OPTM-Chapter 197 Bug Devil Fruits Part 2

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However, this is not the end. The real bug of the Hobi Hobi no Mi (Toy Toy Fruit) lies in the fact that… once the target becomes a toy, all related memories of them are erased from the minds of others, they are completely forgotten!

If a husband is turned into a toy, a single mother won’t feel that there’s anything wrong with raising her child alone.

If a son is turned into a toy, his parents won’t find it strange to have an extra set of chopsticks at home.

They disappear completely from the world without causing any ripples!

At the same time, the person turned into a toy retains their own consciousness, emotions, and even memories, without any changes other than becoming toy.

While others forget you, you remember yourself. The terrifying loop of memories is enough to drive most people insane!

Doflamingo, through Sugar’s ability, turned anyone who posed a threat to his rule into a toy, ensuring that Dressrosa peacefully weathered the turbulent period of regime change.

He then enslaved these almost undying toys with Sugar, threatening them that if they wanted to see their families again, they must obey his commands. They were made to manufacture weapons for him, act as laborers, and even be sold as commodities, creating incredible wealth for Dressrosa.

It can be said that without Sugar, Dressrosa would still be in turmoil. Once the hatred of the nationwide massacre was exposed, even the World Government wouldn’t be able to turn a blind eye to it.

If Doflamingo couldn’t satisfy Rowen, the things he would have to do wouldn’t be so pleasant…

Although Sugar’s ability is buggy, Devil Fruits have clear weaknesses, and the Hobi Hobi no Mi (Toy Toy Fruit) is no exception to that.

Except for Logia types like Rowen and certain Paramecia users who can completely change their physique, any Devil Fruit ability that affects external objects disappears when the user is unconscious, and the same applies to death.

Rowen is not afraid of Doflamingo because Suger is also in this category.

If Suger loses consciousness or dies completely, Doflamingo will be in deep trouble.

And this was the reason that Rowen told Kuma that this was his first gift to Dragon.

As long as Doflamingo “doesn’t die,” no matter what Kuma does, the World Government won’t allow Vegapunk to completely modify him and make him lose consciousness.

Naturally, besides the weaknesses mentioned above, Sugar’s ability actually has another weakness that may not be considered a weakness…

That is… it can’t be known to others.

Just imagine, if the whole world knew about the power of the Hobi Hobi no Mi (Toy Toy Fruit), upon seeing a talking toy, even if they couldn’t remember who it was, the first thing they would think of is the power of the Hobi Hobi no Mi (Toy Toy Fruit)!

Then they would find the Ability user and knock them out or kill them.

After all, the Hobi Hobi no Mi (Toy Toy Fruit) has almost no practical combat power. Once a living being is toyified, their strength plummets, their Devil Fruit abilities are sealed, and they become completely powerless.

Rowen, who had the advantage of having access to this piece of information, held the lifeline of the entire Donquixote Family. If their next moves were just minor disturbances then Rowen wouldn’t mind letting the country collapse completely!

At the same time, Rowen was truly looking forward to what unfavorable actions Doflamingo would take against him. Even Zephyr admitted that it was very difficult to kill Rowen now. Rowen was curious about what trump card Doflamingo had that could threaten his life.

‘Is it Kaido?’ Rowen silently thought in his heart before disagreeing with this train of thought.’No, no, no, Caesar Clown is still busy with his third phase of the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Device at the Headquarters. He doesn’t have time to produce ‘SAD’ and connect with Kaido.’

‘Is it the Underground World?’

‘It’s possible, but if I judge based on myself, given the choice between me and Doflamingo, if I were a member of the Underground World, I would naturally choose to kill Doflamingo. After all, he holds more benefits that they could plunder.’

‘So the most likely possibility… comes from the World Government?’

Rowen carefully considered each possibility and came to the conclusion that as long as it wasn’t the World Government making a move, Doflamingo had no chance of turning the tables against him.

After all, even after being stripped of his Shichibukai position, he could still continue as a king, which showed how much the World Government valued the secrets Doflamingo held.

“Or perhaps they will try to kill both of us to eliminate future troubles!” Thinking of this, Rowen’s expression became stagnant.

“I feel like I’ve been tricked by the Fleet Admiral again!”

The United Army came in full force, but they couldn’t even approach Dressrosa’s harbor and coastline. Under the combined bombardment of the Aircraft Force and the Qilin, their attempt ended in instant failure.

This was also the first time the Aircraft Force had fully unleashed its firepower in such an important location of the Allied Kingdom Member. The dominance of air superiority and overwhelming firepower exceeded Rowen’s expectations.

In just over an hour, the residents of Dressrosa went from viewing him with disdain to looking at the sky in fear. In the face of this war strategy they couldn’t comprehend, what use was it to fight desperately?

The enemy wasn’t playing fair at all.

And those pirates had a stroke of terrible luck. Whether they were pirates or part of the Rebel Army, challenging the existing order under the banner of “Freedom” had its consequences, as the saying goes:

Freedom in life!

Randomness in death!

After clearing the battlefield, there were fewer than thirty survivors on the side of the United Army, while the casualties were countless!

Surprisingly, the Marines only had three severely injured soldiers and one lightly injured soldier.

The three heavily injured soldiers were ambushed while cleaning up the battlefield, which was understandable. But the one lightly injured soldier made Lieutenant Henry, who was in charge of command at this point, crush his teacup in his hand…

One of the cannon operators who was supposed to secure the muzzle failed to lock it properly. When fired, the recoil caused the cannon to jump back, injuring him.

At this moment, several soldiers were escorting a pitifully burned green-haired girl with them. Visible burn marks covered her body, and she was on the verge of death. However, she had already lost her consciousness and seemed to be muttering something.

With tattered clothes, a delicate face, and a well-proportioned figure, she exuded a certain kind of allure.


Seeing her, Henry’s expression turned stern, and he slapped the table, leaving cracks in it.

“Assholes! What do you think you’re doing? Do you think I’m that kind of person?!”

“No… no, sir!”

The soldiers were shocked on the spot and quickly shook their heads. “Lieutenant! Her identity is highly suspicious!”

“Suspicious identity?”

Henry became even more furious. “Alright! Have you already prepared your excuses?!”

“Although I, Henry, hold a low military rank, I uphold principles and stand upright! Keep her restrained until Vice Admiral gives the order. No one is allowed to approach her without Vice Admiral’s command!”

After a pause, Henry continued, “By the way, have the ship doctor treat her injuries. Vice Admiral might not be pleased with this.”

Soldier: “…”


‘Where did this sudden urge to please the Vice Admiral come from? And this guy was shouting at us moments ago!’ The Marine Soldiers thought in their hearts.

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