explosion. Rowen’s body was entwined with electric current, and cloud-like light spots appeared on his body, flashing constantly through his skin. His eyes were dark blue, emitting strong light, making him look like an illusory existence from a myth, rather than a real living person.

“Finally, I can control it perfectly, this Form…”

Looking at his own hands and feeling the majestic sea-like power in his body, Rowen grinned, showing a satisfied smile on his face.

This trick is inspired by the self-harm training he uses daily, and it can be said to be an extension of the former. 

The self-harm training method, now officially named “Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Method”, controls the elementalization of the body through the autonomous consciousness of the Ability user, and uses an electric current to create pain and stimulate the bones, thereby obtaining the effect of extreme training.

The so-called Overload Form is based on this foundation, incorporating more current, from a simple exercise move to an explosive move that assists offense!

The meaning of “Overload” is very easy to understand, overloading, exceeding the specified carrying standards…

The Overload principle of Thunder-Lighting Human is like this. His body has a standard limit, which is also the maximum Volt he can use. The current within the limit for self-use is the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Method, and outside the limit, it is considered Overload…

Filling the body with an electric current to lock the lightning that exceeds the body’s containment limit and operate in the body, thereby strengthening his power, his attacks, and the release of thunder.

The continuous state of this process is the Overload state…

Overload Thunderlight punch that he had performed before was strengthened by this Overload technique, allowing him to punch explosive punches far beyond the limits of his body. Zephyr determined that the power of that trick had a full 500 Doriki value, which was 10x the Doriki value of his body at the time!

After more than a month of careful guidance from Zephyr, his physical fitness has doubled. Now Rowen can control the Overload Thunderlight punches that he could not control before as he would just throw it in one direction.

Then based on this, a systemic Overload state was derived!

This is something that only Rowen, the inventor of the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Method, can do!

Even if ordinary people hold the Rumble-Rumble Fruit, they can’t bear that kind of pain and can’t show that kind of talent!

Under the systemic Overload Form, Rowen’s physical fitness and lightning power will be greatly enhanced! Even if he can only control 10 Million Volt perfectly now, he will not be weaker than 500 Doriki with every punch and kick without using the fruit ability!

After all, “Overload Form·10 MillionVolt” means that he has a base value of 30 Million Volt. Overloading a current of 10 Million Volt brings an overall increase!

It’s just… the price is very serious!

Like equipment Overload, according to the Overload limit and time, it will cause damage to the body. In severe cases, burning the equipment will cause the body to go down, unable to mobilize any lightning… For example, his current limit Overload, 30 Million Volt, going beyond that would put him in a hospital for a long time.

If it weren’t for the amazing self-healing power and the will in his heart, Rowen would only use this technique in a desperate situation, not as a regular ability.

“Overload Form is powerful enough, but Elementalization cannot be carried out with it which presents a problem. In fact, Battle Intent is closely related to physical strength…”

Picking up the kettle to drink, Rowen thought silently.

“Moreover, the Overload·Thunderlight boxing is just the imitation of Kizaru’s Lightspeed Kick and I have failed in it. Forcibly overloading and punching out with thunder and lightning speed with the flesh is a trick I cannot do yet. My future focus should still be on the development of my Devil Fruit. 

The ordinary Thunderlight punch, which is used on the premise of the speed and lethality of lightning, is less powerful, but more practical…The conversion of speed is not enough, and this problem cannot be solved. Simply shooting a Thunder Pillar fist is not as good as Discharge…Huh?”


As he was thinking, the door of the training room was suddenly kicked open. Shuzo stood outside the door and roared angrily: “Rowen! Do you know what day it is?!”

Rowen shrank his neck as he was taken aback, and then smirked, “Ha, ha, ha! I Naturally know… what day, is it the day of forgiveness?”

“Don’t speak such nonsense! Now, Go back and gather, immediately!”

“Yes Sir!!”

In the Marine Headquarters, there will be a very important event every year. 

At that time, most of the Marine generals who are not on a mission will come to observe the ceremony, and the Headquarters fortress will be open to island civilians that day, the Marines will let them come in and let them learn about the power and momentum of the new generation of Marines. This is quite a lively event!

This event is the annual year-end evaluation of Marine Headquarters recruit camp!

When Rowen runs back to the team to stand, the first batch of soldiers for evaluation is ready to take the stage…

“Wow, this is spectacular!”

This is a huge square behind the Marine Headquarters bay port that can accommodate 100,000 people. Looking around, there are crowds of people, and one can’t see the end of them at a glance. Under the efforts of the soldiers, a high platform was erected in the empty square. 

At the top were Marine Headquarters Fleet Admiral, Buddha Sengoku. In the slightly lower position, two Marine Headquarters Admirals, Akainu and Kizaru were seated. And then the place below them is for the Headquarters Vice Admirals and so on.

With the headquarters as the forehands, the wooden seats extend to both sides, enclosing a circular high wall similar to the Colosseum, which is more than 30 meters high. 

The Marine family members and officers of all levels who lived in the small town of Marineford gathered together to watch the performance and cheer for the recruits they knew.


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