OPTM-Chapter 202 Annihilating Part 2

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The Thunder Cloud Sword, wrapped in an electromagnetic sharp blade, was incomparably sharp. Even the hardest rocks were no match for it. A white beam of light struck with a loud bang, creating a deep fissure in the ground, followed by a cry of pain.



The eight Pulpostone – Octopus Stone instantly stopped moving and halted just less than ten centimeters behind Rowen’s back. Then, to the grief-stricken gazes of others, the stone spikes slowly split apart and turned into scattered debris that rained down on the ground.


There wasn’t any time of need for sorrow as the vitality of human beings in this world was extremely strong. Although he had stabbed Pica in the heart, Rowen still felt it was not safe.

So, he lifted his foot and stomped down heavily!

Thump… Boom!

The simple act of stomping produced a tremendous explosive sound and a patchy concave pit with a diameter of several meters appeared on the stone floor in an instant! A hair-raising scene unfolded as, with Rowen’s stomp, crimson blood oozed out slowly through the spider-web-like cracks, reducing everything beneath the ground to pulp.

Pica, the highest-ranking member of the Donquixote household’s Spade’s Army, died a gruesome death!


The sight enraged the masked man Gladius, and as a member of the Spades Army, he had a close relationship with Pica. Seeing Pica’s death in front of him, Gladius was consumed by anger.

“You Marine Dog!!” Gladius roared and pressed both hands to the ground, unleashing his full power with his Devil Fruit ability.

“Explosion! Pop Rock Fest!!!”


At that moment, an anxious cry rang out as Trebol, dragging his smoking emaciated body, stood up and said, “He’s a Logia Ability User! Your explosive attack won’t harm him!”

Rowen’s immense power exceeded everyone’s expectations. The renowned Donquixote Family in the New World was being toyed with as if they were a newly emerged pirate group set sail for the first time in his presence.

This was not an opponent that could be overcome through sheer effort alone. They needed a more detailed plan.

Everything now depended on buying time for Doflamingo!

And Gladius was unaware that if the pre-set traps were destroyed by the explosions, there would be no chance to kill Rowen.

“I’ll blow him up!” However, Gladius did not hesitate and continued to activate his Devil Fruit ability. The ground rapidly expanded, visible to the naked eye, like an inflated balloon swelling to over ten meters high!

This was Gladius’ strongest move!

Its power should not be underestimated!

Once it exploded, the entire Underground port would be destroyed by the blast. “But by doing this, he won’t be able to catch up to the young lord!”

After saying this, Gladius paused for a moment and looked around.

The battle had already fallen into a desperate situation from the very beginning. Apart from their powerful executives, the others were not even qualified to be a hindrance to Rowen. But once he used this technique, besides Baby 5 and the others who were far away, no one would likely survive.

The others understood this and did not try to stop him. Instead, they unleashed their strongest moves, aiming to cover Rowen.

Before Gladius could complete his move, they had to buy him time.

Heaven’s Art!

Cat Cat·Back Bridge Fall!

10,000 Tons of Hell·Bice!

“Bastards! You…”

Trebol was both angry and anxious, wanting to explain the situation to his family, but Rowen was still present, so he could only watch as the ground swelled larger and larger, ready to explode at any moment.

It had to be said that Doflamingo’s personal charisma was quite good. These pirates, with “Betrayal” as their nature, did not retreat even in the face of certain death. Even though they knew their attacks were futile and useless against Rowen, they still wanted to cause at least some trouble for him, buying time for Doflamingo’s escape.

“These guys are stubborn…”

Rowen faced the various attacks calmly, and as the unique abilities were about to hit him, his figure flickered.



Machvice, the fastest one, sat down heavily from a high altitude, causing the ground to tremble. But his surprise quickly turned into a panic because he realized that the image left behind in the original spot was just an afterimage, and Rowen himself was long gone.

“Be careful!”

He turned around and shouted. Besides themselves, Gladius was undoubtedly Rowen’s primary target. If Gladius detonated the ground, the Underground port would be buried, and there would be no chance of pursuit.

However, at that moment, Rowen’s voice came from behind him.

“It’s you who should be careful…”

3000 Thunderclaps·Thunderbolt Fury!

Buzz! Zzzz!

Terrifying high-voltage electricity instantly illuminated the entire Underground port. A blue light ribbon danced like a sprite, moving at a speed that was invisible to the naked eye, circling around the people from behind.

As the Thunderlight subsided, Machvise felt a chill in his heart and subconsciously looked down.

Pā Jī…

A large severed head fell to the ground, its eyes wide open in an expression of disbelief. It tumbled a few times on the ground before gradually losing its luster.

Pū Tōng, Pū Tōng, Pū Tōng…

Like a switch being turned on, the sound of “Pū Tōng” echoed around as Machvise’s severed head hit the ground. In an instant, everyone present, whether they were executives or ordinary soldiers, had their heads severed!

The ground beneath Gladius, which had swelled to nearly thirty meters high, deflated like a deflating balloon, gradually returning to its original state.

With just one move, all the executives of the Donquixote Family present were wiped out!


The sound of a sharp collision against a scabbard resounded as Rowen stood in place as if he had never left, with his Justice cloak naturally hanging down, unmoving.

He slowly lifted his head and looked at the remaining gate, which was less than ten centimeters away, releasing his Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki) and said into his Den Den Mushi, “Dante, Doflamingo escaped in a submarine. Let our submarine go into the sea and pursue him. Use the Aircraft Force to bombard the surrounding sea without restriction and prevent him from leaving Dressrosa!”

“Understood!” Dante was taken aback for a moment but quickly nodded.

After completing these tasks, Rowen scanned the Asura Hell-like Underground port and furrowed his brow slightly.

“You’ve escaped, and they’re all dead… What else can pose a threat to my life?”

At this moment, Rowen did not notice the relieved smile on Trebol’s face as he lay on the ground.

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