OPTM-Chapter 17 Bullying

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Due to the peculiarities of Huadu West Island itself, after receiving a request for help, Sengoku ordered Garp to go there… but unexpectedly, he was taken back halfway.

“Allied Kingdom Member’s Internal Affairs doesn’t require the World Government’s help, Marines should not interfere…”

That was what Huadu West Island Fred, the Queen of Huadu West Island’s Eldest Nephew, said. After thinking about it, again and again, Garp resisted his impulse and went back the same way.

His failure was that his trail was leaked and he failed to contact the Queen first.

As long as the Queen expresses her welcome, the mission would have been guaranteed and he would not have found Rowen on his turn. Similarly, as long as someone at Huadu West Island says they are not welcome, Garp must bow to World Government regulations.

Fortunately, the appearance of “Marine Hero” is of great significance!

The opponent was scrupulous about Marine’s Iron Fist and they paused their action and chose to wait and see the current situation. But this move wouldn’t last long, and no one can tell if it would drag on in the future. 

The only chance for Marines is for the Queen’s 70th birthday which is Four Months Later, to enter Huadu West Island in a legitimate name.

Sengoku has decided to let Garp lead a team to visit there and Rowen would be following them in that ship. In addition to finding out the true face of the Baroque Work agency, this would also be a test of Rowen at the same time.

This is not a simple multiple-choice question!

How will Rowen judge the situation and some people? That result is very important to the Marines and Sengoku!

Naturally, at this moment, everything is unknown to Rowen. After the test in the afternoon, he was dead tired. Under the leadership of the Instructor, he came to the Recruit Camp dormitory where he was going to live for an unknown period of time.

“301, this one…”

Listening to the noise coming from behind the door, Rowen put his hand on the doorknob and pushed the door open.


Hearing the movement, the recruits inside suddenly stopped and looked towards the door.

This is the simplest Recruit dormitory in which one room holds ten people. The air was mixed with smelly feet, sweat, and smoke, and dirty clothes were everywhere, the room was as messy as a pigsty.

The Marine Headquarter does not have so much space for each recruit to have a separate room. If you want to live in a clean and tidy house alone, then you can only do so after giving some excellent results! At the same time, it inspires people’s hearts and encourages recruiters to train hard.

As a rookie who was able to defeat Shuzo, Rowen was qualified to apply for a separate room alone. But even after the news is announced, few recruits will be convinced of the fact that a newcomer defeated an Instructor.

In the Recruit Camp, almost every single one of the recruits are proud sons of the heavens, they are geniuses in their own right, and even they have been beaten up by Shuzo’s extraordinary test method. So they would not be going to believe that a newcomer who looked no different then they would be able to beat Instructor Shuzo!

At that time, he would receive endless challenges and he would be too busy just fending them off.

Thinking about the time he would be wasting in dealing with Challenger in the future, Rowen immediately accepted Trane’s suggestion and moved into the big dormitory instead of a single separate room. 

Anyway, it’s only more than a month before the Year-End Evaluation. When that happens, he can “Convince people with his Powers” and live in the Separate room.


Rowen ignored the others and glanced at the empty bed closest to the door, and threw his luggage on the assigned to him by the Instructor.


A hand quickly reached over from the other side of the bed and flapped the luggage away. Afterward, the recruits sneered and murmured.

“They are arranging new people here again? The Instructors are pushing it!”

“Hey, what do you think he’s going to do?”

“Naturally he will not be convinced, and then he will be beaten by Zorro!”

What Rowen didn’t know was that the Dormitory Number 301 had maintained a 9-Person Establishment for a long time, and whenever a newcomer wanted to live in, he would be bullied by Zorro. In the end, they could only cry and ran to the Instructor to rearrange the dormitory.

They have seen this done a lot and they have already become familiar with it.

Sure enough, seeing his luggage being thrown off the bed, Rowen raised his head and asked blankly, “What do you think you are doing?”

“It’s started!”

“Quick! Put your money on the guy, let’s gamble!”

The rest of the people suddenly became lively and began to gamble excitedly. For them, this is a boring training life and this is one of the only joys left to them.

A person was lying on the inside of the empty bed. He didn’t wear a Marine uniform. He was only wearing a white T-shirt. He had dark skin and he looked 20 years old. Hearing the question, the man raised his cigarette butt without raising his head and replied insincerely.

“Sorry, this is my ashtray, little brother, can you change the position…”

There are already 9 people living in this dormitory. The so-called change of location is outside of this dormitory. Rowen turned his head quietly as he looked at the others…

“What are you looking at?! Want to fight?”

“There is no place for you here, get out!”

“Yes! Get out!”

Since Rowen defeated Shuzo in less than a few hours, this group of recruits had no way of knowing about that incident, so they relied on their predecessor’s strength to make noise, wanting to see Rowen at a loss.

But to their disappointment, the expression on Rowen’s face didn’t change throughout the whole process, and they couldn’t enjoy the panic they were expecting on Rowen’s face. Not to talk about being at a loss, they can’t even see the slightest tension on his face!

After making a noise for a while, the rest of the people gradually realized that something was wrong, and they slowly stopped.

What’s with this situation?

Is this person inherently lacking in emotion?

Someone was about to speak but Rowen took the lead.

“Hoo! Trouble…”

He sighed as he looked back at the Recruiter named Zorro and said lightly: “I will give you three seconds, apologize, and then get out.”


The group of recruits looked at Rowen in shock, unable to believe their ears.

Is this guy a fool?

That’s Zorro, one of the Hundred Strong Recruits in the Recruit Camp!

His Doriki Value is up to 300!

How dare you make him apologize to you?!

Immediately, the group of people bursts into laughter.

“Unbelievable! Zorro, someone told you to apologize and get out!”

“Hahahaha, this is so funny! This is really the most interesting thing that happened this year!”

“Who is going to call a doctor? This guy would die otherwise!”

Not to mention them, even the guy named Zorro himself was shocked. He stood up and looked at Rowen suspiciously: “I called you little brother and you still dared to speak to me like this?! Don’t you know who I am…”

“Time is up!”

Before he could finish speaking, Rowen interrupted him brutally. The contempt of the three words “Time is up” made Zorro extremely angry. He clenched his fists and sneered: “It seems that you won’t be behaving honestly if I don’t teach you a lesson!”

“Beat him, Zorro! I gamble 500 Belly on you!”

“Come on little brother! I support you!”

“Hahaha! You are going to lose everything and you are still betting?”

This is an unequal fight, at least in the eyes of recruits. Coincidentally, in Rowen’s eyes, the same is also true.

“Teach me something? Are you sure?”

Zī Zī Zī Zī!

The blue thunder and lightning python spread all over his body, slowly coiling around, poking out his head from Rowen’s shoulder, and staring at the others ferociously. The air was filled with the smell of ozone, and the tingling sensation brought by the dazzling thunder close at hand made the recruits feel like someone was pinching their throats, their voice stopped abruptly as they stared at Rowen.

Zorro, who had just got out of bed, looked at him in shock, and his mouth trembled: “Wha…Logia Devil Fruit?!”

“Nonsense! Aren’t I using your love for me to generate electricity?”

With a cold snort, Rowen raised his right foot and stomped it down! Under the horrified gaze of the recruits, the Thunder Python rushed into the ground and turned into countless thick-armed snakes, spreading in all directions.

Thunder Python·Earth Walk!

Zī Zī Zī Zī Zī Zī Zī Zī!!!

For a time, the dormitory No. 301 and its surrounding dormitories were filled with blue light!