OPTM-Chapter 18: The Desire for Survival!

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When the Recruit Dormitory Manager rushed to the scene, he saw a mess.

The walls and floors that were not very clean are now even more pitch-black, leaving burn marks everywhere. On the ceiling, the light bulbs all exploded, leaving big beach fragments on the floor. 

The bed and the quilt lit up with sparks which were gradually spreading out. The Recruits had Sloopy and Disorganized hairs, and black smoke was vomiting out of their mouth.

Regarding this, the administrator felt thoughtful and touched his chin.

“Sure enough… the wire short-circuited.”


The first words out of the administrator’s mouth made this group of people want to vomit blood…

Are you really this Blind!

Can this damage be done by Short-Circuiting Wires?!

However, he seemed to be ignorant and fisted angrily before saying, “I told them earlier that the Recruit Dormitory equipment is old and needs to be replaced. They still didn’t believe it…but they have to change it together this time.

Recruits: “…”

While the rest of the people were speechless, Rowen saw a hint of shock and fear from the Administrator’s Eyes… The Administrator knew who Rowen was and he saw that the damage here was caused by himself. For some reason, he chose to ignore it. It can be said……

His Desire to survive is quite strong!

For such a “Reasonable” Administrator, Rowen stood behind him while silently dispelling the upcoming Thunder…This is the Marine Headquarters, it is better to understand the rules first. The friction between recruits can be offset by using some excuses, but any recruit harming someone from the Marines would cause a big problem!

And he is not doing this because he is afraid of a certain Marine Hero…

Absolutely Not.

“This is such a mess, you guys clean it yourself! I’ll talk about changing the light bulb tomorrow!”

Having said that, the Administrator walked out of the room without looking back, trying to pull the door.

Kang Dang…

The wooden door screw fell off and it suddenly fell down.

The corners of his mouth twitched a few times but the Administrator did not squint as he turned and walked away… After disappearing from the door, Rowen heard the rapid footsteps of “Boom, Boom, Boom” that was quickly moving away from here.

“What a talent this guy is!”

Waiting for the Administrator who is very eager to survive, Rowen crouched down and took out the Cigarette Case from the pocket of the black man who was suspected of being Zorro and chose a cigarette with less scorch on it.


Electric Current appeared between his Index finger and thumb. Afterward, he sat on the bed and took a beautiful drag of it.

“Heh… this is so great, it’s worthy of being from the One Piece World!”

Biting the pipe, Rowen looked at the Recruit who fell on the ground and raised his eyebrows: “Dorm bullying? It’s interesting isn’t it…”

What’s amazing is that even though Rowen’s physique is different from ordinary people since he was young, he has never been a bullying member on campus. Because… he didn’t like to bully the little boys in the same grade, he preferred to bully the little bastards who blocked the school gate to collect protection fees.

After all, adults, no matter how much childish can resist beating.

So bullying in the dormitory is really new to him…

Hearing these words, the recruits who were still brave just now burst into tears and wanted to speak.


The tingling pain in their bodies did not go away and their body was not even under their control. At this time when one of them spoke and as soon as he opened his mouth and closed his lower lip, the residual lightning spread and coiled around him! As a key care object, Zorro has his tongue curled, and he can’t even speak clearly.

But his eyes were filled with unwillingness as he looked at Rowen fiercely.

After all, he is someone who has the strength of 300 Doriki. Thunder and Lightning have great lethality, but it is still not enough to beat his temper out of his body. It’s just that his body is numb now, and he has no strength to resist.

This shows that the power and reputation of Rumble-Rumble Fruit as the “Strongest Logia” which is definitely not groundless! Even if Rowen’s Doriki’s value is only One-Sixth of Zorro’s, Zorro has no Armament Haki to enhance his defenses, and the destructiveness of electricity to the human body alone is enough to make Rowen power higher!

But Rowen doesn’t like Zorro’s look very much.

So under the horrified gaze of the recruits, he opened his big hand and grabbed Zorro by his hair, and lifted him up.

Zī Zī Zī Zī…

What would you do when someone is not convinced?

Keep beating them up!

Rowen’s ideas are always simple.

An hour later, Garp came to the dormitory.

By the light of the candle, he found Rowen sitting on the bed closest to the door, with electricity flashing all over his body as blood spilled from the corner of his mouth while he did his daily self-harm exercise.

