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The transformation of a Zoan Devil Fruit user involves reshaping their existing body into a new form. So the question arises, how can they ensure their combat effectiveness when transforming from a human into an animal?

For a human accustomed to using their hands and feet, fully “Beastifying” oneself requires a considerable amount of time to adapt to the new limbs. And to fully unleash the abilities of the beastly physique, extensive exploration of the Devil Fruit ability and training is necessary.

This process involves the issue of talent.

Drake is indeed a genius, as evidenced by his top ranking among recruits in the same class.

By retaining his human intelligence, he gradually developed a set of military techniques that complement his powerful Allosaurus body, which somewhat resembled Lirisk’s use of Soru in his lizard form.

This is a combination of “Beastly Nature” and “Rationality,” giving birth to a completely new instinct!

The Allosaurus Military Skill · Limit’s Berserk Charge combines the power techniques of Rokushiki’s Soru with the robust hind limbs of the Allosaurus. It not only provides Drake with an astonishing speed but also the strong and slender tail makes it easier to control direction, rendering it unstoppable!0

Dante felt as if he had been struck by a massive 10,000-ton hammer and he instantly lost consciousness for a moment and his arm’s strength.


He spat out a large pool of blood while flying through the air like a cannonball, accompanied by a fierce whistling sound, and crashed into a port warehouse.

“Although Zoan Devil Fruits are considered the weakest of Devil Fruits, even if someone obtains one, they may choose not to consume it… However, their augmentation of physical abilities is truly terrifying, it is far beyond what other Devil Fruits can compare to…”

Inside the office, Rowen leisurely brewed himself a cup of tea and leaned back in his chair as he surveyed the battlefield.

“If this is the extent of your abilities, Dante, then you will surely lose.”

While Busoshoku Haki provided Dante with powerful offensive capabilities, he fell short of Drake in terms of explosive power, endurance, and defensive strength. Not to mention that Drake’s attributes nearly doubled after fully Beastifying himself!

He had reached a level where he could thoroughly overwhelm Dante!

As the saying goes, one who is ten times stronger than his opponent will always prevail and win the fight. No matter how formidable the Moonlike Streamsword technique is, Dante cannot turn the tables under such a vast disparity between their strength.

Rowen believed that Dante himself was well aware of this.

“So, do you have any chance of surpassing him?”

Huā Lā La!

As if in response to Rowen, the warehouse suddenly exploded, sending wood chips flying everywhere as a figure emerged from within.

“Cough cough… Ugh!”

Dante was in a pitiful state at this moment with a large depression in his chest and shattered ribs piercing his lungs. Every breath he took was agonizing.

Meanwhile, his left hand was loosely hanging at his side, clearly dislocated. His body was covered in large patches of bruises, with blood flowing profusely. His eyes, swollen and mismatched in size, presented a comical appearance.

But… they were still shining brightly!


“You have mastered Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki)!”

As soon as the words were spoken, Dante charged forward. His sword had fallen some distance away, and he intended to retrieve it first.

“No way!”

Drake was astonished that Dante, despite suffering such heavy injuries, was able to stand up. He momentarily neglected his surroundings and was taken off guard, allowing Dante to seize the initiative and rush towards his destination.

Even though Drake had the advantage in all aspects over Dante, Dante managed to reach the location of his dropped sword before him.

“Hey! Die!” But as expected, just as Dante was five meters away from his sword, Drake had already arrived at that location after getting out of a surprised state. He opened his blood-filled jaws, filled with sharp teeth, and lunged at Dante with the intent to bite him. Others had no doubt that if caught in those jaws, Dante would be torn apart!

“Lieutenant Commander Dante!”

“Lieutenant Commander!”

The soldiers became restless and anxious as they watched the battlefield, seeing Dante on the verge of being buried there!

Drake’s eyes flashed with a trace of bloodthirsty killing intent as his jaw muscles ruthlessly contracted, causing his massive mouth to close with a “thud”!

Kā cā!


Suddenly, Drake was taken aback because he realized that he hadn’t bitten anything in his mouth. Just a second before being bitten to death, Dante, with the agility of an antelope dodging a horn, cleverly evaded the attack.

Meanwhile, taking advantage of this opportunity, Dante swiftly slid forward, passing through Drake’s crotch, and was about to reach for his sword.

Drake had already experienced the power of the Moonlike Streamsword technique once and naturally did not want Dante to retrieve his weapon. After a moment of stunned hesitation, a fierce gleam flashed in his eyes. His powerful tail suddenly exerted force and swung fiercely toward Dante.

However, at that moment, as if predicting the move, Dante hammered the ground with his remaining right hand and raised his body.

Swoosh… Crack!

The immense and robust tail created a sharp sonic boom as it passed through the air, showcasing its incredible strength!

But it didn’t hit Dante. No matter how powerful it was, it was meaningless if it didn’t hit the target!

“How is this possible?!”

Drake’s combination of attacks was swift and fierce, taking advantage of his size to cover a massive area, leaving no room for any gaps.

However, Dante managed to dodge them one after another. It seemed as if… as if he was an actor, performing in sync with the lead, Dante. It was as if he were a puppet, and Dante was the puppeteer.

“Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki)!”

To be able to predict danger and accomplish such feats, only someone who had awakened their Kenbunshoku Haki could achieve that!

Why did he suddenly succeed in using it when he hadn’t mastered it before?!

Drake was shocked, and suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his tail, causing him to cry out in agony. When he turned his head, Dante had already created some distance between them and had his sword pointed at Drake.

Despite his disheveled appearance, the expression on Dante’s face was filled with indifference, and his calm eyes were as still as calm lake water. But within those eyes, a gleam of light shone brightly, like the moon’s reflection in the night sky, dazzling and captivating!

“So… the second round begins!”

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