IMUC-Chapter 78: Armory? Treasury

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As a secret underground armory in Germany, its location was naturally concealed and known only to a select few, not even ordinary German soldiers or low-ranking officers knew about this place.

The vanguard forces of the Allied army, in addition to arranging post-battle matters, prioritized targeting the weapon blueprints, high-tech products, and top-tier scientific talent from German research facilities as their spoils of war.

As for the armory supplies and the like, logistics personnel would arrive later to scavenge and transport them using transport aircraft. This was the reason why there had been no sign of troops searching the underground armory thus far.

This fortunate turn of events was thanks to Kyle, who first learned about the location of the largest secret armory from the surrendered German field marshal.

Leaving Logan to guard the armory entrance, Kyle arrived in front of a pile of abundant supplies but had no intention of uncovering them and examining their contents.

There was no need to do so. Within a three-meter radius, the supplies which were securely locked in iron crates, and the item cards quickly appeared, presenting the information about the items.

“German rifles,” “Mauser 98K,” “Mauser pistols”…

These military items varied in quality from common to uncommon, and while the quantity was substantial, they were all relatively common armaments used by German soldiers.

Throughout this month-long large-scale campaign, Kyle had accumulated a considerable number of intact war spoils by looting fallen soldiers. His Card Space still held nearly a thousand German weapons.

“Green item cards require one second to extract…” Kyle didn’t pause his steps and directly bypassed the mountains of weapons and equipment, heading towards another pile of supplies to the side.

Previously, there was no choice, but now that there was a choice so he would naturally prioritize extracting higher-value items.

“Camouflage raincoat,” “Sergeant’s field battle suit,” “Belt-fed machine gun”…

Examining several piles of supplies close to the main entrance in succession, Kyle felt somewhat disappointed as they were mostly common military equipment of White and Green quality.

“Camouflage Steel Helmet: A natural-colored German military-style helmet made of high-quality steel.” Green item card.

Another Green Item, and it’s a helmet?

Kyle shook his head and continued deeper into the armory, bypassing another pile of supplies. This time, numerous item cards bearing the “Gold” keyword appeared, completely stunning him.

“Gold Bars: German-made gold bars in the shape of a rectangular prism, weighing 25 kilograms.” Rare Green Item Card.

Gold Bars?!

Kyle’s pupils contracted. Not only were there gold bars in front of him but within a three-meter radius, there were piles of supplies stacked four meters high, all presenting this type of item card.

He quickly moved to confirm and found that the several smaller piles of supplies inside the armory were unexpectedly filled with gold products of considerable value.

“Gold Ring,” “Emerald Gemstone,” “Gold Diamond necklace”…

Numerous Rare Green Item Cards of a similar nature accumulated together, and with just a glance, it was impossible to determine the exact quantity of these valuable items.

“Armory? Could this be Germany’s treasury?” Kyle was dumbfounded when he saw this, he had never seen so much gold and gemstones before so he was momentarily in a dreamlike state.

Now he understood that the weapons and supplies left outside the secret underground armory were merely a distraction. The true treasures that Hitler wanted to conceal were the priceless assets stored within.

“All of these belong to me.” Kyle took a deep breath, suppressing his excitement. With a slight thought, he began extracting the surrounding items one by one.

The Card Extraction began!

If, by any chance, military transport aircraft secretly moved the stockpile away for personal gain, there would be the risk of being traced. However, if he simply extracted the items into cards and took them away, even if other countries investigated in the future, it would be difficult to connect this matter to Kyle.

After nearly two hours, Kyle finally stopped his uninterrupted extraction after converting the last gold ring into a card and placing it in his Card Space.

“The feeling of being super wealthy… It’s not bad at all.” Kyle smacked his lips as he thought of this. With his previous 40% stake in Stark Industries, he was already considered wealthy. But now, after today, he could truly be called rich enough to rival a country.

Let’s see who dares to claim they are richer than me! Oh, right, the Black Panther, the king of Wakanda…


Suddenly, a commotion came from the main entrance, bringing Kyle’s thoughts back to reality. He turned around and saw Logan rushing into the armory, alerting him, “A Soviet reconnaissance team is approaching from this direction, about sixty meters away.”

“They responded quickly. It seems the spoils from the research facility have already been divided.” Kyle pondered for a moment and said to Logan, “Let’s leave before they find this place. Prepare high-explosive grenades and destroy the underground armory before we leave to eliminate any traces of our presence.”

“Alright,” Logan nodded obediently.

With his arrangements in place, Kyle surveyed the emptied armory where he had extracted the cards. He was about to take a step and leave when a sudden thought crossed his mind, causing him to abruptly halt.

He turned his head and looked towards the end of the underground armory, his mind filled with curiosity.

The German military seemed to have a fondness for constructing hidden compartments in their underground facilities. Could this almost treasure trove-like armory not have a hidden compartment as well?

Five minutes later…

As the Soviet reconnaissance team approached the main entrance of the underground armory, a loud explosion suddenly erupted. The main entrance and the surrounding layers of rock and soil collapsed, concealing the entrance to the largest section of the armory.

At the same time, inside the former armory, the interior of an adjacent hidden compartment lit up once again, as if it were daytime.

Logan held a military-grade flashlight, illuminating the path ahead and dispelling the darkness. With his free hand, he extended his retractable Wolverine claws and continuously uncovered the lids of wooden crates in the hidden compartment, revealing their contents in the light.

“These are…” Kyle, walking behind Logan, unexpectedly widened his eyes and stared at the items stored in the wooden crates.

[Twelve Sunflowers in a Vase]: One of Vincent van Gogh’s personally created masterpieces.” Blue Item Card.

“[The Last Supper]: One of Leonardo da Vinci’s personally created murals.” Blue Item Card.

“[The Venus de Milo]: Michelangelo’s famous sculpture.” Blue Item Card.

“[Heart of the Ocean]: A heart-shaped gemstone necklace made by a top-notch craftsman using an extraordinarily rare blue sapphire.” Blue Item Card.

“It seems these are all world-class treasures that Germany looted during World War II.” Kyle sighed with emotion. No wonder the gold and gemstones could only be piled up outside the armory. The true value lay within the hidden compartment.

Each of these treasures, when placed on the future auction block, would cause a sensation and fetch astronomical prices.


Logan reached the end of the hidden compartment, and with his claws, he opened the final two large crates. As the sealed blocks inside the boxes emitted a faint blue light, the entire hidden compartment was fully illuminated.

Kyle’s eyes reflected the highlights as he muttered to himself, “Cube Fragment…”

(End of Chapter)


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