IMUC-Chapter 77: Germany’s Defeat

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America’s Kyle. War hero, the youngest Brigadier General in American History, a symbol of national power— all of them are well-deserved titles!

This was the impression and conclusion of most Allied nations, which also led to the practice of following protocol and informing the reconnaissance and communication personnel of the Allied forces when conducting offensive operations deep into German territory, even though Kyle, upon rejoining, did not request to assume command of the vanguard forces.

“We finally made it to Berlin, huh? It took a few days longer than I had expected…” Kyle said as he leaped down from the top of the armored vehicle, stretching his hands to loosen his muscles.

Fury stepped out of the vehicle’s door and reminded him with a stern expression on his face, “We’re entering the main urban area of Berlin. Behind the buildings several hundred meters ahead, the last armed German forces are likely entrenched.”

“Do you want me to go and inspect?” Logan, dressed in an American military uniform, calmly suggested.

“No need, I’ll go alone and take a look,” Kyle shrugged. Without waiting for others to respond, he immediately distanced himself from the tens of thousands of soldiers in the vanguard forces and walked toward the empty and spacious streets of the city.

The Blue Falcon patrolled and circled thousands of meters above him, ensuring air superiority. If there were any bombers or threats to Kyle in the air, it would provide an early warning.

With his strength and ability to survive, Germany had no means left to pose a threat to him. Unless Germany had the idea of mutual destruction and wanted to detonate a nuclear bomb in its own capital.

However, this was unrealistic from any perspective. Moreover, intelligence indicated that when Hydra fell out with the Nazis, they had stolen over half of the nuclear bomb data from German research facilities, and Germany had not yet developed a nuclear weapon capable of influencing the global military situation.

On the other hand, the American faction had obtained the stolen nuclear bomb data from Hydra’s final underground base in the Alps. It was estimated that they were close to developing a finished nuclear weapon in their own homeland.

This information had been revealed to him by Howard when they were at the base. As one of the core members involved in the construction of nuclear weapons, Howard shared this information as part of their scientific and strategic collaboration with the military.

Putting aside his contemplation about nuclear weapons, Kyle had already distanced himself from the Allied forces by nearly a hundred meters and continued to approach the main urban area of Berlin.

His pace was neither fast nor slow and it was more akin to a leisurely stroll through the city streets.

After another three hundred meters, Kyle’s heightened senses seemed to perceive something. Just as he was about to pass through an intersection, he silently activated the Venom Battlesuit into full coverage mode, preparing himself for combat.

“Step, Step!”

As he crossed the intersection, Kyle’s footsteps abruptly halted, leaving him standing tall and alone at the street intersection.

“Shuā Shuā Shuā—”

The sound of numerous weapons being aimed resounded from both sides of the intersection, with countless rifle muzzles aimed directly at Kyle.

“An ambush, huh?” Kyle murmured, coldly surveying his surroundings. Surrounded by thousands of armed German soldiers, he slowly gripped the Carbonadium Sword on his back with his left hand.

A sword against thousands of guns.

It may have seemed ridiculous, but the German soldiers at this moment couldn’t find anything amusing about it. Their hands holding the guns trembled slightly, and sweat soaked through the lining of their combat uniforms.

God only knew what kind of War Demon they were facing.

“Don’t shoot! Lower your weapons!” In the midst of the tense and suffocating silence, a mature, hoarse voice suddenly rang out in the surrounding, causing thousands of German soldiers to obediently lower their rifles.

Kyle looked over in surprise and saw a middle-aged officer wearing a uniform with honor shoulder insignia approaching briskly. It was clear that he was the commander of this German military unit, stepping forward from the rear of the defensive force.

“Are you ‘Brigadier General Kyle of America’?” The middle-aged officer asked in slightly imperfect English.

Did he even need to answer?

Kyle met his gaze coldly as he took a few steps forward with the sword in his hand, and the numerous German soldiers on the side instinctively raised their rifles once again.

“I said, put down your weapons!” The middle-aged officer shouted angrily before wiping the cold sweat from his forehead and he spoke with a bitter expression on his face, “Enough, it’s all over.”

The middle-aged officer looked at Kyle, clad in full-body armor, and took a deep breath. “I am Field Marshal Dietrich von Paulus, representing the entire German military… We choose to surrender.”

The words of surrender were spoken with a sense of resignation and frustration in his voice. Field Marshal von Paulus let out a sigh of relief and continued, his face tired and weary, “All soldiers, drop your weapons and remain where you are.”

As his words fell, the scene fell into complete silence.

The thousands of German soldiers looked at each other in confusion. However, when one soldier simply dropped his rifle, the rest followed suit, one after another, discarding their weapons and ammunition on the ground. The sight was quite spectacular.

They had long lost the will to fight. They were nothing more than the final heavy straw that broke the camel’s back.

Kyle knew this, and he wasn’t surprised by their actions. He retracted the Carbonadium Sword in his hand, leaving the decision of whether to accept prisoners to Commander Chester in the rear.

After all, he had no desire to take action against soldiers who had completely lost their fighting spirit.

Ignoring the German soldiers, Kyle led the German field marshal and returned in the direction of the Allied forces.

With the German resistance defense surrendering without a fight, it signaled the premature end of this large-scale campaign.

The Allied forces detained the German field marshal and left behind a military contingent to guard the thousands of German soldiers who had become prisoners. Meanwhile, more vanguard forces continued their strong and steady advance into the main urban area of Berlin.

One hour later, the German capital, Berlin, was completely occupied by the Allied forces.

Adolf Hitler, the leader who instigated the war, had committed suicide half an hour earlier upon learning of the surrender of the German armed forces, and his body was burned on the spot by his soldiers.

The death of Adolf Hitler indirectly marked the complete defeat of Germany!

The vanguard forces of the Allied forces began to arrange for troops to stay in Berlin, process the prisoners, establish communication with the rear, and handle various busy tasks. Fury, who reacted quickly, was arranging for soldiers to arrest the scientists at the research facility when he discovered that Kyle and Logan had disappeared without a trace.

At the same time, in the secret underground vault in the German capital.

The heavy metal door of the vault was forcefully pried open by a pair of dark claws, and two figures entered through the gap. They found the circuit breaker switch, and as the lights turned on, the spacious underground vault became brightly illuminated.

“So, the German field marshal wasn’t lying.” Kyle retracted his claws and looked at the remaining half of the supplies in the vault and a faint smile appeared on his face.

“There’s so much here, but the two of us won’t be able to carry that much,” Logan remarked from the side.

“You stay at the door, I’ll be enough on my own.” Kyle smiled mysteriously and strolled towards the green-clothed supplies.

Today, he is going to enjoy himself.

(End of Chapter)


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