OPTM-Chapter 15 Too Much

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Inside the dark Underground passage, the air was so hot that it was hard to see. The lightning in Rowen’s hand is the only light source here so that the two can look at each other.

Looking left and right, Shuzo was unable to spot the ambush and frowned before saying, “What do you want to do?”

“Commodore Shuzo… right?”

Rowen leaned his hands against the metal wall, turning between the light and electricity, and leaned down to gasp for breath: “You can’t catch me for a while. How about this test?”

The chase just now had made Rowen tired and at this time, he increased his strength and almost hollowed it out.

“You pass … Is that what you mean?”

Shuzo was stunned for a moment and then he immediately understood his own words.

Indeed, he nearly forgot that it was a targeted test. He didn’t have to defeat Rowen. He was very angry just now and now that he thinks about it. Rowen’s performance has been perfect.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, one only needs to use their strengths to contain themself. Even if Rowen is smart enough to know the information about this test in advance, he also did a good job of gathering his enemy’s intelligence! As a soldier, one must never make any excuses, and Shuzo knows that.

“Yeah, it’s just a test!”

Rowen propped himself up against the wall and smiled. “How many points do you think I’m going to get with my current performance?”

“Well, let me think about it …”

The responsibility cannot be shirked without doing dishonor to us.

After hearing this, Shuzo pondered the question. He is the Chief Executive of Recruit Camp, a notoriously tough player who rarely gives high scores. But for Rowen’s performance today, he couldn’t deliberately make things difficult.

As Rowen said, he can’t do anything bad without it weighing down on his conscience!

“I think … the actual Points should be …”

Good Chance!

Seeing Shuzo distracted, Rowen’s eyes lit up in an instant and his hands were no longer hidden behind him and his power burst out!

Thunderlight screeched and rushed towards Shuzo who raised his head with a dazed look on his face and thought.

Didn’t he want to be graded?

What the hell does he want to do?!

Without any attention to him, Rowen threw a Thunderbolt: “Thunder-Smelted Iron !!!”

This is something that Rowen can do now. He has not used this before. Until now, he had not been exposed. He had chased his prey with metal to hide, like the fangs in a viper’s mouth, waiting for a chance to inject lethal venom into prey and win.

He really wanted to win … because he couldn’t lose…

This is the true meaning of challenging yourself: To do what you shouldn’t do!

Bang Rumble ————! ! !

Under Shuzo’s stunned gaze, the steel around him being to distort and they suddenly twisted and began to wriggle like paper! Thunder and Lightning Pythons surrounded him in all directions and their terrible high temperature turns the Metal into colloidal molten iron which began to rush towards Shuzo.

In an instant, Shuzo was covered by Steel in all directions. The heavy steel is like a cage, trapping him in one place!

At the same time, those Steels are still shrinking, squeezing his range of activities.

“Oh my God.”

Shuzo suddenly panicked and the expressions on his face changed, he propped up his body, leaving fingerprints on the hot Red Steel in order to give himself some space.

But more steel took the opportunity to rush into the frenzy, blocking those places he had made space.

Gradually, the blue light began to dim and the gap between him and Rowen was narrowing, and the cage was about to be completed.

Then Shuzo looked up and saw that Rowen’s hands were hanging from the steel cage, with Thunder erupting from his hand. His lips were white and sweaty and it was clear to anybody that he had clearly overdrawn his Stamina but the smile on his face was so wicked!

“This Asshole !!!!!!”

Now knowing that he had been fooled, Shuzo became angry and utilized his Haki to punch his fist at his face.

But he moved a step slower, the steel cage was already closed, and his punch hit the Thick Steel Wall.


Depressed bells echoed in the quiet Underground channel, and sand and dust kept falling. Rowen fell to the ground with a shocked expression on his face and shrank his head to cover his ears. After a while, when Tremor disappeared, he had no time to look back as he stared at the raised fist prints of the steel wall.

“That was a close call, fortunately, I have prepared enough steel in advance!”

In the boxy passageway, Pieces of Soil is all exposed to the outside as the Steel attached to the surface had melted into a ball, forming a steel ball that warped around Shuzo. He’s got all the Underground steel in a 20-Square-Mile Area and it wasn’t an easy job!

Shuzo thought he had chased Rowen around and that Rowen was leaping away and panicking. In fact, every road they had taken was within Rowen’s calculations. He deliberately chose no abnormal passage to take Shuzo forward and the rest … 

As early as Shuzo avoided the Thunderstorm, the steel was renovated by Rowen in a circle. As a Thunder-Lighting Human, Steel Maze Channels were cheating games for him. The black lights in the aisle would leave anyone blind and Shuzo could not have been able to remember it, but Rowen would definitely not forget!

However, the duration of the Thunderstorm was too short and the entire process was not even complete. Rowen had to choose the road and continue the construction after the chase, melting the wall with thunder and lightning heat.

Shuzo, who paid full attention to Rowen, did not find anything except for the road he passed and didn’t see the steel in other places that were constantly melting and deforming. The Underground Channel with excellent thermal conductivity, pure steel, and dim and dull light provided a perfect opportunity for Rowen.

The last gap in the corner was left intentionally by Rowen. Arriving at that location, it means that he has completed all the preparation work and he only needs to activate it.



Lightning surges in the sand field.

Rowen rushed out of the Underground area and leaned back against the steel ball exposing the soil and sat on the ground.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A muffled bell continued to ring in his ears, shaking him. Rowen immediately turned and inserted his hand into the steel ball and through the last stamina left in his body, he healed the cracks that were created by Shuzo with the high temperature of thunder and lightning.

What the hell!

This guy is a Monster!

The Iron Ball with a thickness of more than three meters was cracked under Shuzo’s punches and he was about to break out of the cage!

This is not a power that can be held by Mortals!

And this is still under the premise that the Space Shuzo has is limited and the distance of punching is not enough!

If it was not for Rowen’s overdrawn stamina, he would have wrapped Shuzo into the complete steel ball, leaving him no room for activity.

But even so, the final results were within his expectations.

The high temperature in the Steel Melting Ball will quickly consume Internal Oxygen present in it. In addition, Shuzo’s demand for oxygen will increase at high temperatures. The Internal Space would not be sufficient to provide him with oxygen. Soon he will collapse with the absence of oxygen, and he will no longer be this energetic.

Shuzo’s strength can be seen by him continuously throwing so many powerful fists and cracking the steel ball in a small area with little oxygen or even no oxygen.

Kizaru pondered for two seconds on Rowen’s desperate means and said.

“This Rowen … Um … he is Unique …”

As a member of the viewing party from the vantage point, he could clearly see the long steel plates extending from the ground one by one, suddenly moving closer to the center at one moment, and finally wrapped the area.

No surprise … the area that was wrapped by the Steel Plates was Shuzo’s location.

The muffled sound in his ears continued to diminish.

Trane’s mouth twitched as he saw such a result but he couldn’t smile.

“Ha, haha ​​… indeed … he is quite unique!”

Oh, my gosh!

Oh, this little devil!