OPTM-Chapter 154 Great Time

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The sun was blocked, which brought Shanks back to his senses. A mere Rear Admiral and one of the current Yonko (Four Emperors) stood face to face, less than one meter away from each other!

Rowen looked at him calmly, opened his mouth, and suddenly spewed out a mouthful of blood, and said slowly. “Is that all? Is this the Haoshoku Haki of one of the Four Emperors…”

“Oh, that’s all!” Shanks didn’t dodge or evade, and he didn’t avoid the topic.

The most powerful Haki user in the sea disdain to make excuses for failure!

Rowen had come in front of him with his Haki still pressing down on him and this is an iron fact!

Then Shanks held down Gryphon and spoke as he smiled brighter than ever. “Marines are lucky to have you in the New Age! Rear Admiral Rowen!”

“But it’s also your disaster!” Rowen’s gaze was fixed as the dazzling Thunderlight wrapped around his fist, and he punched it ruthlessly.

Military Wrist Thunderlight Punch!

“Let me see the power of an Emperor, Shanks!”

Bang… Bang Rumble!!!

On the Red Force, the deck was covered in dazzling Thunderlight while Lucky Roo and other crew members quickly dodged and led their subordinates to safety.

“You bastard, how dare you to attack our Captain!” Yasopp, Usopp’s father, exclaimed as he picked up his beloved sniper rifle and used Observation Haki to aim at Rowen’s heart.

The crew was outraged that Rowen would dare to attack their Captain, Shanks. Though the scene was chaotic and difficult to navigate for most, Yasopp, as the chief sniper of the Akagami (Red Hair) pirate group, was able to pick out Rowen’s movements clearly amidst the chaos.

“Stop it, Yasopp!” A big rough hand reached out from the side, pushing the gun’s barrel down. Yasopp had no choice but to listen to this voice. The person who came was Ben Beckman, the second-in-command of the Akagami (Red Hair) pirate group and the Vice-Captain.

Beckman had long gray hair, a cross-shaped scar on his forehead, a uniquely shaped firearm across his waist, and a cigar in one hand. Seeing the confused expression on Yasopp’s face, Beckman exhaled a mouthful of smoke rings and smiled softly.

“Don’t you realize that the Captain is having a great time right now?”

“Having a great time?!” Yasopp looked at Rowen hesitantly.

In just a second or two, Rowen had thrown a dozen heavy punches and was engaging in a fierce battle with Shanks.

But upon closer inspection, it was true that Shanks had a look of excitement on his face and was not showing any signs of anger towards Rowen’s sudden attack, in fact, he seemed to be enjoying it.

He had only seen that kind of smile when Shanks left East Blue five or six years ago. It was the day when Shanks lost his arm, but it was also the day he was the happiest.

“I feel the excitement of stepping on the Grand Line for the first time, Yasopp!” That day, Shanks stood on the top of Reverse Mountain, smiling like a child.

“Ka… Ka…”

Yasopp was silent for a moment before retracting his sniper rifle and ejecting the bullets.

“Well, if the Captain has no objections…”

“Relax, Yasopp! He’s Shanks! He’s our Captain! We don’t need to worry about him!” After leading his subordinates to safety, Lucky Roo also leaned over and added while biting into a piece of meat.

It seemed that Shanks’ mood had improved during the fight while Lucky Roo’s appetite had also increased.

“Let him have his fun!” Ben Beckmen also added.

On the other side, after a brief fight, Rowen took advantage of the moment the thunderlight exploded, and quickly blinked to a safe distance.


On the spot, the thunder and lightning were scattered by a strong Haki, Shanks pursed his lips, held a sword in one hand, and rushed out with a light smile.

“Your Armament Haki level is not enough, it’s still too low to be able to fight with weapons…” Rowen touched the back of his hand, where a second ago, there was a scratch deep enough to show the bone.

However, he was able to fight dozens of times before being scratched, and it was obvious that Shanks had held back.


With a swift backhand motion, Rowen unsheathed the Thunder Cloud Sword and lunged forward, delivering a powerful vertical slash. “Who do you think you’re underestimating, Shanks…”


His tone is indifferent with infinite strength behind them!

The two Famed Swords (Meitō), clashed against each other with a deafening roar, sending sparks and a powerful gust of wind flying in all directions. The sword energy scattered, leaving several fan-shaped scratches on the deck.

Rowen pressed down on the hilt of his sword with both hands with a haughty expression on his face, but Shanks, with one hand gripping Gryphon, held it firmly like a solid wall and blocked the attack.

“This is all I need to deal with you,” Shanks said softly, revealing half of his face from behind the blade.

In an instant, he pushed Gryphon away and swung it downward in a swift arc, slicing across Rowen’s abdomen…


The Famed Blade (Meitō) easily cut through Rowen’s Tekkai (Iron Body) and Armament Haki, slicing into his body and crushing his liver. Blood splattered everywhere, and Shanks quickly backed away, trying to avoid the flying blood.

However, at this moment,


A large fan-like hand grabbed Shanks’ ankle and pulled him back to the spot. Shanks’ eyes widened in surprise, and he instinctively twisted his body and swung his sword to push Rowen away, narrowly avoiding being smashed into the deck.

“You’re still naive, Shanks,” Rowen sneered. “Is this your full measure of strength?”

“It’s just as weak as that trash, it’s so annoying!”

In the distance, Ace tightly clenched his fists and gritted his teeth until his knuckles turned white.



With a swift kick, Rowen turned into a black blur and chased after Shanks in an instant. The Thunder Cloud Sword in his hand was aimed at Shanks’ nose, the location leads directly to the brainstem and if the sword is deep enough the victim will die without pain.

This location is often targeted by the police when killing dangerous criminals, as after the bullet enters through this point, the opponent will not even be able to pull the trigger by his nerve reflex.

“That’s fast! As expected of the Rumble-Rumble Fruit user!” Shanks exclaimed.

Shanks’ pupils narrowed as he was surprised at Rowen’s speed. The speed was simply inhuman and the innate advantages of Rumble-Rumble Fruit in speed and agility allow him to step on the ground dozens of times before bursting out.

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