OPTM-Chapter 120 Mighty Waves Part 2

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Dante also shrugged his shoulders on this, his personal interest in alcohol was lacking compared to the Marine Soldiers, but he also thought Rowen’s prohibition was somewhat unreasonable.

Didn’t the house get blown up the day we left camp?

Was there a need to get so angry?

The culprit is Vice-Admiral Garp from the Marine Headquarters, the soldiers are innocent!

“Forget it, the Marine Headquarters will send someone to take over from our Mission in a few days. It’s okay to give them a vacation these days.”

Rowen said this, and he suddenly stopped Dante and spoke unintentionally, “By the way, Dante, when you took Crocodile, who else could see my opponent clearly beside you?”

Dante: “No one, other people don’t have the dynamic vision, they couldn’t even see if your opponent was human or no… come…”

Dante immediately regretted his answer as soon as the words came out of his mouth and cold sweat squeaked down all over his body. 

Rowen in the bathroom also stopped talking, and for a while, only the sound of the shower dripping on the floor could be heard.

The seconds passed like years, and words are not enough to describe how Dante feels at this time. 

His heart was rapidly beating and it reached 200 beats per minute. The blood surging in his body made Dante’s mouth dry, but at the same time, he only felt that his bones were freezing in the Killing Intent.

No one knew how long it took but Rowen slowly spoke from the bathroom.

“It’s better… if you keep an eye on it for me.”

Dante let out a sigh of relief. Hearing these words, he pressed the hilt of his sword and nodded with a complicated expression on his face.


A few days later, a piece of astonishing news spread all over Sea.

After remaining as an “Oka Shichibukai (Seven Warlords of the Sea)” for many years, and the “National Hero for the Alabasta Citizens”, “Sand Crocodile” turned out to be the behind-the-scenes boss of Grand Line’s notorious Baroque Crime Agency!!

The world was shocked when this news appeared!!

Since the establishment of the Shichibukai System, it has been updated many times during these Twenty years, but Crocodile was always in his place and he didn’t break any rules that went against the Shichibukai System!

At the same time, as the National Hero of the Alabasta, he has repeatedly blocked many Pirates from looting Alabasta and was also called shameless by countless Pirates. 

He was regarded as a firm supporter of the World Government, and his loyalty is second only to the “Tyrant” Kuma. This is a fact that even Marines have almost recognized, which is enough to show how well Crocodile performed!

Compared to the other members of the Shichibukai, he and Kuma are just too good!

A Loyal member of the World Government!

The result is such that Crocodile turned out to be the President of the Baroque Works behind the scenes!

This simply refreshed the world’s views of him!!

In the beginning, many people were unwilling to believe that this news was true, and among those people were the large population of the citizens of Alabasta. 

They firmly believe that Crocodile is Alabasta’s Hero and that this is just another conspiracy by the Marines.

However, as Admiral Aokiji led the Buster Call from Marine Headquarters to Alabasta, and found the real King Cobra who was kidnapped, this news was recognized by the World to be true and it wildly spread throughout the Sea!

Both Sengoku and Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) regarded this as a shame upon themselves, and they also ordered all Shichibukai to gather at the Marine Headquarters and cooperate with the inspection, and Sea was shaken for a while! 

The aftermath of Shichibukai Crocodile’s fall spread all over the world, and the sound of discussion can be heard from everywhere.

In the New World, a Giant Ship with a Whale Head engraved on the front end was sailing on the sea, this Ship’s name is ‘The Moby Dick’ and it is also the ship of the Strongest Person in the world today, “Whitebeard” Edward Newgate. 

He was holding a newspaper and laughed when he read the news.

“Sand Crocodile, that kid, so he still had the blood of pirated in his body! I had thought he was done with this life! GuRaRaRaRa!”

After that, Whitebeard picked up the Giant Wine Bowl in front of him, which was about one person long in diameter, and chug it away.

The First Division Commander Marco was looking at the newspaper in shock. He was unprepared and had to put it down. He complained: “Father, you can’t drink anymore. If you go on like this, you won’t be able to hold it!”

“Liquor is the best healing medicine for the old man! Come on boys, let’s toast to the Pirates!”


Grand Line, Florian Triangle Sea.

Moria sat at the top of Ancient Ghost Castle, reading the newspaper carefully while biting his fingers and soon, Moria screamed and cursed after memorizing every word.

“Damn you Crocodile! I didn’t expect you to be such a guy!!”

His Zombie Army also needs Weapons. One time the Weapons he bought were intercepted by the Baroque Work Agency and Moria has been holding a grudge against them ever since, and now he has finally found out the real culprit.

“But this Rear Admiral Rowen is very strong. He can kill Jino and capture Crocodile. If I can get his shadow… Chī Chī Chī!!”

The living beings who had their shadows taken away were shivering as they listened to the angry yelling and cursing coming from Fort City which quickly turned into sneering and crazy-like laughter.

Water Seven, Blueno’s Bar.

“Have you heard? Crocodile was taken down!”

“Crap, there’s been a lot of noise about this for days!”

“No, no, no, I mean that a Shichibukai has fallen. Who will the Marines choose to be the new Shichibukai?”

A few drunk pirates spoke with flushed faces, and when they heard this, their eyes flashed with a fierce light as they spoke: “Yeah, who would it be?!”

“Do you know who that Rear Admiral Rowen is? I drank with him one time!”

“Do you know Teabeard and Iron Hook? They went to attack his Battleship, but none of them survived!”

Listening to the various sounds coming in his ears from everywhere, Blueno continued to wipe the glass with a simple expression on his face.

This era of Pirates, which has been stable for many years, has finally started to make waves because of Rowen.

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