OPTM-Chapter 179 Super Electromagnetic Cannon!

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He had already prepared his excuse that he would give to Sengoku and the World Government, claiming that Doflamingo accidentally appeared in the path of the cannonball during the test firing of the Electromagnetic Cannon at the branch, resulting in his death. It was purely a God-to-Honest accident!

After all, considering the preparation time and difficulty of aiming the Electromagnetic Cannon, it would be impossible to even hit an ordinary pirate ship if the opponent was on guard!

To hit Doflamingo with such a weapon, who could freely traverse the sky with his Devil Fruit ability, was nothing but a pipe dream. No one would believe it even if it was said that he deliberately targeted him.

To believe something like that would be an insult to their intelligence!!

And this excuse was perfect. Celestial Dragons also die at sea due to natural disasters. Everything was just an accident…

Natural disasters are easy to hide and hard to defend against.

But the outcome was different due to the appearance of Torikago (Birdcage)…

In the face of killing Doflamingo and securing his own safety in the recently established G10 branch, Rowen decisively chose the latter.

“What is that?!”

Only when the barrel shifted for a moment did the hairs on Doflamingo’s body slowly settle down. He widened his eyes in fear, staring at the slender barrel extending from the top of the fortress with surging electrical sparks swirling around it and an incredible amount of power gathering inside!

Unconsciously, cold sweat trickled from his forehead to his eyelids, causing him to blink involuntarily.

At that instant, Dante also became terrified. He gathered all his strength and shouted.


“Everyone, get down! Cover your ears!!!”

With that, he was the first to lie down on the ground and took two pieces of cotton from his pocket and plugged them into his ears.

The remaining soldiers were momentarily stunned, but when they saw the grim barrel at the top of the fortress, they had the same reaction as Dante and it was as if they had seen a ghost! Without thinking, they fell to the ground, even those who didn’t have earplugs stuffed their ears with mud.

The only two on the field who had no idea what was about to happen were Doflamingo and Drake.

“What… is going on?” Drake had this thought in his mind, but before he could speak, the next moment, a white light took over everything.


In just an instant, Doflamingo’s most powerful technique, “Torikago (Birdcage),” which he intended to use to destroy the G10 branch, turned into countless silver stars and dissipated in mid-air!

But there was no time for astonishment as a rainbow-like streak flew through the sky with unparalleled momentum, almost instantly piercing through the clouds. Its speed was amazing and awe-inspiring!

Even Doflamingo could only vaguely sense that something had flown by, but before he could track it, the other party had disappeared in the clouds.

“What is this…” Doflamingo wondered with a confused look on his face.

Suddenly, a terrifying surge of air and waves erupted out around Jaya Island!

The earth and sea let out a mournful cry, and the ground undulated as if it were soft dough, unable to stand firm. People lying on the ground were repeatedly vomiting, and those with weaker constitutions were even bleeding from their seven orifices!

In the face of this surge, tsunamis, storms, and earthquakes were nothing at all!

However, this surge of air and waves did not affect the main body of the branch. It only spread outward along the periphery of the island. The location of the G10 Branch was like the eye of a storm, with an eerie silence on it…

Feeling the darkening sky, Doflamingo turned around and realized that the outer periphery of the island was unexpectedly enveloped by hundreds of meters high curtains of waves, and countless fish and shrimp were shocked to death or stunned as they floated above the water with their white bellies.

He had been to Water 7 and had witnessed Aqua Laguna. But compared to the waves in front of him, the annual “Aqua Laguna” in Water 7 was nothing!

Aqua Laguna could be considered as water forming a curtain when poured out of a basin, but these waves were like living creatures and were madly spinning around the base! They crowded and rushed in all directions!

The next moment, Doflamingo felt a sharp pain in his brain, dizziness, and his vision blurred as if falling off a white line.

“Damn it! What the hell is going on? What is that artillery?!!”

After finally stabilizing himself on the ground, Doflamingo couldn’t help but feel a shiver run down his spine when he thought about being targeted by such a terrifying weapon.

But as soon as the words came out of his mouth, he realized that something was amiss.

“I…” Raising his hand, Doflamingo slapped himself.


The pain struck him as expected, but the sound of the slap against his face became distant and muffled, leaving Doflamingo stunned.

“How… is this possible?!!!”

The aftermath of the shockwave came and went quickly. Dante crawled up from the ground, glanced at Drake, who had passed out, then turned his head and saw Doflamingo with a dazed expression on his face with blood flowing from his ears and a strange smile crept onto Dante’s lips.

He took off his earplugs and moved his mouth as if he were saying something.

This made Doflamingo even more certain that he had gone deaf!

He wondered if it was temporary or eternal…

If he could still hear sounds, then he would understand what Dante was saying.

“These two idiots…” Anyone who dared to resist this cannon sound without covering their ears during the firing of the Super Electromagnetic Cannon must have something wrong with their heads!

That was the consensus among the Marines.

It was a lesson learned during Rowen’s practice period when the Super Electromagnetic Cannon was test-fired…

As a result, not only did the harbor collapse, but over a hundred people lost their hearing, including research personnel and defense soldiers involved in the test firing.

Sengoku was very fortunate that they were firing the cannon beneath the hard rock layer of Dock 7. If it were on the surface, the Headquarters Fortress would have needed extensive repairs!

Caesar’s experiment was halted, which was the main point of concern. The Super Electromagnetic Cannon didn’t rely on gunpowder propulsion, so the sound during the firing was indeed not loud enough to harm or kill anyone…

But that was only during the “Firing Process.” Once it was fired, the cannonball reached speeds of 5,000 meters per second, which was fifteen times the speed of sound!


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