OPTM-Chapter 16 Tremor Part 1

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“Nani(What)? You are telling me that Rowen defeated Shuzo in the Test Field?!”

In Fleet Admiral’s office, Sengoku slapped the table with his hand and stood up while glaringly at him: “Do you know what happens when you lie about Military Affairs?!”

“I know, Fleet Admiral. But…”

The Messanger was about to cry: “That is indeed what had happened!”

Everyone in the Marine Headquarters knows that it is next to impossible for a New Recruit to defeat the Headquarters Commodore Shuzo, he is one of the real powerful figures in the Marine Headquarter and he is also in charge of New Recruit training! 

The Person standing in front of Sengoku is a member of the recruit camp, the messenger has been trained under Shuzo and he knows how terrible of a Monster Shuzo is and before today, the messenger would have never imagined Shuzo getting defeated by any New Recruit!

However, that had happened.

Other Recruitment Camp Instructors, Trane and Admiral Kizaru had also recognized this result at the same time. Commodore Shuzo is still in the infirmary attached to a portable Oxygen cylinder. After the news was submitted, he repeatedly determined that it was not a hallucination, and rushed in to report with a panic-filled expression.

“How, how did he do it?! Give me the report!”

Sengoku took a deep breath and he took the report from the Messanger and waved his hand towards him. Before returning to his position, Sengoku keenly identified an extremely strong Killing Intent and then turned his head back.


The corners of his mouth twitched silently. Sengoku silently looked at a strong old man with thick purple hair wearing sunglasses in the seat opposite to his. The black energy behind him was visible to the naked eye, and he looked like a ghost. After thinking for three seconds, he decided not to ask about it and silently moved towards his own seat.

Back in his seat, Sengoku hands out the information: “Nice timing, I was just about to call you and others here for a meeting… Take a look at this information and give me your honest opinion.”

At the end of his speech, Sengoku distributed the report and he also looked at it while some other important people began to gather inside the Office and they also began to look at the report.

The First Report is that of a simple Physical Fitness Test.

[Maximum Strength of a Single-Arm: 400 Jin (200KG)]

Just barely qualifiable, and he is even a little below the mark.

Sengoku frowned slightly before giving the report his evaluation, and then looked at the next report.

[100 Meters Distance Speed: 8.5 Seconds]

Same evaluation!

[5000 Meters Load-Bearing Run: 19 minutes]

The evaluation continues to be the same!

[Attack Strength: 60 Doriki]


Just looking at these items, Sengoku only feels that the news of Shuzo’s defeat is nothing more than a joke! How can such a person defeat Shuzo, the difference between the two sides are almost similar to the difference between the sky and the ground!

Commodore Shuzo’s Doriki value is close to 4000, and he can easily defeat a Sea King weighing about 100 Tons with his powers.

His speed in 100 Meters Distance is less than 3 seconds, and he is even an Rokushiki user which makes him even faster than that and he is the master the Two-Color Haki(Observation and Armament), with rich combat experience, he can be called Marine Recruit Camp Strongest Instructor, second only to Zephyr!

He is s Combat experienced man who shouldn’t have lost to a New Recruit!

Rowen’s Physical Fitness Test Data shows that he is only stronger than an ordinary person, his strength converted into Doriki value has only amounted to 50, it is impossible for him to defeat Shuzo in a head-on fight!

The people in charge of statistics also gave a positive score…

Comprehensive Evaluation: 50 Doriki——Pass The Examination】

The Headquarters Recruit Camp only accepts geniuses and strong men. Soldiers with a less than 10 Doriki value are not eligible to enter the Headquarters Recruit Camp for training and they would only become normal Marine Soldiers. 

After graduation, the “Green Cloud Shortcut” started by Lieutenant Commander has even strict requirements for Headquarters Recruit Camp!

However, the following data from the Devil Fruit Ability test surprised Sengoku a bit.

[Thunder and lightning attack intensity: 228 Doriki]

[Thunder and lightning 100 Meter Run: 2.5 seconds]

[Practical Combat Test: Full Marks]

[Comprehensive Evaluation: 80/100! 】

“Doriki Value” is a special term set by the World Government to reflect a person’s combat effectiveness, but it cannot completely determine a person’s strength. After all, there are too many things that affect the outcome of actual combat and the Doriki Value can only be used as a reference.

Since this is a rule set by the World Government, Their Espionage Agencies which are otherwise known as “Cipher Pol” and Marine Headquarters are all using it, so Sengoku knows very well what Rowen’s attack of “228” Doriki means with 50 Doriki’s Physical Fitness!

This is a metamorphosis in which the person is performing Four and a Half times more than his own strength!!

Because the Doriki Value represents combat effectiveness, a well-trained Marine Soldier has a Doriki Value of 10, so the maximum attack he can attack with is also 10. 

So logically speaking, Rowen’s normal attack Doriki value is only around 50. The previous ability to attack with a Value of 60 Doriki is already enough proof that he has exceeded the limit of his own body!

In their hearts, they know that Rowen had just obtained the Rumble-Rumble Fruit for a month. In terms of Devil Fruit ability, Rowen should have been able to hit a 50-100 Doriki Attack. They didn’t expect…

228 Doriki!

This is Four times his own strength!

This report had just refreshed their knowledge and awareness!

Thunder is indeed powerful, but such an extraordinary value is not something that could be produced by anyone with a Devil Fruit!

This is a Genius!

He has a terrifying talent for the Rumble-Rumble Fruit!

Seeing this number, the people sitting in the office were shocked for a while, and they were also amazed.

“This is amazing! Sakazuki was a few years older than Rowen when we recruited him… His first test revealed about 240 Doriki, right? And this guy also produced such results…”

“Yes, I still remember Borsalino’s Doriki Score was 270, and Kuzan was only 200.”

The current three Admirals are all Logia Ability Users, and they all came out of the Recruit Camp, and it is inevitable that they will be compared with each other.

Although Kuzan’s Ice Devil Fruit was not lethal at the beginning, he still scored “200 Doriki Value” which was three times higher than his Physical Doriki Score, but Rowen is too young at the time of his first test and he still scored a value of four times higher than his Physical Doriki Value! This is incredible!

While the rest of the people expressed their shock, the expression on Garp’s face was unpredictable.

“No, this is not right! What with this situation?… That little brat trained his body all the time so how can he still have such a high degree of Devil Fruit Development?”

On their way back to the Marine Headquarter, Garp knew exactly what Rowen was doing all day long. He couldn’t figure out how Rowen managed to hit such amazing numbers.

“Could it be that… he practiced behind my back?!”

That Asshole!

Garp felt that he had finally discovered the ‘Truth’ and his teeth tickled with hatred.

“I’ll ask him about that later!”