IMUC-Chapter 84: BOSS

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“Logan, come in!”

“Sure, BOSS!” Logan, standing outside the office elevator, swiftly responded to Kyle’s call, immediately opening the door and stepping into the top-floor office.


Kyle, sitting on the soft sofa, was momentarily taken aback, but quickly realized that he had referred to Logan as his bodyguard in the car earlier, making himself the “boss.”

He coughed and turned his palm towards Howard, who was standing nearby and said to Logan, who had stopped in front of him, “Howard is the founder of Stark Industries. Tomorrow, he will arrange for you to have American citizenship under the name ‘Logan Carl.’ Do you have any objections?”

“No problem.” Logan nodded. As long as his name didn’t change, the surname didn’t matter to him.

“Howard, from now on, Logan will rely on you for assistance here in New York,” Kyle said, indicating his intention to leave Logan in New York for future arrangements.

“I have a feeling that the two of us will become friends in the future,” Howard said with a warm smile, extending a friendly gesture to Logan. Though Logan didn’t respond verbally, his cold demeanor softened a bit, and he nodded in acknowledgment.

Howard took out a check from his suit pocket and placed it on the low glass table. He continued, “This is the dividend for your shares in Stark Industries for the past two months, totaling two hundred thousand dollars. I’m going to transfer it to you in the form of a bank check.”

Two hundred thousand dollars, enough to easily buy a high-rise building in the center of New York.

Kyle remained calm, and Logan, without any emotional fluctuations, took a step forward and accepted the check. When one’s wealth reached a certain height, it became mere astronomical figures, incapable of causing any psychological ripples.

However, the bank check provided by Howard was a tangible source of funds, so Kyle didn’t need to resort to underground channels to circulate and sell the gold and gemstones within his Card Space at the moment.

Howard continued, “Regarding the development and construction of the Fortress on the island you mentioned during our training base, once I return to New York, I have already found a highly professional engineering construction company. As soon as the war ends, we can immediately begin the construction at sea.”

He was highly committed to the matters Kyle had previously mentioned, considering them at the same level as the development of new products.

“That’s great!” Kyle exclaimed with joy upon hearing this, immediately raising a few glasses to toast Howard. He was even more excited than when he received the two hundred thousand dollars.

The development and construction of the Fortress on the island would be the foundation and future of his private power.

Kyle patted Howard’s frail shoulder with enthusiasm and said, “With the Gravity Magnet equipment you gave me, I came up with an idea. The Fortress building on the island must have a gravity chamber that can freely adjust and amplify the gravity inside. If we could achieve ten times the normal gravity, that would be fantastic.”

“A gravity chamber? It sounds good for training, but ten times the gravity is too daunting. Even if you step inside, you would be crushed by your own weight. Moreover, with the anti-gravity device, we can’t reach such high values,” Howard chuckled wryly, immediately offering a corrective suggestion, “With the current anti-gravity device, by superimposing positive and negative force fields on the floor and ceiling inside the chamber, we should be able to achieve a maximum of five times the gravity.”

“A gravity chamber with five times the gravity is acceptable,” Kyle evaluated, nodding his head. Even for him, it would take some time to adapt to five times the gravity, but it would be more than enough for training personnel to train a Super Agent Physique.

“Not just the gravity chamber. If you want to make it better, we can also install a supercomputer and an intelligent management system with voice control…” Howard continued the topic.

Kyle immediately added, “The intelligent system is not enough. We need to ensure full integration between the entire island and the Fortress. Intelligent surveillance should cover the entire island accurately, achieving precisely targeted strikes…”

The two of them, while sipping their wine, engaged in an intense discussion filled with brainstorming and realistic ideas that matched the current situation regarding the construction of the Fortress. Logan, who stood nearby, couldn’t fully grasp their discussions but found them impressive.

Neither of these two individuals was an ordinary person. One was a crossover person who had been bombarded with various advanced ideas from another world, while the other was an engineer with top scientific and technological expertise in the Marvel World.

They could understand each other’s intentions with just a few words, allowing for the derivation, upgrading, and filling of gaps in their ideas.

The main division of labor was that Kyle would initiate the brainstorming and ideas, while Howard would provide professional theoretical corrections and practical implementation.

The lively discussions in the office continued until late at night.

The turning point came when Howard became drunk, slumping onto the soft sofa in the office. With a muffled voice, he mumbled, “Make the island fly in the sky? That’s not possible…”

Then, he began spouting a series of incomprehensible complex numbers, Newton’s formulas, anti-gravity theories…

“Rest well, my friend.” Kyle shrugged, stood up from the sofa, waved his hand, and quietly left the top-floor office with Logan.

“Howard really doesn’t have any defenses against others…” Logan, who entered the elevator, whispered softly. In his life, he had experienced setbacks, betrayals, and wandering, among other things. He had always kept a cautious distance and remained on guard with anyone who came close.

“He doesn’t lack defenses against others. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to start from scratch and freely switch between the military and private industrial sectors,” Kyle smiled and explained, “Only when he truly becomes friends with someone will he relax and show such trust.”

Logan seemed to understand, but not fully.

After leaving the Stark Industries building, Kyle and Logan checked into a luxurious hotel nearby, occupying a double room on one of the floors reserved for VIPs.

After cleaning up in their respective rooms and changing into comfortable casual clothes, they stood together on the open balcony, overlooking the brilliantly lit night view.

“Logan, by taking you to meet Howard earlier, you should have understood my intentions,” Kyle said, facing the evening breeze, and looking at the silent Logan beside him.

Logan nodded and whispered, “I can guess that you want to build the Fortress on an overseas island and train your own private power.”

“To be more precise, it’s going to be a family power. “Carl” would be the future family name, and the emblem representing the family would be a playing card.”

Kyle smiled faintly as he spoke while a card appeared between his fingers and he began to flip and play with it. “You could say you are the first person to enter the Carl Family. It’s like becoming a… Ahem.”

Kyle said solemnly, “Just know one thing: I have never regarded you as a subordinate. If you choose to follow me, you will become a member of the Carl Family.”

“I understand,” Logan responded, moved by Kyle’s words.

He had originally thought that Kyle would hand him over to the military or Howard for research as a weapon, but he never expected to be included directly in the future family collective.

What a great boss!

(End of Chapter)


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