OPTM-Chapter 229 Turns Again Part 1

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Under the fierce attack of the Happo Navy, the Capone Mafia Family was caught between enemies, forced to retreat, and gradually pushed to the center of the City Fortress. Faced with the pressure from the Marines and Shichibukai working together, Capone Bege had to rely on his connections to find an escape route.

“Then tell me, where did the Battleships outside come from?!”

Bege roared in anger, “Only the Marines have equipped Plasma Cannons on their ships in the whole West Blue! If it’s not you, then who?!”

Marine’s Plasma Cannons and Aircraft, both gradually being equipped in the Four Seas, had caught the attention of many, including Bege. Through Shiloros, Bege managed to obtain a Plasma Cannon and a “Scrapped” aircraft, hoping to replicate the technology and make a profit from them.

However, to his dismay, replicating the technology proved to be far more difficult than he had imagined. The simple design of the aircraft could be imitated to some extent, but without sufficient power and speed, not to mention suitable weapons, ordinary cannons were useless in high-altitude situations and became easy targets once they took to the sky.

Thus, Bege focused on analyzing the Plasma Cannon, only to find out that the core technology was monopolized by Vegapunk… The technicians could understand the components individually, but how they worked together was a complete mystery to them.

The Lineage Factor technology was not a problem they could solve through imitation alone.

Until today, the only place in the entire West Blue with Plasma Cannons was at the entrance to the upside-down mountain in Dick Town, the base under Shiloros’ command.

“Wait, you mentioned Plasma Cannons?!” Suddenly, Shiloros thought of a possibility, and his expression turned fearful.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?” Bege asked aggressively.

“That Battleship that attacked you… Does it have a steel-cast golden beast head at the bow, with five artillery guns inside its mouth…?” Shiloros asked, his voice filled with panic.

Still feeling infuriated, Bege didn’t detect the fear in Shiloros’ voice and thought for a moment before nodding. “Indeed, it looks like your Marine’s War Behemoth Battleship, but it seems to have been modified, with a slightly different appearance… Why? Do you know who they are?”

Bege’s killing intentions were evident to everyone in the surrounding, and Vito mirrored the same emotions. When had Capone Mafia Family suffered such a major loss in the West Blue?

Only they were the ones who bullied others; no one dared to mess with them. Even the Marines, like this Rear Admiral Shiloros, were just there to clean up after them.

However, on the other end of the Den Den Mushi, Shiloros trembled with fear upon receiving Bege’s confirmation. “Damn it!” he cursed and shouted, “Capone Bege! Your doomsday has come! Guards! Notify all the West Blue Branches to set sail and clear out all of Capone Mafia’s bases!”

“You…!!” Bege was stunned when he heard this and he stared at the Den Den Mushi in disbelief. “He dares to order the clearance of my forces right in front of me? Does he think I’m a dead man?!!”

Moreover, how dare he do that?!!

Pā, Pā, Pā!

Suddenly, a crisp applause echoed in the quiet underground harbor and Vito instinctively raised his gun to his back and pulled the trigger without hesitation.

Bang… Ding!!

However, to Vito’s astonishment, the newcomer casually lifted a famed blade with a blue silk ribbon tied to its hilt and lightly knocked the bullet away as if swatting away a pesky mosquito.

Then, the newcomer turned to look at the bullet hole in the wall with a tsk. “Tsk, tsk, Seastone Bullets… You guys are indeed wealthy!”

“Who are you?!” Bege signaled Vito to step back and stood up, holding a cigar in his mouth.

“Who do you think… would dare to flaunt the Vice Admiral’s rank from Marine Headquarters, Capone Bege…” Rowen stepped forward with one hand gripping the scabbard of his sword, with his thumb on the Thunder Cloud’s hilt.

“Are you going to come with me quietly, or do you want me to take some action?”

At this moment, the Den Den Mushi, which was still connected, echoed with Shiloros’ sobbing voice. “R-Rowen… Vice Admiral! I was forced into this; I’ve been loyal to the Marines! I have nothing to do with him!”

Undying Vice Admiral, Rowen!!


Capone Bege and Vito both sucked in a cold breath, feeling their scalps go numb instantly when they heard that name.

Ignoring Shiloros’ betrayal, a person’s name is like the shade of a tree, and now Rowen had the kind of presence that could intimidate enemies just by appearing!

Damn it!

How could they possibly lay a hand on a Great Character like him?!

Capone Bege’s mind raced wildly. He knew that his end might truly be coming today!

The battle outside was nothing worth watching. Not only Happo Navy under the command of Don Sai and Kano Country’s guardians, but also all six Treasure Navy were mobilized. With the firepower support of the ‘Qilin Ship’, if they couldn’t even take down a small Capone Island, Rowen could wipe them out effortlessly.

Otherwise, what was the point of having Shichibukai? They were supposed to be a deterrent in the seas… If they went out and others were not scared, it would be laughable!

No matter how much cooperation Kano Country sought with the Marines, or whether they would become someone like Kuma, the principle of being a Shichibukai was not allowing failure! The World Government cared about its reputation, and as long as you harbored sinister intentions, they could tolerate it as long as you didn’t voice them.

But you couldn’t let them lose face, or they would take your life!

After the situation was under control, Rowen decisively released his Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki) and began searching for Capone Mafia’s Private vault.

He didn’t find the private vault, but he found Capone Bege.

Without any direct interference of radio waves, whether it was on the surface or underground, when Rowen learned that they were planning to escape, he simply ‘Blinked’ over to their side.

Rowen stood quietly, and the two people almost stopped breathing in front of the world-renowned Marine Headquarters Vice Admiral, Rowen.

After a moment, Rowen, who was playing the part to the extreme measure against them, showed some impatience and sneered. “It seems like you’re not planning to surrender, huh?”

“Wait…” Bege was startled when he heard those words but before he could finish his words, a flash of lightning accompanied by the Thunder Cloud Sword being unsheathed came slashing down on them.


With a crisp buzz, the electric light vanished in an instant.

Vito, who thought he was being clever with his “Strange Gun,” widened his pupils and couldn’t help but look down…

Pa Ji…

Along with the slippery sound of movement, blood spewed out like a fountain from his neck, and the still-beating heart pumped blood into the arteries before gradually weakening.

Pū Tōng!

A head rolled to the ground, with wide-open eyes showing that Vito didn’t die in peace.

Capone Bege’s heart turned cold instantly. Before Rowen could even look at him, he quickly waved his hand and said, “Wait! Vice Admiral Rowen, I think we can talk about this!”

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