IMUC-Chapter 96: Superhero

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“General Chester, the congressmen have called again, urging that the publicized propaganda is enough, and it’s time for General Kyle to depart,” The soldier reported as he entered the top command office.

General Chester stood by the window with his back to the door, listening to the soldier’s message, and nodded heavily. “I understand. Then have Captain Fury lead the convoy to pick him up.”

The communication soldier hesitated for a moment and reminded, “Didn’t you forget? Captain Fury resigned two days ago, and you approved it. He has already left the main base.”

“I made a mistake,” General Chester sighed wearily, shaking himself back to alertness. He said with authority, “Send my specialized armored convoy to Seamist Street to pick him up. Once they receive him, they should head straight to the base’s airport. When the convoy arrives, there’s no need to report to anyone, and the transport aircraft must take off within ten minutes to safely send General Kyle to Tokyo, Imperial Japan.”

“Yes, sir! I will arrange it immediately!” The communication soldier saluted and retreated from the office.

The office fell silent once again, and after a long silence, General Chester murmured, “He’ll be a hero in victory and defeat…”

Half an hour later.

Five heavily armored bulletproof vehicles parked in front of an ordinary villa. Dozens of elite soldiers in combat gear stood in formation, facing the closed front door of the residence, patiently waiting for something.


In just a moment, the door opened.

A handsome young man with jet-black hair, dressed in a black combat suit, with a single-handed sword on his back and energy pistols on his sides, walked out slowly.

As he appeared with his tall and upright figure, the soldiers guarding the entrance, as well as the soldiers from the convoy who only followed General Chester’s orders, instinctively straightened their backs and respectfully saluted in unison, “General Kyle!”

The man before them was a Superhero within America’s territory! In the eyes of any soldier, he was an icon, a symbol, and a legend!

Kyle coldly scanned them with a glance, not saying much. At this moment, he was still a lone soldier in action on the battlefield, but the one-piece battle suit he wore no longer had any marks or badges of the American military on it.

This battle was not for America; it was for himself!

“Destination: Tokyo,” Kyle’s face was cold, and he took a seat in the back seat of the middle armored vehicle while he thought to himself.

Soon, the five armored vehicles formed a line and rushed quickly toward the military base’s airport on the main road of the street. On the second floor of the villa, Lucy pulled the curtains and gazed reluctantly until the convoy disappeared from sight around the corner.

As the armored convoy left Seamist Street and smoothly entered the main road of New York, the scene on both sides of the road instantly changed.

Unlike the deserted and sealed-off Seamist Street, the main road passing through the bustling streets was filled with tens of thousands of people crowding the sidewalks.

Many of them held homemade signs, looking at the passing armored convoy with excitement, pleading, support, or prayer.

“General Kyle!”

Even inside the heavily armored and soundproofed vehicles, they could still faintly hear the cheers and shouts of the people outside.

“Why do they know that I’m leaving today?” Kyle froze, and his gaze looked out through the protective car window. With a glance, he saw that the roads on both sides were packed with countless people.

It was as if half of New York City was here, seeing him off.

“It’s not just today, they have been here for the past few days.” The driver hesitated and spoke up, “Ever since they found out that you were going to Imperial Japan alone, and when half of Seamist Street was blocked off by military forces, the people have been waiting on this road leading to the military base every morning and evening.”

“Why bother…” Kyle fell silent as his gaze looked outward.

The main road stretched for several miles, passing through several busy intersections in New York.

No matter how long or wide the area was, the sidewalks were packed with expectant and grateful crowds. They held up signs and shouted, almost trying to rush into the road. As a result, a large number of traffic police and police officers were needed every ten meters, using police cars and human walls as a barrier, desperately suppressing the overwhelming crowd.

“General Kyle, please make sure to return triumphantly!”

“Ahahaha, the General will definitely return with victory in his hands!”

“When you return, the world will surely be at peace…”

Countless people cheered from the heart, and this time, they no longer blindly sought help from the military. Instead, they placed their grand wish for world peace on one person for the first time.

As Kyle watched and listened, he suddenly realized something – perhaps this was the unique charm of a Superhero.

Heroes transcended the confines of reality and regulations. As long as their actions were just, they would be forever respected and admired. Heroes could achieve what others couldn’t, and their every move would change the world’s course, evoking admiration from countless people.

In a way, Superheroes in this Marvel World were indeed the epitome of “Gods.”

And while praying to Gods and Deities might be futile, Superheroes could take tangible action and fulfill people’s wishes.

“Unfortunately, I’m only considering this for myself, and I don’t want to be a Superhero worshipped by the masses,” Kyle muttered under his breath, shrugging his shoulders as he closed his eyes and half-lay on the soft backseat of the armored vehicle.

It wasn’t until the armed convoy left the main road that the cheers from the crowd finally faded from his ears. The driver seemed afraid to linger, so he accelerated the armored vehicle into the military base.

The military personnel inside the base were all prepared, setting up protective cordons to allow the convoy to pass unimpeded, straight to the base’s airport, where they handed over General Kyle to the ready transport aircraft.

Rather than arranging personnel for a mission, it felt more like holding a prisoner.

Kyle maintained a cool expression throughout the journey, following the schedule, and under the watchful eyes of armed soldiers, he boarded the rear compartment of the transport aircraft.

A few minutes later.

The American-made transport aircraft, capable of traveling the furthest and highest, took off from the America New York military base, carrying the war hero Kyle Doffer.

As the aircraft disappeared into the high-altitude clouds and flew away, all personnel at the New York military base stopped their work and looked up at the sky with empty feelings in their hearts.

At the same time, Congressmen Ivan, who received the message near the White House, let out a sigh of relief. After all, as long as Kyle left and entered the enemy country, it would be as if he had already set foot in the realm of victory.

As for whether Kyle could return, he had no worries about that. Was there even a need to ask? No matter how strong an individual was, how could they contend against the power of a nation?

Ivan smiled triumphantly, locked the office door, and took out a telegraph machine from a safe. He tapped out a coded message:

“Target aircraft just departed from New York. Immediately relay this information to Imperial Japan…”

(End of this chapter)

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