OPTM-Chapter 153 Suppressed Part 2

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However, Rowen didn’t seem intimidated by the strength of the enemy but instead had a look of eagerness to take them on. 

Zephyr has seen this expression many times on Rowen, and every time it appears, Rowen falls into a state of madness that makes Zephyr’s heart race with fear, fear that his student would bite more than what he had bargained for!

Rowen knew that if he didn’t fight, his whole body would be shattered and he was determined to fight till the end.

“It would be best for Garp to come forward and bring Ace back himself! You…” Zephyr started to say but was interrupted by Rowen.

“I can’t wait that long, sensei. Ace is my Military Merit, I can’t let them take him away… Besides…”


Suddenly, Zephyr looked up and found that Rowen had already disappeared, and Rowen’s voice echoed in his ears, “I’m on vacation now, I can go wherever I want to.”

“Asshole!” Zephyr clenched his fist in frustration and punched a hole through the wall. He was angry with Rowen’s decision to go against the Four Emperors, but Rowen never thought of avoiding them. 

He had always been sincere in everything he did. It wasn’t fear that held him back, but rather the price was not high enough for him and he didn’t want to lose face for some small things. 

He understood that if Shanks dared to save someone then he had to bear the consequences. As for the possibility of dying in the fight, Rowen had also considered it, but he believed that if that were to happen then it would happen sooner or later and there was nothing more to be said about that.

Rowen’s dream is to rule the world, but in his mind, a person who can’t even handle the Yonko(Four Emperors) is not qualified to rule the world. He believes that if he wants to achieve his goal, he must be willing to take on the strongest opponents, even if it means risking his life.

As soon as Rowen finished speaking, the Akagami pirate crew became furious. 

“You reckless brat! Do you know what you’re talking about?!” 

“Unforgivable! How dare you underestimate our pirate group!” 

“Captain, let’s go kill that brat!”

Shanks slightly raised his hand to calm down his crew, then looked directly at Rowen and suddenly grinned: “I’ve heard of you, Rear Admiral Rowen. As a Marine super rookie, your potential is amazing! But…”


Shanks’ eyes turned cold and he unleashed his Haoshoku Haki, causing dark clouds to cover the sky and the sound of the wind to be like a heavy hammer, pounding on everyone’s hearts.

“A genius who dies young is no longer called a genius!”

Haoshoku Haki!


On the deck, the crew members involuntarily took half a step back. Facing Shanks who was in a state of anger, it was extremely difficult to keep standing in front of him! 

Shanks had just said that Ace was safe on his ship and the next moment they were attacked by Rowen, leading to his anger and embarrassment. 

He wanted to teach Rowen a lesson about the power of the Four Emperors and the potential cost of challenging them, by using his Haoshoku Haki. 

However, Shanks was shocked to find that Rowen’s face didn’t change in the face of his powerful Haoshoku Haki, instead, he walked forward towards Shanks, undeterred by the pressure that was doubling and superimposing on his body with every step. 

‘Is he crazy,’ The crew and Shanks couldn’t believe it, they were wondering if Rowen was crazy, how could he have no fear or hesitation in the face of Shanks’s Haki?

Rowen’s expression was indifferent, and it was as if he didn’t feel the overwhelming force of Shanks’s Haoshoku Haki. His steps were slow but steady, and he didn’t look back after falling.

“Interesting!” Shanks raised his eyebrows, and while breathing, he increased the power of his Haki again!


Kā Chā!!

The strong deck suddenly appeared with dense cracks, and several guardrails were broken by the impact of Haki, twisted and deformed. Especially in the fan-shaped area where Rowen was located, the deck splinters shattered and exploded, and the invisible air pressure plowed out a ravine that was more than ten centimeters deep!


It’s because of Shanks!

Doflamingo’s Haoshoku Haki is powerful enough to interfere with reality, but it can only be released passively and can’t be actively controlled. However, Shanks’s Haoshoku Haki has been honed little by little and he can use it freely, like waving an arm. 

The pressure Rowen was under at this time was 10x that outside the fan-shaped area, enough to crush a normal person into minced meat!

“Hey…” Despite the impact of such a violent Haoshoku Haki, all the clothes on Rowen’s body were torn, and blood spilled from the corner of his mouth. However, he swayed and stepped forward again, showing his determination and resilience.


“Madman!!” Everyone on the deck was stunned when they saw this scene. 

They had never been enemies of Shanks, and they couldn’t understand the horror of this force. To put it bluntly, even the core cadres such as Beckman dare not say that they can stay awake under such a strong Haki. 

Because this is Haoshoku Haki! 

Before interfering with reality, the greater effect is to impact the enemy’s mind! Such a strong release of Haki, not to mention ordinary people, even elite Marine generals, will lose their minds instantly and faint to the ground!

To the other Yonko(Four Emperors), numbers are meaningless but a large number of people would also pressure them a little if they face them alone. But for Shanks, there is no concept of “number of people” at all! 

Without the same strength as him, in front of his Haoshoku Haki, there is no difference if the enemy has ten thousand people, or one hundred thousand! It is because he is the most powerful Haki user in the sea, one of the Four Emperors, Shanks. 

However, it was against this overbearing Haki that Rowen’s expression remained the same and he walked towards him step by step, little by little. His cloak was torn by Haki, and his suit was tattered. 

Every step he took would leave deep footprints on the deck. Shanks was shocked, he could see Rowen’s strength, logically speaking, he shouldn’t have been able to resist the power of his Haki at all.

But the other party did withstand the impact, calmly and moved closer to him step by step. 

“Haoshoku Haki is not only a symbol of strength but also the power of the heart! The stronger the heart, the stronger it is! Don’t forget to strengthen your beliefs when you improve your strength, Shanks!” Suddenly, Shanks remembered what the Captain, who was also not very tall but a man of indomitable spirit, had said to him many years ago. 

“Spiritual firmness, is it possible to achieve this level? Captain…” Shanks was dazed and Rowen had finally walked up to Shanks. 

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