OPTM-Chapter 121 Scold

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A month later, on Lavet Island. 

“Old Man, I am warning you, go back to wherever you came from!!” Rowen muttered in his heart a he looked at Garp.

Outsiders see nothing but turbulence and the landscape left behind by Rowen during his fights. 

After this incident, although there are still voices questioning the true strength of Rowen, the “Great Character” who has gone from being a Recruit to being a Rear Admiral, most people have put away any provocative thoughts in their minds. 

Rowen’s name has also been officially recognized by Sea and he has now become a decent Marine Talent.

However, no one could have imagined that Rowen, the protagonist of all these situations who should have been the star of the show was holding a Den Den Mushi and taking lessons from Zephyr while Garp snickered and winked at Rowen from the side.

It’s the downfall of the Shichibukai!!

Yonkō (Four Emperors), Marine Headquarters, Oka Shichibukai (Seven Warlords of the Sea), since Roger had started the Pirate Era, Marines have spent several years of hard work and sacrifices to finally maintain this fragile balance on the surface. 

The waves of the times are like the ocean waves with many ups and downs and sometimes, these waves are fast and slow. 

The Pirates Era has just started to calm down not long ago and now it has reached a new height of chaos because of Rowen’s actions.

It will take an unknown amount of time to completely quell the chaos caused by the downfall of Crocodile.

No matter what Crocodile did, it was Rowen who broke the balance…

So Rowen is the one getting scolded.

Sengoku blamed Rowen for not reporting the situation. If he had clarified the matter in advance then the Marines would have been able to deal with it calmly and they would also calm the chaos as quickly as possible with the least disturbance.

Naturally, this statement was also said just for fun.

If Rowen had really done that then Zephyr would be the first to do it and lock Rowen in a cell to interrogate more intelligence out of him.

The true face of Crocodile couldn’t even be investigated by the Marines and the CP0 Organization so how did Rowen know about him?

Now watching him kill Jino and capture Crocodile which amounts to a huge credit. Sengoku didn’t pinch his nose and swallowed the bitter fruit, but he instead found an excuse to scold Rowen.

After all… there are many people behind him!

Zephyr, Garp, and CP0, who suddenly and inexplicably expressed kindness towards Rowen, so what else can Sengoku do other than to scold him?

He can’t really convict Rowen for the unknown origins of the intelligence that even he didn’t know now, can he?

Zephyr also believes that Rowen has brought a great contribution to the Marines but he also knows that Rowen had caused a big trouble. 

Although he is no longer in any command, the troubles of Marines are also related to him so he called Rowen and cursed him before telling him to immediately come back.

“Yes! Understood! I promise to finish the Mission!”

Rowen knows that Zephyr is worried for him and that he is only scolding him because he sees him as family. 

It took Rowen some time to calm Zephyr down. After hanging up the phone, Garp came over with a donut in his mouth and with Rear Admiral Trane on his back.

“Kid, you did a good job this time!!”

Garp highly praised Rowen for his actions. The Shichibukai System had always been an eyesore and he was a member of the anti-Shichibukai vote until it was established. 

No matter how many little secrets Rowen hides, at least in behavior, he didn’t let Garp down.

But after saying this Garp immediately quietly came over and showed his true colors: “I think Zephyr is old and confused, what would you even learn after following such Sensei? Come with me, I promise to teach you all that I know!”

In response, Rowen helplessly rolled his eyes and spit out: “Ha…Ha…Ha…, are you going to throw me into the abyss or tie a hot air balloon to my feet and throw me into the sky or the jungle at night? Don’t even think about it. I know how you ‘Educated’ your grandson at East Blue.”

“Puff… Cough Cough Cough!!!”

Garp almost choked to death with a bite of donuts as he stared at Rowen as if he was looking at a Ghost, he pointed at Rowen with a shaking finger and said: “You… how do you know this?!”

Even Zephyr and others are not clear about these trivial matters, and Rowen was able to pinpoint exactly what he did just to make a point!

“Hehe, I guessed!”

Now that he has revealed the fact that he knows many pieces of secret information that no one seems to know about, Rowen doesn’t mind showing a little specialty. 

This is a kind of statement to tell Sengoku that he doesn’t need to be wary of Rowen, otherwise, Rowen is fully qualified to play dumb and no one would be able to do anything to him.

Garp is also Old and he knows more than he let knows… In short, after he was shocked, he quickly understood the meaning behind Rowen’s words. He smashed his mouth to clean it and shook his head before speaking.

“Well, forget it if you are bing like this. I will take over the rest. Zephyr told you to go back, right, so you can get lost now!”

Garp emphasized the literal tone of “Get Lost”.

Rowen: “…”

This two-faced demon-looking Old-Man!

He deserves to have his Son and Grandson stand against him!

Watching Rowen lead the team away, Garp’s unconscious expression gradually calmed down and he stared at Rowen’s back with many expressions going through his eyes. 

Finally, he sighed and said to Trane: “Let’s go, let’s meet the CP0 and see what he wants to say!”

“Actually, what I want to say is that I found Saint Lirisk, and Scante was killed by me on the spot. I told Sengoku that this matter had nothing to do with Rear Admiral Rowen…”

Not long afterward, in the palace’s other courtyard, the CP0 talked with Garp without changing his face.

His identity was no secret to the old man sitting in front of him. At this moment, the CP0 takes off the mask and reveals a plain young male face. 

The only noticeable feature is his left eye which is fixed with a red blotch of blood that never moves with the eye, it was as if the red blotch of blood had been fitted with a helix.

Garp grinned with a gloomy expression on his face and he nodded when he heard the words, and left without saying anything.

“This stinky kid! He’s really not afraid of anything!!”

Deep-Sea Tuna Station, this is the second time that Rowen had come here.

The King greeted Garp because of his arrival. They said hello and left without letting anyone pick up or drop off. Rowen was sitting in front of the old man’s cart while eating something.

Dante twisted his neck and said, “Rear Admiral Rowen, the Train’s departure time had come, how long do you plan to eat!”

“Don’t worry, who would dare to set off if I am not there?! Boss, ten more strings!”


The Dining Cart Boss agreed with a smile on his face and turned around to work.

Regardless of what the rest of Sea thinks, at least for the citizens of Pucci, Rowen has done a good thing. When the Thunderstorm appeared that day, guys like the old man clapped their hands and raged that the pirates deserved to be wiped out! 

Later they had come to know what Rowen did, and although they can not understand what kind of power that is, but they still thanked Rowen from the bottom of their heart.


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