OPTM-Chapter 2 Temple And Fruit

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A fist-sized fruit with a spiral thunder pattern and one will get an electric shock when getting close to it… There is no doubt about it. It is the legendary Rumble-Rumble Devil Fruit!!

Devil Fruit, A unique god-level products of One Piece World, these Devil Fruits are divided into three categories: Paramecia, Zoan, and Logia. The Rumble-Rumble Fruit is a Logia type Devil Fruit, which means the thunderbolt of heaven, and in Rowen’s heart, the Rumble-Rumble Fruit is the most perfect Devil Fruit of One Piece World!!!

In terms of speed, it can carry out the transient movement in the electromagnetic field. The speed achieved by using this method is similar to the Glint-Glint Fruit of the Marine Admiral Borsalino “Kizaru”. 

Although the latter is known to have the speed of light, he certainly cannot achieve the speed of light, which is a situation that the physical universe will never allow!

Because at the speed of light, the mass of an object will become infinite!

If you move at the speed of light, regardless of other factors such as combustion and wear and tea, the Glint-Glint Devil Fruit Ability user can easily destroy a continent and even smash apart a planet if he can indeed achieve the speed of light!!

If Kizaru was really so strong, the sea would have become free of pirates a long time ago!

The World Government would have been able to challenge anyone by depending upon this Devil Fruit!

In terms of attack power, the power of the Thunder is not weak. In the face of terrifying high temperature and flexible electromagnetic application, this made it so that it would not lose to any of the powers, whether it is the “Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi)” of Whitebeard that can destroy the world, or Shanks Haki, or Hawkeye Sword attack, or any other attack for that matter. 

The Thunder attack from the Rumble-Rumble Fruit is not weaker than any of them!

On the weak side, the current is affected by electron transitions, and the earth can interfere with it in many ways. However, in One Piece World, except the Gomu-Gomu No Mi Ability user who can directly offset the power of thunder with his own Fruit Ability, Rumble-Rumble Fruit has almost no natural enemies!

Ordinary rubber can easily get burned by the heat generated by lightning so it is not a weakness! At most, it is like liquid to the Sand Sand Fruit, a person relying on rubber would be able to touch the Rumble-Rumble fruit ability user as if the user was a real entity.

The original Enel as a Rumble-Rumble Fruit Devil Fruit Ability user, even if he was defeated by Luffy, he was still designated by Oda as “500 Million Bounty Pirate”. He would have been a strong man in the New World. It can be seen from this that the Rumble-Rumble Fruit is indeed powerful!

Enel’s defeat was a little funny and made no sense at all, so Rowen had more than one fantasy about this, if he can get the Rumble-Rumble Fruit, he will use it to beat Luffy with it. Just so that he could prove a point.

So after coming to the One Piece World and ‘skillfully’ appearing on Skypiea, Rowen’s first reaction was to find the fruit of the legend. It’s just that this was only an idea because it was impossible for him to judge the current time and place before.

However, after discovering Enel, this idea suddenly changed into an opportunity, turning into the purest form of greed!!

He wants to get this Devil Fruit!!

There was no excuse to be made!

There is no reason for him to not get it!

Those who dare to stand between him and that Devil Fruit would be his life and death enemies!

Enel was bullied in Birka and was beaten up today. He was called Freak and an Alien. He had to flee to the forbidden shrine to escape it all.

However, that was just bullying and no one had any intentions to kill him.

Rowen’s naked wicked intentions were something that he had never seen before, and he felt as if he were looking at a man who was not a human being, but a beast that had chosen to devour him!

A creature that doesn’t allow any other creature to approach and take away its prey!

Squeak Squeak…

Suddenly, Rowen heard something that sounded like a stream of falling water. At the same time, a foul stench also hit his nose. As Rowen looked around to check its source, he noticed a dark patch on Enel’s trouser, and a stream of liquid dripping down his thighs.

The future “Thunder God” Enel was so shocked by Rowen’s presence that he soiled his pants!

“…Fuk, you useless waste!”

Frowning, Rowen’s hands tightened and his knuckles became pale, he pulled on Enel’s earlobes and blood appeared on the edge of the auricle, and Enel struggled frantically.

If this continues, his ears will be ripped off by Rowen!

In the One Piece World, humans generally have a strong physique. Even the skinny Enel has the strength that is not weaker than Rowen’s hard-working body, and his arms are getting sore from his struggle.

However, Rowen was like an iron cast statue, and no matter how hard Enel was struggling, he didn’t let go. He wrapped his earlobe in a circle and brought Enel closer to himself and said again: “I don’t want to repeat my words a third time in the same sentence … Have you seen this fruit?”

“In … in Temple …”

With tears coming out of his nose, Enel covered his ears and screamed in pain: “I have seen the fruit you said, it is in the hands of the Idol in the temple!”

The Temple at Enel’s side is the only shrine’s here. The Sky Islands have no earth, no trees, no stones, and all the buildings and roads are built by Island Clouds. To their side, there is an upturned room made entirely of Island Clouds and painted with an unknown red paint. The walls are carved with strange murals of people with huge wings and beaks, flying in a thunderous sky.

