OPTM-Chapter 19 Thunderlight

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Rowen didn’t know Garp’s thoughts, and even if he knew, he wouldn’t care much about them. 

His purpose in joining Marine is only to grow stronger and exceed his limits again and again!

In fact, even if Garp had not come tonight, Rowen would have asked the other Instructors to fight him to perfect his moves when he is in his formal training tomorrow.

The moon was shining in the sky and the cool sea breeze blows through the Headquarters fortress. Rowen pulled away from his initial position a little and stepped forward while clenching his fists.

Zī Zī Zī Zī…


Under the moonlight, a blue thunder the size of a thumb spilled from his skin and exploded into the air while flashing! Garp keenly discovered that Rowen did not deliberately release the thunder… 

He condensed all his power in his body and locked it under his skin before releasing it all in one go. This move wouldn’t have been possible without good control.

If it is an Ordinary Logia Devil Fruit user, they would have already used their full  Elementalization at this time and Rowen should have turned into a dazzling Thunderlight… 

Logia’s Elementalization physique, its purpose is not to let them use Elementalization to bully some people, but to better use their strength and adjust the body to adapt.

“This guy…what does he want to do?”

Garp frowned and Rowen’s arm changed from a flesh and blood body to a bright blue flash in a moment. Cloud-like light spots shined from under his skin, and his skin becomes like a transparent film. He could vaguely smell a burnt smell.

That is the burnt smell of flesh and blood!

With this move, Rowen himself was shockingly cooked by Thunder!

“What the hell are you……”

Garp was shocked and opened his mouth to make Rowen stop… He knows that this little guy is too much! For the sake of strength, he even developed a terrible method of using Thunder and Lightning to stimulate his body during exercise. 

It is conceivable that he can use moves that exceed his current physical limits but the pain and damage he would do to his own body would not be small but Garp saw no hesitation in Rowen’s eyes!

An attack that is four times the body’s Doriki value is not something that can only be done by talent, this is not something that can be done just because he has the advantage of eating the Rumble-Rumble Fruit. It requires terrible toughness, as well as an unreachable, unstoppable, indestructible will!

However, it is too late now. Rowen raised his head and spoke with a smile on his face: “This trick is even more powerful than the one I used during the test! Be careful, Garp!”


But the speed of sound transmission is too slow and it is far slower than thunder and lightning. When Garp spoke, Rowen had already attacked him and his figure straddled a distance of tens of meters in an instant and came towards him.

This is the speed of Thunder and Lightning!

At this time, Rowen’s right-hand could no longer constrain the thunder in it and it burst out violently, forming a dazzling electric figure.

Overload·10 Million Volt·Thunderlight Punch!!!

Zī Zī Zī Zī…

The dazzling Thunderlight sphere suddenly zoomed-in, enveloping Garp and a large area of ​​his body. The air was filled with a disturbing and dangerous atmosphere, and the worms in the woods stopped neatly… Two seconds later, the electric light suddenly shrank to a point and then a violent explosion came!

Bang… Bang Rumbling!!!

The deafening terrifying tremor awakened the entire Marine Headquarters and restlessness spread everywhere! It was an even louder sound then an artillery cannon and the attack was vast and unstoppable!

When the thunder exploded, Sengoku suddenly opened his eyes and came to the window in his pajamas to look out into the distance. After seeing the thunder that started from the sky, I stunned for a second … Then, my mouth twitched wildly and spit out two names with my teeth: “Garp, Rowen…… …”

At the same time, some people who knew the inside story looked out the window, each thinking something different.

In Admiral Kizaru’s room.

Kizaru rubbed his eyes and looked at the Thunderlight in the distance: “Did that guy did this? This is really scary…”

Inside the Recruit Camp, on the top of A tall building where Zephyr room is.

With his prosthesis arm removed, Zephyr was bare-chested and his arms were exposed. He watched the lightning in the distance with only a bath towel around his waist and his mouth slightly curled up: “Courageous! What a nice little guy!”

Then he glanced at the soldiers who lined up with their weapons to the place of the incident and his eyelids twitched.

“Tsk, but the law is merciless!”

On the platform behind the Recruit’s Dormitory, after a long time, the smoke finally dispersed.

At this time, the place has greatly changed. The stone slabs collapsed and sunk, the trees were charred and burned, and the earth seemed to have been baptized by Cannon Shells. The remaining electric current shook from time to time in the air, and the crisp sound made Garp shrunk his neck with lingering fear.


The night wind blows and sparks splash.

Garp slapped ​​his hair to extinguish the remaining sparks, then he took Rowen in his arm, who was unconscious, and choked silently.

He is so stupid, really.

Knowing that Rowen had only used this trick in the afternoon, there was nothing wrong with him using an even stronger version of the skill now, he should have been prepared.

If it wasn’t for him controlling Rowen’s power to prevent him from causing more damage to his body, and neglecting to protect the surroundings, how could Rowen have caused such great damage?

He understood Rowen’s move, he was still imitating Kizaru’s Lightspeed Kick. However, due to the large gap between them, he can only take small advantage of it. He locked a powerful current force in his arm and let the arm reach an overload state, and swing the explosive punch with thunder and lightning speed!

Rowen didn’t use Elementalization to transform his body to virtual to accumulate inertia, and directly transform into thunder with hi physical powers alone! It is somewhat similar to the lightning exercise method he usually uses, and this move is probably derived from that.

He didn’t secretly increase his training without telling Garp, but Garp didn’t expect that a simple exercise method could be used so wonderfully!

And the power is not to be underestimated… The surrounding area is a witness to that.


“You are sleeping with ease but what the hell should I do now?!”

Looking at the patrolling soldiers getting closer, Garp thought about it and threw Rowen out, letting him roll on the ground several times like a salted fish.

“I didn’t do it!… It was him! Get him quickly!”

Leading the team is one of Garp’s old acquaintance, Marine Headquarters Vice-Admiral Momonga. Garp looked over in surprise and greeted him in a loud voice, “Momonga! Come on, take this kid to prison before he wakes up!”

With a Mohigan Haircut that looks like a purple potato, Momonga pressed the hilt of his sword with his hand and walk out of the team with a blank look on his face. Hearing Garp’s words, he almost fell to the ground.

Then he curbed his expression and shouted angrily: “Fleet Admiral has issued an order! We are to escort the prisoners Garp and Rowen to the prison!”