IMUC-Chapter 83: Above the Gods

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[Sketch of Unknown Element Structure]: A design sketch depicting the internal structure of an unknown element. White Item Card.

Kyle lowered his head, looking at the pencil-drawn sketch of the elemental structure in his hand, and fell into deep contemplation.

Although this was just a theoretical construction deduced by Howard from the Tesseract, he knew that this element was a truly new elemental energy, an isotope similar in composition to the substance of the Cube.

The primary power source of the future Iron Man suit, the main heart energy, would be replaced by this artificially synthesized elemental energy crystal. A small crystal of this elemental energy would sustain the high-tech Iron Man suit’s continuous combat consumption, including laser attacks, jet flight, and the J.A.R.V.I.S. artificial intelligence system.

“At what level of technological advancement will we be able to attempt the artificial synthesis of this new element? I mean, what are the technological barriers to synthesizing this new element at present?” Kyle put down the design sketch and asked Howard with a serious gaze.

If they could achieve artificial synthesis and mass production, using the crystallized energy of this new element as a substitute for the energy cubes made from Cube Fragments…

There was no doubt that it could serve as a supply material for Blue-Grade Card Tributing!

“Creating the special materials needed to construct an accelerator pipeline and the instrument equipment capable of emitting stable high-energy particle beams are scientific challenges that still cannot be resolved at the forefront of science. It’s not something that can be easily overcome in just a few years,” Howard shrugged helplessly and joked, “To be honest, I’m starting to think about passing this design sketch on to future generations for them to complete.”

“You don’t even have children yet,” Kyle quipped. Howard pursed his lips, glared at him with his little mustache, and said grumpily, “Tonight, I’ll invite some young ladies with amazing figures to help me with that.”

Poor Tony…

Kyle chuckled. The future genius engineer Tony Stark hadn’t been born yet. It would probably take another decade or maybe even longer. The guy standing before him, Howard, only became a father in his old age.

But even if Tony were born earlier, with the limitations of current technological capabilities, they still couldn’t artificially synthesize this element with boundless possibilities.

“Are we really going to wait until half a century later to attempt its production?” Kyle felt a bit unwilling. The design sketch in front of him was clearly a treasure map, but there was no corresponding key to unlock and explore it.

The degree of randomness in Card Tributing was too high, making it impossible to extract a specific required item.

“Alright, don’t think too much about it. Let’s take it step by step. Maybe in a few years or a dozen years, suitable materials and inventions will emerge,” Howard comforted Kyle, patting his shoulder. He had originally felt regret, but now he realized that his partner was even more focused on the new element.

“I guess that’s the only way,” Kyle sighed, putting the design sketch back into the safe in the hidden compartment. But just as he released his grip, a flash of insight crossed his mind.

Wait a moment… Special materials? Technological limitations?

Kyle’s eyes brightened slightly. It seemed he had forgotten about something.

Smiling, he said, “Howard, I just remembered a place that should possess the special materials to create this new element and have sufficient scientific capabilities!”

“Where?” Howard froze upon hearing this, hesitating as he asked, “You’re not talking about outer space, are you?”

“It’s somewhere in a corner of this Earth, but it’s isolated from the outside world. It’s inaccessible to outsiders, and ordinary people can’t easily step into that territory,” Kyle shrugged and replied.

That place had the favor of the heavens, with a rare metal ore treated like common material, and its technological level was decades ahead of the current Earth.

Having witnessed the cross-century scientific products provided by Kyle, Howard naturally believed his words. He asked with great interest, “How do we get there? If there are materials and advanced radiation instruments, I’m confident that I can create the new element.”

“No rush. It will take some time to arrange the preparations to gain access to that place,” Kyle teased, leaving a cliffhanger.

Despite its technological advancement, the place had primitive and savage rules and legal systems. It was deeply rooted in its rejection of the outside world. Kyle couldn’t guarantee that if he and Howard rashly ventured there, they wouldn’t be immediately attacked by the locals.

“Let’s wait until the war is over to decide. With military duties, I can’t allocate too much time for personal endeavors,” Kyle said. With his current rank as a major general, it would attract too much attention if he mysteriously ran abroad.

The matter of synthesizing the new element thus came to a temporary conclusion.

After Kyle and Howard finished reviewing the research results, they sat back on the sofa by the window in the office and continued savoring the unfinished bottle of red wine.

“Oh, I almost forgot. There’s something I want to ask you for a favor,” Kyle remembered Logan waiting outside the door and requested, “Regarding Logan, the one you just saw. He was originally from Canada and came here to the United States with me. I hope you can arrange for him to have American citizenship.”

Howard nodded straightforwardly and agreed, “That’s easy. Give me his full name and age, and I’ll have someone take care of it tomorrow.”

“His name is ‘Logan Carl’,” Kyle reported the preplanned full name. After hesitating for a moment, he muttered, “As for his actual age, he’s probably in his sixties…”

Howard, a gentlemanly gesture, took a sip of red wine, but when he heard Logan’s age, he choked and quickly took out a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe his wet pants. Surprised, he said, “Sixty-plus years old? That bodyguard of yours? He looks like he’s in his early thirties, just a bit hairy in the face.”

Kyle smiled and said, “I’ve told you before, he’s not an ordinary person. But to avoid reactions like yours, let’s register his age as thirty-five.”

Loan’s age and physical appearance couldn’t be judged from the perspective of an ordinary person.

With his Super Soldier Physique, his aging rate was four times slower than normal people, coupled with the life force and extraordinary healing of his Healing Factor, as well as the Life Increase Cards that increased his natural lifespan.

Kyle believed that even after another century passed, his body would still be at the peak of youth, with no signs of aging in his physique or appearance.

Red Skull had said it right. From the moment they obtained the genetic modifications of the Super Soldier Ability, they were no longer considered “human” in the conventional sense of life.

Since Kyle refused to submit to the finger snap of Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet and didn’t want to be dominated by even higher-dimensional races like gods, Kyle chose the path of evolution, the path of becoming stronger, and he is determined to walk it without turning back!

(End of Chapter)


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