OPTM-Chapter 175 Purpose

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Angel Island, Port Fair.

This was an aircraft port constructed by the Marines after establishing official trade relations with Angel Island. Cricket was responsible for the security of this area, and he was the only one willing to risk his life, shuttling between the sky and the sea every day.

“Wyper, are you okay?”

Standing on the white sandy beach of the sky island, Cricket saw that Wyper was burdened with thoughts and couldn’t help but ask in a low voice.

Both of them were descendants of “Boasting King” Mont Blanc Noland and “Great Warrior” Kalgara, and their relationship had been good since they first met. Ever since Wyper returned after meeting Rowen, his expression had been heavy, which worried Cricket.

The concern from his friend made Wyper force a smile and say, “I’m fine. I just need some time to think.”

“Yeah, you should really think it through…”

Cricket sighed and smiled wryly when he heard this. He, as an outsider, had no place to intervene in the matters between Shandians and Skypieans. But he couldn’t help but remind Wyper, “Let the past be the past, Wyper. Gan Fall is willing to make efforts for peace now. Give him a chance and give yourself and your people a choice.”

Shandians were strong compared to Skypieans initially, but due to fighting away from home without logistical support, they faced continuous defeats and were driven out of Upper Yard.

Over the next four hundred years, warriors were born and died one after another, and the resource-poor Shandians had long lost their former strength. With a population of less than two hundred, the entire tribe wouldn’t last much longer.

Gan Fall could have continued to suppress the Shandians and let them naturally perish, claiming sole possession of Upper Yard… but he didn’t.

Instead, he took the risk of going to the sea, establishing contact with the Marines, and seeking peaceful coexistence with them.

On this point, Cricket couldn’t help but admire the old man.


At that moment, a little girl ran over and hugged Wyper’s leg.

“Raki Nee San is calling you back. Many uncles are bleeding. Did you go out to fight?”

Four-year-old Aisa blinked her big eyes and looked up at Wyper with a lively expression on her face.

“Oh yeah, Wyper, did you bring cotton candy? The kind that old grandma gave me! You promised to bring me something delicious when you came back!”

With scarce resources in Shandia, they could only rely on fishing for a living. When Tsuru from Skypiea landed on Angel Island and met the Shandians, a piece of cotton candy captured Aisa’s eyes, surpassing countless delicacies in her eyes.


Wyper was momentarily speechless but after a moment, he smiled bitterly and said to Cricket, “Yeah, even if I have to face death, I want to give my people a chance.”

“No matter what decision you make, I’ll support you!”

Cricket smiled meaningfully and patted Wyper’s shoulder.

“Uh-oh, Advisor Cricket! Someone is flying in the sky!”

Suddenly, a cry interrupted their conversation and Cricket frowned when he heard this. Although this was a Sky Island, the “Angels” were the only ones who could fly. The only person he knew who could fly was Rowen.

But seeing the soldiers in such panic, it was evident that the person approaching wasn’t a familiar face.

“Hehehe, this is an exquisite sight, just like a trace of beauty in the sky island!”

An icy and wicked laughter echoed in the high sky as a figure wearing a pink feather coat, with small sunglasses and a bare chest, stood silently in the air.

Donquixote Doflamingo had arrived at Sky Island!!!

Jaya Island has an incredibly important Black Market on the fourth route of the Grand Line. Various factions are also involved in this Black Market, and the hidden powers behind them are astonishing!

When news broke that the Marines were planning to establish a G-10 Marine Branch there, numerous factions became nervous and sent scouts to gather information, eager to know the Marines’ intentions.

When they learned that the new branch was intended for trade with Skypiea Island, the legendary treasure called Gold City drove them crazy!

As a result, the assassination of Mozambia was carried out by the fifth and seventh Hitman in collaboration.

However, a single massacre by Rowen revealed the determination of the Marines to establish the Marine Branch, forcing them to retreat… Since the Marines were so strong-willed, did this group of shady individuals really want to engage in a full-scale war with them?

That would be suicidal!

Over the past year, the Marine’s influence has skyrocketed, and they are not the only ones aware of it. Various factions in the sea are well aware of this too!

Fortunately, the Five Elder Stars classified the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Device as an important research project on par with the Pacifista, preventing anyone with ill intentions from peering into it.

Initially, Doflamingo had the same idea: Shutting down the Jaya Island Black Market with a hefty bribe. The difference between the first half and second half of the Grand Line is like night and day, and controlling the underground market of the New World has great value, as it means that he could extend his dominance over the entire first half.

However, a few months ago, Rowen’s threat made Doflamingo furious.

It was impossible to deliver various shipments of guns and other weapons in ten days to Jaya Island!

He had been waiting for Rowen’s retaliation, but there had been no sign of it.

Just as he was contemplating whether Rowen had backed down and didn’t want to escalate the situation, the news suddenly arrived that Vergo, who had infiltrated the Marines, had been exposed and was now detained in the Impel Down.

For Doflamingo, Trebol, Pica, Diamante, and Vergo were different. They were not just subordinates and he considered them as his family. They had saved the young Doffi, given him the String-String Fruit, and regarded him as their leader.

They had assisted him in seizing Dressrosa, accompanying him step by step on his journey to becoming the world-famous pirate.

It can be said that without them, Doflamingo would not be where he is today.

However, such an important family member was now locked up in the Impel Down.

Vergo chose not to admit his relationship with Doflamingo, for he knew that once he did, the Marines would have a reason to strip Doflamingo of his Shichibukai title, which would be a disaster for the entire Donquixote Pirates!

This would not be a deceptive announcement in collusion with the World Government like in the original, but a genuine revocation of his Shichibukai status!

Thinking about the darkness within the Impel Down Prison and the pain suffered by one of the members of his family, Doflamingo’s anger burned.

So he came, and he was prepared to make some big news…

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