However, the rest of the guys in the Dormitory didn’t get much better. They were wrapped in bandages and cleaned the dormitory silently… from time to time, their body twitched like a malfunctioning doll.

“Uh… what happened here? Why is the gate gone?”

Hearing the sound, the recruits turned their heads in surprise.

Marine Hero, “Iron Fist” Garp?

Why did he come to the Recruit Camp?!

As a Headquarters Vice Admiral, Garp has a lofty status and a “Busy” Life. In the past, he rarely appeared in the year-end evaluation of the Recruit Camp and even the graduation evaluation decision. For a while, the recruit’s eyes were filled with shock and admiration, staring at Garp blankly.

But… this is also an opportunity!

This group of people glanced at each other and nodded!

“Vice-Admiral Garp!”

Suddenly, the recruits rushed over excitedly, wanting to expose Rowen’s atrocities to Garp!

But before that, Rowen’s current bounced like an uncontrollable body, hitting the puddle on the floor, and the blue light suddenly burst as the current surged out!

Zī Zī Zī Zī Zī Zī Zī Zī…

Noting that all the other Recruits were Breakdancing, Rowen opened his eyes and looked at them with apologetic eyes: “Sorry… I’m sorry everyone, I didn’t mean it!”

God, he didn’t mean it?

Does he really think that I am blind?!

Garp’s mouth twitched suddenly as he couldn’t help but want to punch him. He probably understands what is going on… Decades ago, he, Sengoku, and Zephyr also came here in this way. They couldn’t get along with each other in the dormitory, and they didn’t accept anyone.

He wanted to ask a few more questions, but considering the purpose of his trip, in order to get Rowen to cooperate, Garp pretended to not see anything. He looked at the Recruits and said to Rowen.

“Come, go out with me!”


A few minutes later, the two came to an open field.

This is the platform behind the Recruit Camp Dormitory, from here one can overlook the Sea, including most of the Marine Headquarters, and the scenery is magnificent.

Naturally, its existence value is not an observation deck, but a part of the evacuation channel of the dormitory area in emergency situations. 

A few steps ahead, the corner will lead to an Underground Port for evacuation… The Legendary Pirate “Golden Lion Shiki’s” attack on the Marine Headquarters has left Marines with an extremely profound lesson!

On the platform, the two stood apart by ten meters. Garp took off the white cloak to freely move his hands and feet.

“Come on, let me see your new move!”

His purpose in coming here has been to see Rowen hitting four times the Doriki value of his body. Garp wanted to see as to how he did it. Garp wanted to test it for himself.

Talent is the most unreasonable thing!

Some people can’t get out of their own shackles even after working hard for a lifetime, and can only watch others go further and further.

Garp understands this deeply.

“Hey, don’t waste my training time, Garp…”

Rowen sighed helplessly… Garp is not Shuzo, even if he has the right time and place, there is absolutely no possible way for him to win against him.

In this afternoon’s test, Rowen didn’t bother to try his best to toughen up and make a specific move and if it wasn’t for the purpose of showing his current level in an all-round way, he wouldn’t have done what he did as he didn’t want to attract this old Asshole Garp’s attention.

“Stop talking nonsense! I will let you go back after the fight!”

Garp snorted and waved his hand impatiently: “If you can’t come, I will attack first?”

“Don’t! You should stay where you are. I can’t control the direction of change…”

“Sure enough, it’s an imperfect move!”

Hearing such a response, Garp slightly narrowed his eyes.

Rowen is indeed amazingly talented and he possesses perseverance that ordinary people don’t have, but he has only obtained the Rumble-Rumble Fruit for more than a month, and the extent to which he can utilize its power is limited. 

Previously, he hadn’t performed any surprising actions on the ship, such as the attack of “228” Doriki Value. But when he came to Headquarters, he tried it out and immediately attracted Sengoku’s attention!

This made Garp couldn’t help but wonder if Rowen had deliberately shown weakness in front of him before, so as to break into Marine, gain trust, and complete some ulterior motives.

Garp is careless, not stupid!

Sometimes, he is the smartest person if the situation demands it.

And… Rowen was brought into Marine by him. He is responsible for everything Rowen does, just like he was responsible for Dragon who left a few years ago.

“If you go astray… I will pull you back!”

With firm thoughts, Garp’s muscles began to tighten as he was getting ready to meet Rowen’s powerful new moves.