OPTM-Chapter 21 Training

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Although Zephyr talked about the so-called “Targeted Adjustment” in a comforting tone, Rowen still shuddered while walking in the passage behind the fortress. He is not afraid of the particularity of his body being discovered by Garp and others. 

After all, this is One Piece World. Some people in the same ordinary human race can grow up to 3 or 4 meters high, so whatever is going on with his body is not strange.

However, one thing was beyond Rowen’s expectation. In the past, on Earth, his self-healing ability was not so fast and he could only heal fast from abrasions and small cuts. 

Once the body is damaged, the recovery speed is as fast as ten days to half a month for ordinary people. But at this time, even if his arm was scorched, it would still be healed overnight. 

The only reason Rowen could find for this was that as his physique had been strengthened, the mysterious energy used for self-healing in his body had also increased, which led to him healing faster.

“There are always people who want to harm me!”

After shrugging off the chill, Rowen stopped suspiciously while looking around the area like a thief, causing the patrol soldiers to look at him carefully, and then they suddenly realized something.

“Oh, it turned out to be this kid…”

The Ordinary Soldiers were not clear about whatever happened last night but it does not prevent them from knowing that Garp had gone to jail with someone for breaking the rules. 

This morning, Fleet Admiral Sengoku announced something during the routine training announcement and he emphasized on discipline while also blacking out Garp… God knows what everyone was thinking after they heard that Garp was put in prison!

As the Marine Hero, Garp’s influence is particularly terrifying in the Marine Headquarters, and Rowen, who is just a rookie, is also remembered by many people.

“But… shouldn’t he be in the cell? How did he come out?!”

Did he escape?

The group of patrol soldiers immediately looked serious and they glanced at each other, and nodded: “Hey you…yes, you, come here!”


Rowen buckled the back of his head weirdly, and as he was about to lean in, someone stopped him.

“Recruit Rowen! Instructor Shuzo had asked you to rush to the Recruit Camp to report… Uh, what’s going on here?”

It was the officer who was in charge of testing him yesterday, and when he approached, he found the patrol soldiers looking at Rowen and suddenly realized something.

“Don’t worry about it, he was pardoned out of prison by Fleet Admiral.”


The patrol soldiers were relieved…

The Officer has been in the Recruit Camp for many years, and there are several people in the patrol team who have trained under him. Since he had said this then they will believe him. They immediately nodded in salute and continued their patrol.

After finishing all these tasks, the Academy Instructor Officer patted Rowen on the shoulder and said with a smile on his face.

“Let’s go! We don’t want Instructor Shuzo to wait…”


Rowen woke up in a flash and almost forgot about him… Yesterday he took advantage of the speed of Elementalization and Thunder to defeat Shuzo. The other party will definitely not let it go, but now he has to be trained under Shuzo, then the result…

The corners of Rowen’s mouth twitched silently as he looked up at the sky,

He is not going to enjoy this training!

After bypassing the test field, the two came to an open field in front of the main building of the Recruit Camp.

At this time, the place was already filled with people, and each recruit team were led by their respective Instructor as they exercised on the vast playground.

It can be seen that the Recruit Camp is indeed teaching students in accordance with their aptitude and talent. Those who run in Marathon are lined up one after another and it is obvious that they are good at endurance. 

Those who are good at Swordsmanship are paired against someone of their level, they are holding Edgeless swords in their hand while they attacked each other, honing their skills. 

A small number of Devil Fruit Ability users were assigned to the other side of the open space and they are constantly releasing the Devil Fruit power while sweating profusely… One of them was a Zoan Ability User who frequently switched between the half-beast form and the humanoid state, which looked funny.

But even so, these people have the same characteristic.

They, even the most ordinary runners, are filled with vitality! Because they can feel themself growing stronger while doing these seemingly ordinary exercises!

This is what I want!

Rowen suppressed his excitement as he followed the Officer all the way into the building behind the playground, and stopped in an open classroom with no seats.

“Reporting! Instructor Shuzo, Recruit Rowen has been brought here!”

“Good, thank you for your hard work…”

Shuzo turned his back to the two and nodded when he heard the words: “The seventh team’s confrontation training is still short of one person to supervise, you go first…”


The Officer took a look at Rowen, then sent a “Go On” look while saying: “Yes Sir!”

After that, he left without looking back.

Rowen stayed in place and swallowed dryly while looking around, he was looking for an escape route. But at this moment, Shuzo, who has been observing him through Observation Haki, opened his mouth and said, “No need to find that… the Recruit camp building is an important Marine Headquarters building. The walls and the iron door are all made by mixing Seastone powder. Your lightning will do nothing to them.”

Then Shuzo turned his head and looked at Rowen with a sullen look on his face before sneering: “Moreover, this glass is specially made and it is quite hard… It can even withstand my fists!


“Hahaha, what are you talking about Instructor Shuzo? I don’t understand!”

“Huh! Don’t pretend to be a fool!”

Seeing Rowen laugh, Shuzo suddenly remembered the face he saw through the steel gap before passing out yesterday and he clenched his fists. But soon, he sighed, and waved his hand: “Don’t think about so many things Rowen, I am not a person with big Pride, a loss is a loss, there is nothing to complain about…”

The characteristic of soldiers is that they only look at the results, regardless of the process!

Excuses and reasons are some of the words that doesn’t exist in the army.

Naturally, the Commodore, who served as an Instructor for Headquarters was defeated by a newcomer and the Doriki Value of the newcomer was lower than him. Shuzo will not be able to survive this hurdle if he holds a grudge. He can only say that he doesn’t care, he won’t think about it and he has to let it go.

Shuzo’s expression didn’t seem to be fake, he was like an original villain who only appeared in the theater version, the free and easy-going Shuzo made Rowen a little stunned.

“Uh…Commodore Shuzo? Are you serious?”

Seeing Rowen’s dumbfounded look, Shuzo’s eyelids throbbed wildly, and he almost couldn’t help punching him. Fortunately, he knew who he was now, and if Zephyr knew that he had hit someone in private then he would tear him up, he immediately threw out a form towards Rowen.

“Stop talking nonsense! Take this… Get out of here!”

Seeing Shuzo’s anger, Rowen quickly picked up the form and slipped out. This is a Monster who can smash a three-meter-thick iron ball with his fist, Rowan doesn’t want to stay with him any longer than absolutely nessasary. Noting Rowen’s panic, Shuzo’s expression changed.

There is speechlessness, anger, and expectation…

Recalling the appearance of Zephyr handing over the form to him last night wearing reading glasses, Shuzo lowered his head and said to himself: “Don’t let the teacher down, Rowen…”

As the Marine Headquarters Recruiting Camp that “Teaches students in accordance with their aptitude”, each Recrui’s course is different and will not be fixed, and the training will be gradually adjusted according to the actual situation. The form Shuzo gave to Rowen is the schedule of training courses Rowen will do in the coming days.

Marathon, Load-Bearing Running, 100-Meter Sprint, Push-Ups, Sit-Ups… At first glance, this looked like a physical fitness training.

Rowen made a positive evaluation after seeing this training schedule.

However, he also knew that he was not born and bred in One Piece World, he was born from the earth and lacked in physical fitness compared to the people of the One Piece World. Even if his body possesses special talents and his healing power is amazing, he cannot change the fact that he is a weak chicken.

He arrived at the first position according to the course of the form. The Instructor immediately threw a pile of weights towards him and roared violently: “I will give you 30 Seconds to wear them, Soldier! Then you run!”

So scary!

Rowen’s hands and feet were suddenly equipped with a heavy load, and when the marathon troops passed by, he also kicked his feet to join them.