“Is it inside?”

Rowen’s eyes were filled with a fierce light as he threw Enel to the side and walked forward.

Noticing his movements, the soldiers outside the shrine became anxious.

“No! He is going inside the Temple!”

“What about Divine Servent? Quickly call the Divine Servant here!”

“Divine Servant Sama is out! He will only come back in the afternoon!”

This shrine is the Holy Land for all Birka people. To them, its status is the same as that of the Shandas have for “City Of Gold” Shandora and the Celestial Dragons have for “Holy Land” Mary Geoise. Without permission, they would not even dare not step in it as their King would cut off their heads! 

Only God’s Officer and Divine Servant can clean up the temple and worship God…

Ignoring the crying Enel and the cursing Sky Island soldiers behind him, Rowen kicked the door with “Bang” and glanced at the layout, and couldn’t help but turn his eyes.

“Found it!!!”

Inside the shrine was a statue that resembled both a bird and a human. It had three heads, six arms, and a body made entirely of gold. There were three items in its hands; a golden trident, a golden drum, and a prayer bead. Apart from this, there was also a table covered in red cloth in front of it. 

A golden dish filled with offerings was placed on top of it, together with the golden cauldrons that stood on both of its sides, there was also a golden circle placed in the middle for the worshipers.

But Rowen’s focus is not on the huge amount of gold, but rather on the statue sitting cross-legged with its hands naturally flat at its side.

A round sky-blue fruit lay there, the radiance from the lightning, which flickered on it from time to time, filled the room and gave the golden statue a revering luster.

That fruit is his dream Devil Fruit…

The Rumble-Rumble Devil Fruit!!!

“Logia’s power, here I come!” Rowen pounced excitedly, stepped on the tribute table, and reached for it.

At this moment, a sigh echoed in the empty Temple.

“Such blasphemy, leave!”


Contrary to the sigh, a terrible Sound Explosion appeared instantly and it was deafening!

Rowen’s finger was only three centimeters away from the Rumble-Rumble Fruit. He was about to get it in his hand. He even felt the numbness on his hand due to the electric current, but a powerful impact directly hit him at the waist!


After vomiting a pool of blood in the air, Rowen flew out without resistance and heavily hit the wall made of clouds and fell after a second of stagnation. He curled up in pain and grabbed the ground with his head.

This is a force he has never felt before!

He used to fight with people and would normally get punched on various parts of his body, so he was not unfamiliar with the concept of pain. This time, however, his bones were “Creaking”, making his eyes wide, his forehead was getting filled with cold sweat and drool dripped down from the corners of his mouth.

“… God left a divine decree, this fruit will bring great power but it will also bring irreparable disaster at the same time.

An old man in the grey robe, with his shiny forehead and chicken wings on his back, stepped out of the corner of the temple, looking neither sad nor pleased. He was not angered by Rowen’s offense, nor is he pleased by the effectiveness of his attack, he was as calm as water and as steady as … an old dog.

As he spoke, he walked up to Rowen who was still curled up on the ground and stood beside him. The old man then raised his palm and pointed it towards Rowen. At the center of his palm, there was a Scarlet Red Shell tied to his hand with a rope. The attack just now had come from this same shell.

This is one of the Sky Island’s specialties, the Impact Dial.

This Impact Dial can absorb the impact of the outside into the shell, one just need to press the switch to launch it when needed, and an overwhelming attack would burst out of the Impact Dial!

Judging from the fact that the soldiers outside did not dare to approach it, this shrine must have a special status. Being able to hold an Impact Dial inside the shrine, there is no doubt about the status of this old man…  …the Impact Dial he used must be a top-level product, ordinary Impact Dial can never launch an impact power that is this powerful!

Not being directly blown to death by the impact is already proof that Rowen’s physical strength is different from ordinary people.

“You came to this place with that fruit as your target; this proves that you know what it is….But it does not belong to you, Blue Sea-Dweller. So …”


“Chī Chī Chī …”

Rowan suddenly sneered as the old man talked. His laughter was filled with craziness and joyfulness, and it gave the old man an ominous premonition. The expressions on the Old Man’s face suddenly changed and he began to frown and said.

“Why are you laughing?!”

“I’m laughing at what you said … you old thing.”

Rowen raised his head, with blood at the corner of his mouth and he spits out bloody sputum before saying: “The fruit you said just now? Is this what you were talking about?”

Boom, boom, boom, boom …Thump thump thump…

While talking, he loosened his hands, and a sky blue fruit fell to the ground, rolling all the way to the old man’s feet. The fruit had an obvious tooth mark in it, and there was a trace of blood between the flesh.

“Not good!!”

Suddenly, the old man’s pupils contracted suddenly and he looked back.

The statue is still sitting cross-legged, with a natural look. But the Rumble-Rumble Fruit in its palm has disappeared!