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The attitude of King Ramen caused a sudden change in the atmosphere on the field. Even Kai and other Pillars of State were shocked, abandoning their plan to be on guard against Chinjao. Instead, they turned to look at King Ramen.


Though the Chinjao Family had acted domineering in the past, they were absolutely loyal to the Kano Country! Even if they had angered Rowen, leading to war, King Ramen shouldn’t have questioned them so severely.

Kai didn’t believe that King Ramen would forsake them just to cozy up to the Marine. He immediately asked, “King Ramen, what’s going on?”

“What… you can ask him yourselves!” King Ramen’s lips trembled with anger as he glared at Chinjao.

Chinjao, too, was taken aback by the word “Treason” and struggled to react as he saw others eyeing him with suspicion. He appeared somewhat flustered.

“It’s not… I… Let me explain!”

He didn’t want to be labeled a “traitor.” That would not only disgrace him but also bring shame to Don Sai and even the entire Happo Navy.

“There’s no need for explanations, Chinjao-San…” At that moment, Rowen’s calm voice captured everyone’s attention. Rowen poured himself a drink and sipped it slowly as he continued to speak. “Yesterday, we caught a little rat in the Qilin’s armory. It should be the 13th Vice Pillar of the Happo Navy, right?”

“Did your subordinate sneak into the Marine armory without permission, holding a lighter… was it because it was too dark at night that they couldn’t see clearly? The Qilin has lights installed all over.”

Abu wanted to blow up the Marine Warship armory?!!

Everyone was frightened by this news.

Don Sai was the first to react. He looked at his grandfather in shock, unable to believe it.

“Grandfather, did you call Abu last night for this?!”

He had taken over as Pillar of State not long ago and was still inexperienced. Many things were handled by his grandfather. He knew Abu had been called last night, but he never expected… it was to blow up the Marine armory!

However, the next moment, to everyone’s surprise, Chinjao’s eyes turned red as he glared at Rowen with an angered expression on his face.

“Nonsense!! I only told him to give you all a wake-up call, not to blow up the armory!!”

Chinjao didn’t hesitate and immediately clarified the command from last night.

He could tell that the Marine Vice-Admiral was trying to frame them with these accusations!


“What exactly happened?!”

Others turned their heads, looking at Rowen with skeptical gazes. In both emotions and logic, they were more inclined to believe Chinjao.

“Heh… I don’t know what your original plan was, and to be honest, I’m not interested in knowing. All I know is what happened.” Rowen calmly sipped his drink, then said to the Den Den Mushi, “Bring him here…”

At the other end of the Den Den Mushi, Henry immediately responded, “Yes!”

Having said that, Henry pulled on a chain in his hand and sneered at the man lying on the ground, “Let’s go! You will confront our senior officials face-to-face!”

Since Rowen had Henry bring the man over, the matter was temporarily set aside. Everyone closed their eyes to rest until they were awakened by a commotion.

Pū Tōng…

As if a piece of rotten meat had been thrown on the ground, Abu, whose body had no good flesh left, fell in the center of the venue, covered in layers of blood and bruises, which shows that he had clearly undergone severe torture.

“Abu!” Don Sai exclaimed and he rushed over to his brother, disregarding decorum. After careful examination, he found that Abu was still alive and breathed out a sigh of relief. Then, he glared at Rowen with a murderous gaze.

This was his own younger brother!

“Don’t rush to get angry… ask him yourselves.” Rowen spread his hands and shrugged as he spoke with a calm look on his face.

He wasn’t afraid that the man wouldn’t tell the truth; after all, the armory was monitored by a Den Den Mushi. They could not only see the visuals but also hear the sounds clearly.

“Abu, what exactly did you do?!” Chinjao also ignored Rowen and rushed to their side. He lowered his head heavily and asked.

In fact, after seeing Rowen’s fearless attitude, he already had an answer in his heart.

Both of them were his grandsons, and Chinjao knew Abu’s character well. Unlike Don Sai, who was composed and assertive, Abu was arrogant and ambitious, eager for accomplishments.

Chinjao had asked him to administer a laxative, but Abu probably didn’t follow orders.

“Sorry…” Abu, who managed to open his eyes with difficulty, instantly regretted it after seeing their expressions!

A night of torture was nothing to him. Even if he died, he wouldn’t be afraid. However, he was afraid of causing war for Kano Country because of him. He regretted bringing such a huge disaster to the Happo Navy.

After saying that, tears streamed down his cheeks.

“It’s all my fault!!”

As soon as these words were uttered, the entire grand palace fell silent.

The only sound that echoed through the quiet palace was Abu’s sobbing.

Chinjao’s body trembled and he almost fell backward. He steadied himself amidst Don Sai’s anxious cries and took a step forward, walking straight towards Rowen. Kai and the others were shocked, quickly positioning themselves in front of Chinjao.

“What are you going to do?!”

“Think it through, Chinjao!!”

Kai’s killing intent surged, and the Armament Haki armor formed over his tightly clenched fists. If Chinjao dared to take another step forward, disregarding the relationship as being friends, Kai would stop him from attacking Rowen.

However, what surprised him was that, in the moment Chinjao stopped, the robust and tall man suddenly slid down to his knees with a “Pū Tōng.”

“I will bear the responsibility for this matter alone! I am willing to exchange my life for his!” Chinjao’s eyes were full of determination as he spoke of this.

He knew that there was no way to remedy this situation. With his unruly son and beloved country at odds, Chinjao, stuck in the middle, had to make such a decision.

“Chinjao…” Kai fell silent as he saw this scene before he slowly stepped back, revealing Rowen behind him. Faced with the unwavering determination of a man, what reason did he have to stop him?

Seeing this, a smirk formed on Rowen’s lips.

Kano Country’s attitude, they were ready to act!

But now wasn’t the time to celebrate. If Chinjao truly died because of this, Rowen promised that a ruthless and brutal double battle would be waiting for him when he returned!


They had just invited him, and now they were forcing his grandfather to death…

He had never seen anyone act like this!


Clang… Ding Ling.

Beside them, Henry felt a light tug on his waist, and his sword was pulled out and placed in front of Chinjao.

“Last night, he stabbed one of my Corporals with this sword, three inches below his left ribcage, the blade piercing through. He is currently in the infirmary on a drip.”

Rowen said calmly, “I can take a loss and let it go, but as a senior official, I cannot allow my soldiers to suffer along with me.”

Chinjao looked up at Rowen, his eyes filled with disbelief. They stared at each other silently.

Sizzle… Sizzle…

After a moment of silence, Chinjao lowered his head and picked up the longblade from the ground. The cold blade’s edge scraped against the floor, leaving a white mark.

“Thank you!”

“If he dies… I won’t live a shameful existence either!”

Chinjao’s words fell, and the longblade pierced through his body!

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