OPTM-Chapter 1 Sky Island

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This is a mystical land.

The clouds were gathering in the line of sight and the deep blue horizon seemed like it was within one’s reach. The surface under the feet was not earth but it was lumps of snow-white clouds. Waves of warm breeze caressed people’s faces, bringing with it a cool and refreshing feeling. An unusually shaped coconut tree stood straight in the middle of the white beach, several flat-fishes rushed out from within the white cloud, splashing a string of water droplets.

As an Anime enthusiast, Rowen took just three minutes to sort out his current status quo.

He has crossed over.

This is the One Piece World, Sky Island.


“It’s all a misunderstanding! Why should I be put to death, you Asshole?! “

Da da da!

In a small dilapidated town, a silhouette fled in panic, while being chased by several lance-wielding soldiers who were dressed in a strange manner. Rowen knocked the street vendor and pushed out the passersby, and rushed forward with his head down.

“Ah! This Blue Sea person!” 

“Stop! Don’t run!” 

“Hurry up! Capture him, and the Lord will reward us!

Cries of alarm and shock resounded on the streets for quite a while and it was a very chaotic scene!

Rowen was also quite helpless about the fact that those soldiers were coming after him to forcibly arrest and execute him.

One could say he had really crossed over, the number of people who were born over and appeared on Earth every day was very large. An army consisting of the people who were born had already occupied the multiverse. It could be said that their number was neither many nor few.

But crossing over to a New World and landing in the sky, who could bear it?

He is an ordinary person and he fell from a heigh of five meters facing the ground, he received the brunt of the force on his Spine, even if it won’t result in death, it will certainly leave one in a disabled state.

The good news is that Rowen fell head to head and did not die. The bad news is … he fell on a fat man wearing a gorgeous guard suit who looked like he couldn’t be messed with!

The 90-Kilogram tall Rowen smashed from a height of five meters, and under the acceleration of gravity, his body smashed against that person’s head.


After the sound, Rowen only felt slightly dizzy and dazzled. On the other hand, that fat person started laughing like an idiot and fell on the ground with a plop as blood from his head dyed the white-cloud floor in red.

Looking at the stunned guards around him, Rowen clasped his head and looked embarrassed: “If I say that I didn’t mean to do this, would you believe it?”

“He … he killed Lord Cisko! Catch him!!!”

“Catch the Blue Sea Assassin, he will be executed by Cloud Drifting!”

Rowen knew about this “Cloud Drifting” that this White-Winged Sky Island Group Leader was talking about; it was indeed a method of death penalty unique only to Sky Island. They put a prisoner on a small island cloud, letting them drift freely in the sky without any food or water or any person around them. At an altitude of ten thousand meters, without any shore or end in sight; and finally, the person would die by either thirst or starvation. It was similar to the sea penalty that was used by the coastal countries, they used to banish pirates to the sea in the middle-ages; It was very similar to this, the prisoners there were also banished into the sea.

“No, listen to me, let me explain … F*ck, are you serious right now?!”

Rowen wanted to justify his actions but an arrow flew close to his ear made Rowen understand that the truth is no longer reasonable, and he will be dead if he stayed here!

A chase began, and with his strong physique, Rowen fled wildly.

Sky Island was barren and sparsely populated. He quickly passed through the small town and stepped into the blank cloud area, The soldiers, who were restraining themselves in fear of the stray arrows hitting someone, started pulling the strings one after another and released a volley of arrows.

Xiu! Xiu!

The ear-piercing sound created by the arrows cutting the air made Ronwn tremble with fear as he kept running in a zig-zag motion and narrowly escaped the incoming arrows.

“Hoo … hoo … no more, oxygen deficiency … tired!”

Rowen ran while panting and his eyes began to dim and every time he lifted his feet, it was as if he was running through wet sand.

The One Piece World naturally formed Sky Island at an altitude of at least 5,000 meters above sea level, and the low oxygen concentration is outrageous!

If an ordinary person suddenly came to this altitude from the sea level. Even if there is no altitude sickness, continuous running will cause symptoms such as hypoxia in the brain and dyspnea due to insufficient red blood cell oxygen transport capacity.

If Rowen hadn’t gone to Tibet in the past and had not climbed the Mt. Everest, he would have already fallen down by now; of course, his fit body also contributed towards it.

“No! There is a shrine ahead!”

“Stop him! Don’t let that Blue Sea-Dweller enter the Shrine!”

Suddenly, Rowen was awakened from a semi-coma by the shouts and cries of the soldiers behind him. He pulled himself together and opened his eyes. As he looked ahead, a God’s Shrine that looked like an altar appeared on an island cloud at the end of the path.

“Well, what is that? Human?”

Rowen chuckled. Looking through the small fence, he noticed a figure sitting on the ground with arms crossed and his head was buried between his knees as he sat in the corner of the shrine. And…

Unlike the Sky Island man who chased behind him, this man, like him, had no wings behind him!

“Finally seeing the same kind … Big brother, help me!”

Rowen cried in surprise, scaring the man as he raised his head in panic. He seemed to be asleep and was a little dazed when he opened his eyes.

But noticing the Sky Island man behind him, he jumped to his feet.

“No … Not I … I didn’t mean to …”

As he saw this, Ron suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart. Initially, he had thought about bringing trouble to others, but this guy already seemed to have caused trouble on his own. Not only that, but this person also had a friendly face, combined with his afro hairstyle, the impression he gave was not extreme…

In the next second, the soldiers growled angrily behind him.

“Enel! You Asshole, why are you here again!!!”

“Get out of the shrine! You Freak!”

“You dare to defile the shrine! Unforgivable!”

“This time we can’t spare him anymore! Put him to Cloud Drifting!”

Zī Zī Zī Zī…

Rowen put on his heel and pulled out a trail of smoke, coming to a stunning halt in front of the man.

“Wait a minute? Are you Enel?!”

The age of this man is not much different from his own. At most, he is one or two years old. His earlobes are long enough to reach his chest. He is indeed that “Sky Island God” and Enel that appeared in the original series.

It was just that, comparing the future’s rampant and imperious person who regarded human life as mere grass, this Thunder God is quite different, this cowering Enel who had tears and mucus coming out of his eyes and nose, on top of that, he had now heard the soldiers demanding the ‘Cloud Drifting’ penalty for him and cried even harder and Rowen couldn’t help but doubt if he had heard wrong.

But at this time, Rowen didn’t care about Enel’s fearful expression, his eyes flashed with light, and the corners of his mouth slowly cracked.

“This is Birka. It looks like long before the original story, Enel hasn’t got the Rumble-Rumble Fruit. In other words …”


He grabbed Enel’s long earlobe and Enel couldn’t help but let out a cry of pain, Rowen pulled him in front of him and Enel looked at him with horror and doubt.

Seeing this, Rowen smiled slightly and said: “Enel…right? Do you know any strange fruits that had appeared here?”

“Fruit … Fruit?”

A tired, but fierce beast-like expression appeared on Rowen’s face, his adrenaline was quickly secreting and his beating heart and lack of oxygen made him look red and he looked like a wicked ghost.

This kind of naked wickedness and greed was something Enel had never seen in his life before.

His teeth were as white as bone. Rowen pulled him closer, the air coming out of his mouth hitting Enel in the face. His broken alveoli made his voice filled with a bloody smell. 

His voice was shaking as he spoke: “Ah that’s right. This fruit would have a spiral thunder pattern on it and you will feel an electric shock when approaching it. It is fist-sized fruit, have you seen it?”