OPTM-Chapter 202 Annihilating Part 1

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Without wasting any time on further discussion, Doflamingo agreed and stepped forward, heading towards a hidden port within the Underground Port.

While walking, he continued to inquire, “How is Baby 5’s preparation?”

“Everything is ready. Dellinger and Lao G are in charge of protection. Even if Rowen senses something amiss, they can buy us enough time for detonation.”

“Good. Thank you for your trouble, all of you… Diamante, Vergo, I will avenge them!”

As they spoke along the way, the two of them quickly passed by a low gate. However, after entering the gate, Doflamingo suddenly realized that Trebol was half a step behind and hadn’t caught up.

He was startled and turned to look, only to see the same expression of reverence and longing on Trebol’s face as thirty years ago.

“Hey, Doffy, you must become the king…” Trebol inserted his Club Mace into an inconspicuous cavity in the wall and said with a calm expression on his face.

After speaking, he twisted the mace.

Kā cā!

“Damn it! What are you doing, Trebol!” Doflamingo’s pupils suddenly shrank. He knew what that switch was. Once activated, the two Seastone doors, one inside and one outside would completely seal off this room of less than thirty square meters. It was their final means of evacuation in Dressrosa.

And once activated, there was no way to stop it!

“This time, we have failed, Doffy…” Trebol retracted the mace and sprinkled mucilage around, then ignited it with a lighter.


The intensely hot flame tongue burned Doflamingo, forcing him to step back and distance himself from the door. He wouldn’t be burned to death because behind him was a small submarine that he could enter and leave at any time.

But if he did that, his subordinates…

“Failure is not terrifying, Doffy.” Trebol had a warm smile on his face as the Seastone slowly descended, gradually sealing the door.

“Hide outside for a few years and there will still be a chance for a comeback…”


Doflamingo tightly clenched his fist, his nails digging into his palm and blood began to flow down his hands. After a long silence, Doflamingo said. “You should know, right? That bomb will blast apart all of Dressrosa… and yet, I ordered you to stay behind for detonation.”

“Yes, I know, but that’s our purpose of existence!” As soon as he finished speaking, Trebol’s expression changed. He turned around and transformed the mucilage into a cannonball the size of a head, firing it into the distance.

Sticky Sticky Cannonball!

“Go, Doffy, go!”


As if in response to his words, a figure surrounded by electric currents fell from the ceiling of the Underground Port, causing layers of broken rocks to fall. Seeing the snot bullet fired at him, Rowen showed a hint of impatience on his face and raised his hand, releasing two Thunderlights.

200 million Volt·Rice Spike Thunderstrike!

Pā dā!

With his shoes on the stone, Rowen looked at Doflamingo gradually being hidden by the stone door, a faint smile appearing on his lips.

“So, you’ve hidden in the Underground. No wonder my Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki) couldn’t find you.”

Kenbunshoku Haki, unlike the divine sense scanning in the Fantasy or Cultivation World, has very few things that can impede its penetration. Doflamingo’s Ito Ito no Mi (String-String Fruit) is one such thing, and the layers of rock and soil also count as obstacles.

Rowen was unable to find any traces of Doflamingo on the surface, so the Underground becomes the only answer.


Rowen’s Rice Spike Thunderstrike incinerated the mucilage, and its unstoppable force directly struck Trebol’s chest. The highly flammable mucilage covering his body became a fatal weakness as the thunderous heat ignited it, engulfing him in a terrifying blaze!

Then the thunder poured into his body, and the explosion sent him flying as Trebol screamed in agony as he rolled on the ground like a fish out of water.

“Rowen you bastard!!!” Doflamingo clenched his fist in hatred, his teeth grinding audibly. But he suppressed his impulse and turned around, running towards the small submarine.

“Oh? Is Sugar in there too?”

After dealing Trebol a near-fatal blow, Rowen turned his head and noticed Doflamingo’s movements. The wide-open door of the submarine made him sense the presence of a little girl inside, and considering the circumstances, it was obvious who she was.

“But it won’t be that easy for you to escape…”



As Thunderlight dissipated from his surrounding, a strong sense of impending death surged through Doflamingo’s mind. Without hesitation, he turned around at his fastest speed and released his white strings.

Kumo no Sugaki (Spider Net Wall)!

Zhi! Zhi!

Countless white strings shot out from his palm and interwove at the entrance, forming a thick wall that completely sealed the door. Rowen furrowed his eyebrows and appeared in front of the spider web the next second.

“So, you saw through it!”

‘Blink’ was a technique that allowed Rowen to transfer himself as a pure electric current through the planet’s magnetic field, with the prerequisite being capturing the planet’s magnetic field.

However, Doflamingo’s Ito Ito no Mi, for some unknown reason, had the additional effect of blocking electromagnetic waves, completely preventing Rowen from sensing any magnetic field from that side, where the entrance was completely blocked by the spider web.

Since ‘Blink’ wouldn’t work, it was time for a different approach. “Let’s try this!”


Rowen instantly decided to change his strategy. He clenched his fist, surrounded himself with entwined high-voltage electricity, and the resounding thunderous explosions surged as the electricity surged.

Overload·Thunderlight Fist!!

“No way!”

Pulpostone – Octopus Stone!

Suddenly, eight tentacle-like spikes emerged from the ground beneath Rowen, stabbing down from all directions. The enormous rocks covered the sky, and the soft ground made it difficult to stand, it was like a drifting boat encountering a sea monster, swaying with the waves on the sea.

Rowen was not afraid of Pulpostone – Octopus Stone. He did not add Busoshoku Haki (Armament Haki) to his legs to defend himself, but the sudden softening of the ground disrupted Rowen’s movements as he was preparing to unleash his attack.

“You dare to interrupt my attack!” With his attack interrupted, Killing Intentions flickered in Rowen’s eyes. Ignoring the massive rock spikes, he released Kenbunshoku Haki and swiftly moved to a nearby location.

It was Pica’s hiding place!

Under the ground, Pica, the user of Ishi Ishi no Mi (Stone-Stone Fruit), had his pupils shrink. He was about to move away when he saw Rowen pulling out the Thunder Cloud Sword from behind and swiftly plunging it into the ground!

200 Million Volt·Thousand Birds Sharp Spear!


The Thunder Cloud Sword, wrapped in an electromagnetic sharp blade, was incomparably sharp. Even the hardest rocks were no match for it. A white beam of light struck with a loud bang, creating a deep fissure in the ground, followed by a cry of pain.


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