OPTM-Chapter 20 Examination Part 1

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The soldiers wanted to laugh out loud but they didn’t dare to do it. Garp was suddenly stunned and he only came back to reality after a Soldier took out the handcuffs and put it on him, and then he yelled angrily.

“Sengoku, you asshole! I will get you for this!!!”


The icy light flashed, and Momonga expressionlessly drew his sword in his hand: “Insult Fleet Admiral is another one of your crime!…please take him away!”

Garp: “…”

There are countless monsters in this world, and there are many strong ones. Only Marine Headquarters had the ability to get rid of their Top Level combat power for a temporary basis as there are still many others who have the ability to defend the Headquarters Fortress… 

Formidable powers need to be restrained, and rules need to be established, not to mention the solemn and sacred Marine Headquarters where the rules need to be followed.

It has nothing to do with Golden Lion. As early as hundreds of years ago, the Marines had set the rules: If you do anything in the Headquarters that is not allowed and if you have no legitimate reason for it then no matter how high or low your position is, you will be held accountable!

Tonight, Garp and Rowen had woke up the entire Headquarters, and that attack had destroyed some of Headquarters properties. Not to mention Vice-Admiral Garp, even the three Admirals would not be able to escape the fate of sleeping on the slate of a prison cell.

It’s not that Garp doesn’t know this rule, but in his eyes, no matter how powerful Rowen’s moves are, he should have been able to dissolve them without causing too much impact… This comes from his confidence in his peak strength!

However, just now, in order to control Rowen, his attention was distracted and he had no time to consider the scope of the attack, which led to such a result…

In the outsiders’ eyes, the dignified Marine Hero, Garp The Fist, personally captured the great figure named the King of Pirates, he is a legendary figure in the Marines and this legendary figure will spend the night in prison for the first time in his life.

Early in the next morning, Rowen felt something and rolled over with his eyes still closed. He then fell to the ground below him.

This moment made him wake up immediately, and he opened his eyes to look at the icy ground close at hand. As he recalled what happened last night, he suddenly mumbled: “That Old Asshole Garp…Did he left me alone or was he the one who threw me under the bus?”

Two Overloaded Thunderlight Punches in a day, plus the hard work of fighting Shuzo, was a great challenge for Rowen. At the end of the fight, his stamina overdrew and he passed out.

So… Did I sleep on the floor all night?

These guys are really vicious!

Cursing in his mind, Rowen rolled over and got up, but when he saw his surroundings, the look on his face changed.

“What the…what’s with this situation?! Where the hell is this?”

He was in a narrow cell of less than ten square meters. The only light source was the torches on the wall, surrounded by steel cables, and there were gray stone strips in between them… Not surprisingly, the thing was Seastone.

And Rowen found that he was not outside the cell, but inside.

I should somewhere but I should definitely not be here…

“This is the Marine Headquarters prison, which specializes in holding common criminals and pirates that are not strong enough to be sent to the Impel Down…”

An old voice came from outside, and Rowen turned his head. What caught his eye was a strong, muscular, purple-haired old man who was not inferior to Garp. He wore the Justice clock on his shoulder and put his arms across on his chest… 

It is worth noting that his right hand was chopped off from the shoulder. At this moment, that hand is a wooden prosthetic.

This person is impressively the former Marine Admiral and the current Recruiter Instructor, and “Black Arm” Zephyr!

Rowen only wondered on his appearance for a second and then his attention was completely drawn to the other person… In another cell behind Zephyr, Garp was looking at him as if he was looking at his eternal enemy and if his eyes could kill then Rowen would have died a thousand times by now.

Rowen began to have fun at this time!

“Yo, isn’t this the Legendary Vice-Admiral Garp? Did you come in here to experience life?!”


Suddenly, Garp’s eyes flashed with a strange light and his breathing quickened, but he didn’t reply. Instead, he sneered and cracked his knuckles.

Rowen laughed in his heart for some time before stopping…

Rowen swallowed while giving up on the idea of ​​continuing to tease Garp. Then he greeted Zephyr: “Instructor Zephyr!”

“Hum, you don’t have to be so nervous, just feel free.”

Bringing a stool to sit down, Zephyr lit his cigar and took a sip before speaking to Rowen across the cell: “Do you know why you have been locked up?”


Recalling what happened last night, the expression on Rowen’s face snapped before he smirked: “Ha, ha, ha, I don’t know what happened!”

“Don’t play stupid!”

The expression on Zephyr’s face suddenly turned black and he roared: “The Headquarters rules clearly state that in non-emergency situations, no one is allowed to do any fighting inside the Headquarters without permission! Any offender will be strictly punished!”

There is such a rule?

Rowen looked at Zephyr with a shocked look on his face, the expression on his face didn’t look fake. Afterward, his eyes widened and he spoke to Garp in disbelief: “Vice-Admiral Garp, you were also captured and put here with me?!”

“His salary for this year is also gone!”

Zephyr waved his hand to block the forthcoming scolding battle between the two, and then said, “Do you know what will happen to you now?”

What will happen?

Even with his rank of a Headquarters Vice-Admiral, his tital of a Marine Hero, and with his high position, Garp was still punished and he even lost his salary for one year. Rowen is a newcomer, and I am afraid that he will not…

“Will I be Expelled from Marines?”

Rowen stared at Zephyr in horror and pointed his finger to his nose.

No way?

I just joined for a day?

Seeing that Rowen did know the seriousness of the problem, Zephyr’s anger eased slightly, and he said with a cold snort, “According to the rules, that would be the case! But you haven’t registered in the Headquarters Recruiting register. Even if you are an outsider, Marines are not qualified to…”

I haven’t joined yet so naturally, I can’t be expelled.

Rowen breathed out a sigh of relief when he heard this. He didn’t expect that the trivial registration that he had been neglecting had become the most important life-saving straw at this moment.


Zephyr turned his head and made Rowen stand straight: “Yes, I promise to complete the mission!”

Zephyr: “…”

I haven’t said anything yet?

You promise a fart!

And more then that……

Do you even know what I wanted to say?

The corners of his mouth twitched twice and Zephyr finished his interrupted sentence: “Considering that you don’t even know about this, Fleet Admiral has decided to bend the rules a little and keep you in Headquarters for observation… If you don’t cause trouble and make up for it, then the gates of Marines would become open to you!”


After hearing these words, Rowen’s eyes flashed and he started to quickly think about the situation.

Yes, this is in line with reality…Marine believes in the theory of “Strangling the danger in the cradle”. The reason why most of the Pirates who were imprisoned in the Impel Down’s Forbidden Area lv.6 were not executed was that Marines didn’t want their Devil Fruit power to spread out in the word and be obtained by some other Pirate.