OPTM-Chapter 180 Rowen Vs Doflamingo Part 1

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But that was only during the “Firing Process.” Once it was fired, the cannonball reached speeds of 5,000 meters per second, which was fifteen times the speed of sound!

Such a terrifying speed allowed the cannonball to immediately pierce the sound barrier upon leaving the barrel! The intense friction with the air generated heat and caused a powerful chain reaction of vibrations, creating a terrifying sound explosion that could be fatal to anybody!

It was just like hearing thousands of thunderstrikes stalking the ground at the same time in close proximity…

But thunder usually came from several thousand to tens of thousands of meters in the sky, posing little threat to humans near the ground. However, this was happening right at their doorstep!

Moreover, the Super Electromagnetic Cannon was not a true technological creation. It was a mystical black technology created by Caesar using the Thunder-Thunder Fruit ability!

The electric current was not completely confined within the safe equipment without wind or waves; it was externally harnessed, controlled, and guided by Rowen’s ability “Borrowed Thunder” to provide energy and propulsion for the Super Electromagnetic Cannon.

So after the firing, those high-voltage currents would naturally disperse and, due to their intensity, create a surge similar to the electric current accompanying Rowen’s attacks!

When these surges overlapped, they became extremely deadly!

Even without the cannonball hitting its target, the residual waves alone could destroy a small island!!

Dante had only seen one person, Rowen, who dared to resist these things without any protective measures.

Even Caesar, who also had a Logia ability, vomited for three days after the test firing and couldn’t keep anything down. He couldn’t even stand properly due to dizziness.

Currently, Doflamingo’s dumbfounded expression and deafened ears were proof of his monstrous physical resilience.

The only fortunate thing was that the electromagnetic surge released after the firing could be expanded outward from the center to cover the entire G-10 Branch with a scientific device. The upper limit was sufficient to accommodate the entire island.

That’s why the outer perimeter of the island was experiencing strong winds and high waves, while the interior remained calm.

Otherwise, the placement of the Super Electromagnetic Cannon would be Rowen’s biggest headache.

As the commotion settled, the soldiers stood up with dumbfounded expressions on their faces as they stared at the sky with vacant expressions.

At this moment, the sky was truly cloudless!

The cannonball, viewed from a distance, turned into a bright spot. It was as if it got frozen in the sky like a nail hammered into the heavens!

There was no existence that could withstand the destruction caused by the Super Electromagnetic Cannon. The sky couldn’t, the sea couldn’t, and the land couldn’t!

This was the power of the Super Electromagnetic Cannon, a superweapon that was so ahead of its time that it couldn’t be measured!

Zi Zi Zi!

The sound of electricity abruptly resounded and Dante slowly turned his head and said to Rowen, “You made me delay time just to charge up the Super Electromagnetic Cannon?”

“Yes, is there a problem?”

Rowen bit his cigar and looked at Dante with a strange expression on his face. If it weren’t for him, as the Thunder-Lightning Human responsible for providing power, the charging time for the Super Electromagnetic Cannon would have started at half an hour!

That would have been too late…

With a definite answer, Dante’s mouth twitched uncontrollably but he calmed himself down and shook his head before walking away.

Damn it!

Following you really is a life-or-death situation every single day!!

Rowen shrugged his shoulders and let Dante go. Then, he looked down at Doflamingo from above, exhaling a puff of smoke onto his face.


“After beating my soldiers, have you considered the consequences?”

“BakaFlamingo (Stupid Doflamingo)!”

Doflamingo towered over Rowen, standing at a height of over three meters, a full fifty centimeters taller than Rowen. To ordinary people, Rowen, who stood before him like a small giant, appeared remarkably petite.

However, with Rowen’s explosive muscular body, straight spine, sharp facial features, and shining eyes, he gave off a sense of awe, and he made people feel as if he were a towering mountain.

Despite Doflamingo being taller than Rowen, he couldn’t help but feel insignificant in comparison. Especially when Rowen casually exhaled smoke onto Doflamingo’s face, causing him to uncontrollably tremble, it was truly shocking.

This was what it meant to be truly “Superior.”

The soldiers couldn’t help but think this way for a moment.

“Oh, right, hold on…”

Ignoring Doflamingo’s gloomy expression, Rowen bit his cigar and turned to the Marines, who anxiously held their weapons, leaving a large open space for the battlefield.

He said, “Take the unconscious ones to the refuge behind the fortress. We don’t want them waking up and causing trouble later.”

Dante, who hadn’t walked far, heard this and couldn’t help but remind Rowen, “Vice Admiral Rowen… You should know his identity, right?”

He had confidence in Rowen’s strength, stemming from the height he couldn’t reach, but he didn’t believe that Rowen could stand against the World Government itself.

“I know… I’m not an idiot. I remember to keep charging the Super Electromagnetic Cannon so pay attention to it so that we won’t have another Birdcage situation later.” Rowen chuckled lightly as he spoke, and his relaxed demeanor infected Dante. Dante stared deeply at Rowen’s back, tightening his fist.

“Yes, Sir!”

With the instructions given, Rowen calmly looked at Doflamingo with a smile on his lips that the latter couldn’t read.

“I thought you would attack G-5 Branch first, or at least be prepared to move there. I didn’t expect you to directly choose G-10… Should I say you’re foolish… or arrogant, Doflamingo?”

“Rowen…” Doflamingo stood still, not making any moves. He opened his mouth, seemingly still unable to hear properly.

“Stop pretending… I think I mentioned it before. Besides those four freaks, I know you better than anyone else in this world, Doflamingo.”

Rowen chuckled lightly before he raised his hand, forming a gun shape with his fingers, with a faint current entwined around his index and middle fingers.

“The next time you repair your eardrums, don’t let the threads spread from the surface of your skin. If they’re hidden beneath the skin, you might be able to deceive me… Hmm, naturally, that will be quite painful.”

Damn it!!

In an instant, Doflamingo’s mind shook violently as the terrifying killing intent emanated from that finger.

Without much time to think, Doflamingo’s aura suddenly skyrocketed, unleashing his Haoshoku Haki with the power to influence reality, causing a large number of soldiers who were evacuating to faint on the spot. Then, with a step, he appeared in the sky.

He had to escape!!

Rowen truly wanted to kill him!!!

Even if he didn’t kill him, falling into his hands would be a fate worse than death!!

Putting himself in Rowen’s shoes, Doflamingo believed that Rowen would do the same as he would do in the opposite situation.

Rowen calmly watched as Doflamingo flew higher and higher and the look in his eyes still remained calm as he calmly spoke, “Running away in front of a Thunder-Thunder Fruit ability user. Are you really that stupid?”

Zzzt Zzzt…

Electricity intertwined on his fingers, condensing into a dazzling lightning ball. Then, Rowen made a gesture with his mouth…


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