OPTM-Chapter 197 Bug Devil Fruits Part 1

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Standing at a high point, Doflamingo could clearly see that the fleet, which resembled moving land, seemed to have frozen in place under the rain of light descending from the sky.

The fire took over his field of vision, and on the horizon, dazzling rays of light shone as brightly as the sun! Endless brilliance engulfed one pirate ship after another, causing turbulent waves to surge and spread in all directions on the calm sea!

From a distance, he did not sense many tremors, but he witnessed the descent of dazzling light spheres, and each pirate ship catching fire in an overwhelming blaze following that light spheres!

The strength and ferocity on which pirates relied for survival dissipated completely beneath the cold yet scorching light. It was as if an invisible giant hand had used brushes dipped in white, blue, and red paint to erase the hideous darkness of the pirate ships.

After the storm, less than one in ten ships remained floating on the sea!

And this was only the destruction caused by a concentrated barrage!

“Attack! Don’t let them escape!”

“If we can capture them, capture them. If not, kill them!”

At this moment, the Qilin sailed right into the scene, confronting the enemy with its formidable presence, becoming the final straw that broke the camel’s back. The United Army, already disoriented by the explosive bombardment, faced the fully armed Qilin Ship head-on, and it was as if a wolf had infiltrated a flock of sheep, causing them to scatter in retreat.

Naturally, before they could scatter, the Qilin’s Plasma Cannons roared in unison, delivering a merciless blow to the battered pirate ships, leaving them gasping for their last breath.



With each shot, an entire pirate ship would disintegrate completely! The Plasma Cannons effortlessly destroyed the vessels, showcasing their immense destructive power in this encounter.

The Plasma Cannons installed on the Qilin War Behemoth differed from the ones used by the Aircraft Force. The Aircraft Force primarily targeted the sea level with a limited capacity, so they focused more on the range.

On the other hand, the Plasma Cannons on the War Behemoth were primarily used for close-quarters combat. Vegapunk had developed a special material that synthesized heat-resistant adhesive slime, which stuck numerous devastating shrapnel pieces to the enemy. When they exploded, it was akin to a large-scale shotgun, scattering metal projectiles onto the enemy, inflicting even greater damage.

It was terrifying and chilling!

These Plasma Cannons showcased the beauty of war and slaughter to the fullest!

At this moment, everyone finally understood the reason behind the Qilin’s accelerated approach. If they had been a little slower, the pirates would have regrouped and scattered, and the Qilin wouldn’t have been able to catch them all.

“This weapon!!!” The expression on Doflamingo’s face contorted in disbelief and his fists unconsciously clenched.

“That weapon was created using my Goro Goro No Mi (Thunder-Thunder Fruit). How about it? The power is impressive, isn’t it?” Rowen smiled as spoke while he flicked the ashes off his cigarette, watching them drift away and disappear into the sky over Dressrosa.

The One Piece World was truly filled with advanced technology. It seemed that with Devil Fruits, nothing was impossible.

Crossing hundreds of years in terms of technological advancement and surpassing the current technology, the Plasma Cannons and Super Electromagnetic Cannons, which were impossible to create with current technology, were easily solved by studying the Lineage Factor in his blood.

“Yes… indeed! Fufufufufufu!” Doflamingo’s expression grew even darker as he forcefully replied, realizing that in just 1-2 years, this world had become somewhat incomprehensible to him.

He had always been confident in his own weapons. Due to his privilege as a Celestial Dragon, he had stolen blueprints from a Marine military factory and secretly manufactured cutting-edge weapons exclusively supplied to the Marines, considering them on par with anyone else’s.

However, the Plasma Cannons, Aircraft, and the mysterious artillery he witnessed at the G-10 Marine Branch made his once confident arsenal seem worthless. Doflamingo finally understood why the Marines had become more active in the past two years. The reason was simply that their power had completely transformed!

After a moment of silence, Doflamingo insinuated his words.

“With these weapons, the Marines’ goals are probably more than just the first half of the Grand Line, right?”

“That’s right!”

Rowen nodded, straightforwardly stating, “The war Aircraft has already begun construction at the Gorosei’s (Five Elder Stars)’ approval. It will take at most half a year to cover the G-Branchs. After that, the Four Seas and even the Marine Branches and Bases in the New World will gradually be equipped with War Aircrafts and Plasma Cannons.”

“In addition, the issue of the lack of high-end combat powers in those bases will be compensated with the Pacifistas and the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Device…”

Speaking of this, Rowen raised an eyebrow as he continued.

“I think the pirates won’t have much fun anymore… even if the Ancient Weapons don’t appear, we can end this era of pirates with a soaring military strength.”

“Roger was lucky, wasn’t he? He didn’t live in the same era as me. But you, on the other hand, are rather unfortunate…”

“You!!” Doflamingo gritted his teeth inwardly while remaining silent outward as he turned and walked toward Dressrosa’s palace, which resembled a villa resort rather than a palace.

Rowen watched him depart, taking the cigar from his mouth, his eyes gleaming with killing intent.

“So… what comes next?”

“If they continue with these petty tricks, don’t blame me for killing that little girl… and making you unable to even become a King!”

Before arriving at Dressrosa, Rowen had tasked Mozambia with gathering information, not only to uncover potential threats but for another important reason. Being able to bring him the threat of death was something Rowen considered highly anticipated and fortunate when it came to Doflamingo.

Maintaining an invincible stance made Rowen bored to death these days.

The purpose behind Mozambia’s investigation was only 1 percent for Rowen himself, while the remaining 99 percent was to confirm that Doflamingo hadn’t transferred Sugar.

Sugar, the user of the Hobi Hobi no Mi (Toy Toy Fruit) ability, was a special officer of the Donquixote Family’s Heart Army. Her existence was quite unique. Despite being just an officer, she received close protection from Trebol, one of the Four Great Household Core members.

Despite being in her twenties, her height, body shape, and appearance were fixed in her childhood age due to the side effects of her Devil Fruit, making her a miraculous legal loli… cough cough!

Naturally, her most distinctive feature was her Devil Fruit ability.

The Hobi Hobi no Mi (Toy Toy Fruit).

This Paramecia Devil Fruit, which sounds extremely low and unimpressive, is the most shameless and overpowered Devil Fruit known to Rowen, it is even more terrifying than Ain’s Modo Modo no Mi (Return-Return Fruit)!

The user of the Hobi Hobi no Mi (Toy Toy Fruit) ability can turn any living being into a toy by touching them with their hand. Even if their bodies are pierced or their heads are cut off, they can continue to move, possessing a quasi-undying ability.

However, this is not the end. The real bug of the Hobi Hobi no Mi (Toy Toy Fruit) lies in the fact that… once the target becomes a toy, all related memories of them are erased from the minds of others, they are completely forgotten!

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