OPTM-Chapter 169 Revolt Part 1

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G-10 Fortress, Base Head’s office.

“At present, the branch has 5,600 deployable soldiers, including 700 from the Aircraft Force, 1,100 from the aircraft transport unit, and 2,500 Corporals… As for the number of battleships, artillery, and Plasma Cannons…”

In this office dominated by a Blue-themed atmosphere reminiscent of the sea and the sky, Dante, accompanied by various Senior Officers, sits respectfully as he reports the branch’s data to Rowen, who is seated behind the desk. After providing the basic information, Dante glances at Cricket and continues.

“In addition, there is 120 personnel sent by Angel Island for assistance, including 20 God’s Officers and 100 attendants. They are temporarily housed in the dormitories built at the rear of the fortress.”

Due to the absence of Enel’s invasion, the number of God’s Officers in Angel Island remains the same, not exceeding 100. In light of this, Gan Fall has sent out 20 of them, indicating the importance attached to this matter.

It should be noted that the God’s Officers of Angel Island not only need to be proficient in using various Dials for the “Sky Warfare” technique but also must meet certain physical fitness standards.

The individual strength of a single God’s Officer is by no means weaker than that of a Marine Lieutenant Commander.

“Well, if they have no objections, let them stay there temporarily… We can communicate with each other if any issues arise.”

Rowen nods slowly as he flips through the documents in his hand, confirms their accuracy, and sets them down.

“At present, the base has only two missions!”

“The first one is defense!”

“Daily patrols and night duty must not be neglected. The G-10 Branch has just been established and has a long way to go. I don’t seek any extraordinary achievements out of my soldiers, but I would demand that we make no mistakes. Understood?!”

Rowen slightly emphasizes his tone, exuding an imposing aura and the group of officers stands solemnly, saluting in unison.


“Very well! I’ll personally assign the second mission to you, Dante.”

“Although the Aircraft Force has powerful firepower and sufficient personnel, they lack practical combat experience, and their coordination in various aspects is slow and awkward. I’m giving you three months to take them out to the surrounding seas and thoroughly hone this force into a sharp blade for me!”

This deployment doesn’t come as a surprise to others. Rowen, as the strongest combat force and highest-ranking Senior Officer of the branch, also holds the position of Aircraft Force Commander.

The vast G-10 Branch requires his presence, and he cannot accompany every operation. Therefore, it is imperative to assign a trustworthy individual who possesses both command abilities and strength.

Most of the officers in the G-10 Branch were part of the original group that sailed with Rowen to their initial operation in Pucci.

Although Dante is young, he has already proven his capabilities and shares the same tenure as Rowen in the Marines. It is only natural for the command authority to be entrusted to him.

Upon hearing this, Dante takes a step forward and stands at attention, saluting.

“Yes! I guarantee the completion of the mission!”

“Very well. That’s all then. Dismissed!”

After assigning the missions, Dante and the others quickly leave to carry out Rowen’s instructions. Rowen takes out a cigar, lights it, and takes a puff.

At that moment, his gaze falls on the silent figure of the “black” young man standing by the door and he says calmly, “So, what brings you here? ‘Berserker’ Wyper…”

Since a giant Knock Up Stream split the Jaya island into two parts four hundred years ago, and the “City of Gold” Shandora rose high in the sky, the successive guardians of Shandora, known as Shandians, lost contact with the Blue Sea.

As Shandora arrived on a massive “Vearth” alongside a floating island, Skypiea which was occupied by the Skypians, considered it a gift from God.

Skypieans forcefully expelled the Shandians and claimed the land as their own, calling it “Skypiea Upper Yard.”

Since then, the Shandians and Skypiea engaged in a four-hundred-year-long struggle over Skypiea Upper Yard, whose story would be enough to compose an epic and moving poem filled with great momentum and passion!

Although in Rowen’s eyes, it was just two village chiefs leading their villagers in a brawl…

How many people live on Angel Island?

And how many Shandians are there?

It would be difficult for any nation to acknowledge them as a complete country even if they combined their forces not to mention them being separate and waging war against each other.

Now, with the appearance of the Marines, Skypiea and the Shandians have temporarily ceased their hostilities and instead gaze at the Blue Sea they have never paid much attention to, with cautious and interested eyes.

So, Log Pose is necessary for navigation in the Blue Sea!

So many pirates and Marines exist in the world!

And there’s even a World Government!

Many things that are considered common knowledge for the Blue Sea dwellers are basic knowledge that surprises and excites both sides. They can’t wait to learn from the Blue Sea dwellers and explore the wider world.

However, the sea is dangerous, and filled with criminals, and safety cannot be guaranteed so Gan Fall is reluctant to allow ordinary residents to venture into the Blue Sea.

But the Shandians are different. They are not under Gan Fall’s jurisdiction. After the establishment of the G-10 branch, “Berserker” Wyper, together with Cricket, set foot on this land that their ancestors once lived on after four hundred years.

Their purpose is…

“Do you want the Marines to make Gan Fall return Skypiea Upper Yard to you?” Rowen’s smoking motion slightly paused as he looked at Wyper with a complex gaze.

If Wyper were a bit more knowledgeable, he would recognize that as a skeptical look.

Hearing Rowen’s counter-question, Wyper tightened the rocket launcher on his back and spoke seriously, “Yes! Skypiea Upper Yard is the glorious land guarded by our ancestors for generations. Skypiea has occupied it for 400 years, so we request the Marines to ensure justice for us!”

Wyper at this moment is not the foolish warrior from the floating island. At first, he indeed wanted to forcefully pressure the Marines to leave Skypiea and reclaim Skypiea Upper Yard, which nearly scared Cricket to death!

Not to mention that Shandians are not even Allied Kingdom Members of the World Government. Even if they were, initiating an attack on the Marines would lead to a devastating war!

The Marines are the face of the World Government, and denying them respect means denying the World Government respect. Moreover, if you dare attack the Marines today, who can guarantee that you won’t attack the World Government tomorrow?

How is that any different from being a pirate?

After much persuasion, Wyper finally abandoned his preparations to retake Skypiea Upper Yard by force.

However, he remained confident because he believed that the gap between himself and Gan Fall, the current ruler of Angel Island, was not significant.

Defeating him was not an unrealistic idea; it’s just that the Shandians lacked superior weapons, which hindered them from engaging in large-scale warfare.

So, a month ago, he led a group of elite Shandians warriors to the G-10 Branch and made their request known to Dante, who was temporarily in charge of the base.


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