OPTM-Chapter 20 Examination Part 2

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This was their main reason in addition to demonstrating their power and deterring any new pirate.

Now if they drove a Rumble-Rumble Fruit Ability user out of the Marines and released him to Sea then the Marines would not even have the time to regret it once he became a powerful pirate.

Moreover, the Rumble-Rumble Devil Fruit is powerful and it is known as the “Strongest Logia Devil Fruit”… This time the problem is really serious, but with the future prospect of a Rumble-Rumble Fruit Ability user among their ranks, Marines can make some concessions.

It is the so-called Reciprocity and Mutual Exchange.

Grasping the key points, Rowen let go of his anxiety, he smiled and replied: 


Rowen left soon as he could since it has been decided that he would “Stay in the School for his Probation”, there was no point in detaining a “Civilian”.

While Rowen was sent away, Garp sat in the cell and looked at Zephyr.

“That kid’s body…you found it too, right?”

“Yes, that kind of Self-Healing ability is nothing like human beings…”

Zephyr took a sip of his cigar, recalling what he had witnessed last night…

Hearing that Rowen had developed a new move and scorched his arm, and fearing that he would be injured, Zephyr brought a medical team of dozens of people here with him.

But before the doctors could diagnose Rowen, under the dumb gazes of a group of people, those scorched blood shells were wiped off, revealing the new matte muscle and skin underneath that was not injured in the slightest.

In the afternoon, the officers in charge of the test was quickly called in for questioning. It was determined that Rowen had used the same attack in the afternoon. Although it was not as powerful as it was at night but it also caused serious physical damage and Garp and others believed that as it was a fact.

Rowen must have been born with terrifying healing abilities… His healing abilities have nothing to do with his Rumble-Rumble Fruit!

In the afternoon, the Academy Instructor in charge of the test thought that Rowen was not injured seriously and that he did recover after a while. He thought that it was not a major problem, so he did not report it separately.

But now these things are separate issues!

Therefore, it can be directly concluded that Rowen’s body is different from that of ordinary people!


“His body… is a black hole! What is this?!”

The frequency of Zephyr’s smoking increased a bit, and more smoke began to come out of his mouth.

Last night, after confirming that Rowen was okay, the doctor prepared some nutrition solutions for Rowen to supplement his missing nutrition. But as soon as those things entered Rowen’s blood vessels, Rowen’s muscles convulsed and they digesting them in the blink of an eye.

After repeated attempts, Rowen’s healing speed increased at a speed visible to the naked eye. If his healing intensity was 10 after the injury, then it became 11 at this time, in…in just half an hour!

It wasn’t until he unconsciously hiccuped that his body stopped the absorption like a black hole and became normal.

…This is no longer an explanation of excellence and genius, he is a bonafide Monster!

What Rowen didn’t know was that even if One Piece World’s food nutrition is extremely easy to absorb, it is still limited by the body.

Like him, the unreasonable and limitless absorption and devouring, causing him to grow at an astonishing speed, it is simply a sign of an alien!

Others would be blown apart if they absorb more then what their bodies are capable of and their bodies are not powerful enough to hold more energy then their original limitation and they have to break this limitation through training to become stronger. But Rowen seems to have born without limits, and he can always turn nutrition into nourishment for his body.

This ability reminds Garp of something that happened decades ago…

“He fell from the sky. Rumble-Rumble Fruit comes from an island named Birka…”

On the ship, Garp had asked Rowen about his past… an adventurer who travels everywhere, this is the identity Rowen made up for himself. Later, a backwash occurred, and he and the ship were washed away from the island. 

After several years, he finally got the Rumble-Rumble Fruit, but when he tested his own abilities, he accidentally stumbled and fell into the Blue Sea.

Inverted currents are rarely recorded in Headquarters, but they do exist and there are many incidents involving them that are undocumented but the tails are spread among the folk, so there is no way to prove exactly when Rowen was washed away.

“Is that Kingdom called Birka again?”

Zephyr frowned silently, apparently thinking of something as well.

“Even if it is that, the effects are too exaggerated, right?”

As a member of the inside circle of the Top Level Marine who hasn’t eaten a Devil Fruit, Zephyr had often compared himself to Garp. He has regretted not eating one more than once, but Garp has not.

“I don’t know…”

Garp bit the doughnut and shrugged without a care in this world.

“Didn’t the birdman say that the effects of the medicine can be superimposed? It may be that someone wants to use this to fool us… Or it may be that Rowen is stupid and eats a lot… But at the moment, the kid still hadn’t realized his own particularity, and he probably didn’t even know what he had eaten…”

At this, Garp smirked.

“He doesn’t know that even if his body is different from ordinary people. Maybe he feels good about himself and thinks that everything is normal…”

“Hahaha, that…”

Zephyr smiled when he heard the words, he flicked his cigar and watched the ashes floating in the air, and slowly smiled: “If the effect of the medicine can really be superimposed, then Rowen’s training needs to be adjusted specifically… One year’s effective medicinal power should not be wasted.”

Regarding this, Garp who rarely look serious looked at Zephyr seriously.

“Then, everything is up to you, Zephyr…”

“Don’t spout nonsense! Don’t worry about anything and rest in your prison!”

Zephyr sneered and shook his head while striding out.