OPTM-Chapter 167 Aircraft Force And Test Part 2

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In the direction of the clouds, aboard the flagship of the Aircraft Force, a researcher in a white coat entered the control room after delivering a report and approached Rowen.

“Vice Admiral Rowen! The stratospheric flight test has been completed, and we can initiate descent now!”

At this moment, Rowen was standing behind the windscreen, calmly gazing at the cloud sea surging forward with great momentum.


He nodded and then addressed the rest of the control room, saying, “Inform everyone to prepare. We will begin descent in three minutes and lower our altitude to 5,000 meters. Once we reach the designated altitude, the maintenance team will immediately conduct inspections and the medical team will be on standby!”


The soldiers immediately complied, and someone picked up a Den Den Mushi to announce Rowen’s command.

Seeing this, the researchers quickly ran to find an empty spot and put on oxygen masks.

The internal oxygen circulation system of the aircraft, composed of Sky Dials and Blowing Dials, among other Sky Island Dials, ensured that they didn’t have to worry about oxygen shortage even at stratospheric altitudes.

However, the effects of changes in altitude were not limited to oxygen concentration.

Descending from 18,000 meters to 5,000 meters was a dangerous task for even these soldiers, and for someone as weak and sickly as these researchers, they couldn’t endure the hardships like the elite soldiers who had been selected through rigorous training with electrically stimulating devices.

“Attention, all fleet units, prepare for the descent to 5,000 meters!”

“Attention, all fleet units, prepare for the descent to 5,000 meters!”

“Attention, all fleet units, prepare for the descent to 5,000 meters!”

The command was repeated three times in succession. A few minutes later, the leading aircraft tilted forward and slowly sank into the sea of clouds. The other aircraft followed suit, resembling a group of dolphins gracefully cutting through the sea.

The rolling clouds resembled stirred water, creating a magnificent and awe-inspiring scene.

“Altitude… 17,000 meters, 16,000 meters… 10,000 meters… 8,000 meters, 7,000 meters, 6,000 meters…”

“5,000 meters! Maintain parallel course after reaching the designated altitude!”

“5,000 meters! Maintain parallel course after reaching the designated altitude!”

“5,000 meters! Maintain parallel course after reaching the designated altitude!”

Buzz!… Creak…!!

During the descent, rhythmic mechanical vibrations reverberated through the aircraft, and it looked as if their vital means of transportation were on the verge of collapse.

It wasn’t until the altitude reached 8,000 meters and the speed began to stabilize that the tremors gradually subsided.

When they finally reached 5,000 meters, the soldiers in the control room collectively breathed a sigh of relief, slumping into their seats one by one.

No one could guarantee that the aircraft wouldn’t disintegrate in the stratosphere without experiencing it firsthand.

The joy of surviving and the unexpectedly stable condition of the aircraft relieved their tense nerves, causing their muscles to relax, and they sat on the floor or on their seats like a bunch of lifeless fish.

“Pathetic! How the hell did you all pass the psychological tests?!”

Knowing something and showing it were two different things, and their performance didn’t look good.

Rowen glared at them and then picked up his barely-holding-together white coat before walking out of the control room.

Inside the control room, silence filled the air.

Oye (Hey), Oye (hey)!

You might not be afraid of heights because you can fly, but we can’t!

However, no one dared to complain to Rowen. As he had said, they were selected for the Aircraft Force after passing psychological tests. The current scene was indeed somewhat unseemly…

After a while, the soldiers who had caught their breaths wryly picked up the Den Den Mushi to notify everyone to conduct inspections and report any issues immediately.

The maintenance personnel immediately set off to inspect and ensure the aircraft’s condition.

Inside the aircraft, they held the highest status, second only to Vice Admiral Rowen!

After all, at an altitude of ten thousand meters, the only thing they could rely on was the aircraft. They could tolerate insufficient food, clothing, and even the absence of doctors, but they must have a complete team of mechanics!

An exceptional mechanic could even enjoy the same exquisite food as Rowen, not because of the privileges that came with his rank, but because it was a genuine tribute from the soldiers!

Returning to his office, the white-coated researcher took a few deep breaths, suppressing the urge to vomit, and began his report. He knew Rowen wasn’t one for reading or listening to excessive data, so he directly reported the results.

“The results of the stratospheric flight test at 18,000 meters are not optimistic. The pressure changes have caused multiple abnormalities in the aircraft’s structure that require repairs. Additionally, the failure rate of the Plasma Cannon has increased by 3 percentage points. However, there are no issues with tropospheric flight; all the data is within the expected range. Therefore, the current designated safe altitude remains at 5,000 meters, with a limit of 13,000 meters.”

“Understood. Is there anything else that hasn’t been tested?” Rowen asked as he lit a cigar and exhaled smoke into the air.

The soldiers who had accompanied Rowen on previous sea voyages now found themselves in a dire situation. The aircraft not only discontinued the weekly supply of alcohol but also banned smoking altogether.

The safety of the aircraft was of paramount importance, as even a tiny spark could ignite a fire and result in the loss of the entire aircraft and its crew.

The only place where smoking was allowed was Rowen’s office, which was more like a small iron box than an office.

Unless the iron box melted completely, whatever happened inside had no effect on the outside.

And here comes the most important question…

Who would dare to enter Rowen’s office without permission?

And for the sake of smoking?

It’s not easy to die in an aircraft… if someone wanted to die, they could simply jump off, no need to torture oneself.

“Currently, only the firepower limit test remains. We have cross-checked the data for the Plasma Cannon, and we have conducted several test firings. However, the actual impact on the aircraft’s subsequent operations needs to be accumulated and verified over time. We will gradually improve it through actual combat scenarios; there’s no need to force it…”

The white-coated researcher quickly responded.

Yes, testing!

This Aircraft Force was not given to Rowen for trade with Sky Islands; its primary mission was to coordinate with the G-10 Branch for real combat operations and patrol the sea.

Cricket, the safety advisor, was in charge of a fleet of modified transport aircraft with increased cargo capacity, which served as the main force for transporting supplies. This Aircraft Force was tasked with conducting various tests, collecting data, and laying the foundation for future improvements.

“I understand. Notify the aviation group to proceed to the G-10 Branch at full speed.”


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