IMUC-Chapter 97: The Man at the Top

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“At the current altitude of 10,080 meters, the flight path is normal…”

Inside the new transport aircraft, besides the pilot in the cockpit, Kyle was the only person seated in the rear cabin. The cabin was quiet, and only the faint sounds of various instruments could be heard.

With his eyes closed, Kyle rested while his consciousness dwelled in the Card Space, looking at the nearly thousand cards in the Ability Card area.

It was said that the poor relied on mutations, while the rich relied on technology. Now, whether it was mutations or technological items, he possessed them all, but what he valued the most was his own physical condition.

The body was the capital of everything!

Kyle’s consciousness looked at the center of the Ability Card area, where the Rare Blue Physique Ability Card, “Super Soldier,” was floating. This card, extracted from Steve, was the cornerstone that allowed his physical genes to transcend those of an ordinary person.

Super Soldier – this gene modification ability comprehensively improved human physical potential, making the person stronger, faster, and better, and it even provides resistance to damage, and other values about four to five times that of an ordinary person at the beginning. At the peak of physical fitness, it could reach a terrifying critical point of ten times that of a human.

Ten times the strength of a human – what did that mean?

The impact force of an ordinary adult’s punch averaged around one hundred kilograms, so ten times the strength would be one ton.

A punch with a force of over a ton could knock down not only a person but even a bull with a single blow.

The peak of Super Soldier Ability was not achieved through the increase in age, but rather through long periods of continuous training to control and explore one’s physical potential.

Steve obtained Super Soldier Ability earlier than Kyle, but until the day he crashed, his physical potential was still in the early stages of exploration, with his values only about five to six times that of an ordinary human – after all, learning military combat skills without rest or sleep and mastering them in just three days was already very fast for a normal person, even reaching Superman’s level.

However, with the ability to draw cards, Kyle only needed three seconds to master it from scratch. Long-term training? It was unnecessary for him!

As long as he continuously drew White and Green Ability Cards from others, accumulating various skill and physique Ability Cards, they would become keys to quickly unlocking the potential within him as a Super Soldier.

In the battle in Germany, Kyle extracted hundreds of Green Ability Cards from Logan. After drawing them for himself (equivalent to undergoing half a century of training), his physical condition finally reached the peak level of a Super Soldier Physique.

“Healing Factor,” a Blue physique Ability Card, perfectly maintained this peak level, preventing any weakening due to age or prolonged battles.

Of course, this was not his best combat state. When combined with Venom’s complete symbiosis, his overall physical values could step up a small notch.

It should be Twelve times that of a human!

At present, Kyle had the confidence to stand at the pinnacle of the known lifeforms on Earth, solely based on his powerful physique.

“General Kyle.”

The pilot in the adjacent cockpit spoke up, bringing Kyle back to reality as he opened his eyes slightly surprised.

“We are currently flying over Imperial Japan’s airspace, and we will cross the borders of Tokyo in five minutes.” The pilot, a middle-aged man, looked apologetic as he said, “Because we are over the enemy country’s territory, the transport aircraft can only maintain an altitude of over ten thousand meters. You will need to parachute alone from this altitude. The military has prepared protective suits and oxygen cylinders for you, please wear them in advance.”

“Just let me know when we arrive. Open the rear hatch first.” Kyle replied coldly, showing no intention of taking the protective suit, oxygen cylinder, or even the parachute bag. He stood up and walked to the area of the rear hatch.

With the pilot’s operation, the rear hatch of the small transport aircraft lowered, revealing the night sky and high-altitude scenery.

The journey from New York to Imperial Japan had taken half a day, from noon to late at night.

Kyle stood tall at the edge of the hatch, the cold wind blowing into the cabin, lifting the bangs on his forehead.

“At this altitude, it is already below freezing, and there’s a lack of oxygen at high altitudes. Without protective equipment, you will die, sir!” The pilot, who had brought a portable oxygen supply, loudly warned. When he saw that Kyle didn’t even have a parachute bag, he was astonished and speechless.

“I never bring a parachute,” Kyle said coldly, shrugging. The Venom Battlesuit’s protection shielded him from feeling any cold, and as for the lack of oxygen? He could now go for over ten minutes without breathing, even under heavy physical exertion.

The pilot hesitated, and the aircraft suddenly tilted due to an air current.

When he turned back to face the aircraft’s instruments, he seemed to see something terrifying. His face turned pale, and he exclaimed in horror, “How is this possible?!”

“What’s happening?” Kyle asked coldly.

The pilot said incredulously, “I detected seven fighter jets approaching us rapidly from our direction!”

“Have they come to welcome a guest who has just arrived over Imperial Japan’s airspace and hasn’t even landed yet?” Kyle replied with a nonchalant smile.

He suspected that there were spies within America’s high command, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they had placed a tracking device on this transport aircraft and disclosed its location to Imperial Japan.

“Pilot, turn back directly. Good luck to you,” Kyle waved his hand backward, and with a leap, he jumped out from an altitude of over ten thousand meters.

In mid-air, the cold wind and currents brushed against him. Looking around in all directions, his visibility was limited to just a hundred meters of darkness.

Just after he jumped out of the cabin, within less than five seconds, accompanied by the intense barrage of cannon fire and explosions, thunder-like explosions resounded above his head!

“Boom, boom—”

Kyle turned his body back in the air and saw the transport aircraft he had just jumped out of being heavily attacked. The majority of the aircraft was engulfed in ferocious flames as it broke apart and lost power, plummeting downwards.

In the black night sky within a hundred-meter radius, the falling aircraft’s flames illuminated the area, and he could vaguely see several Japanese single-seat fighter jets swiftly maneuvering around.


Maintaining a natural freefall position, Kyle focused on the closest target aircraft. A single-seat fighter jet spiraled with jet propulsion, about to fly past him from about twenty meters away.

“It’s you!”

Cold light gleamed in Kyle’s eyes. Suddenly, the black wings of the Venom Battlesuit extended from his back, causing his body to halt in mid-air. Then, instead of continuing with the uncontrolled freefall, he rapidly glided closer to the fighter jet.


Kyle reached the airspace above the fighter jet’s cockpit, and with a slight wing adjustment, he unexpectedly squatted on the windscreen of the fighter jet’s cockpit.

“What the—?” The Japanese pilot was momentarily stunned, looking at the young man outside the fighter jet suddenly smiling at him, feeling a chill running down his spine.

This was an altitude of over ten thousand meters! Was he a human or a ghost?

“Re-repo… Report, this is Murasaki Den-02…,” the pilot’s teeth chattered as he spoke. Before he could finish his sentence, he saw the cold youth outside the fighter jet extend three dark claws from each fist.


Kyle’s claws easily pierced through the windscreen, tearing open a hole, and he grabbed the pilot inside the cockpit, throwing him out from the high altitude.

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