IMUC-Chapter 75: Venom’s New Form

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In the midst of the cliff-side battle, Logan who is currently bonded with Venom, gracefully glided back to the mountaintop, retracting the wings on his battlesuit’s back. With his fierce crimson eyes locked onto Sabertooth, he presented a drastically different appearance compared to Kyle’s previous form.

The prominent muscular contours were no longer as perfectly robust as before, but instead exuded a more wild and streamlined appearance. While the battlesuit still maintained its dark color scheme, it now bore faint silver animal patterns.

The emblem on the chest of the suit transformed from a symbol of death into an intricate wolf’s head. Additionally, two wolf ears emerged from the top of the hood.

The most notable change was the bone-like claws, which now resembled dark metallic structures that gleamed with a chilling radiance in the sunlight.

Sabertooth’s face tightened with seriousness as he raised his sharp-clawed fingers, ready to confront Logan, who wore the silver wolf battlesuit. He didn’t know what had just happened, but he could sense a distinct difference in Logan’s presence. He emanated a powerful, cold, aggressive aura, brimming with wild animal instincts.

In fact, Logan himself had no idea what state he was in at the moment.

When Logan was thrown off the cliff, he hadn’t seen Venom merge with his body. He had only struggled not to fall and, in response, the battlesuit’s wings automatically extended from his back, assisting him in gliding back to the mountaintop.

But it didn’t end there. His hatred grew deeper, his emotions became more intense, and power surged from both inside and outside his body— it was a comprehensive enhancement from the symbiotic Venom fusion.

“Although I don’t know what’s happening, in this state, I can win!” Logan whispered before he clenched his fists as the black, icy claws extended to their limits. He slowly lifted his head and looked at Sabertooth in front of him.

Outside the battle, Kyle nodded slightly and murmured to himself, “That’s right, use the power I’ve lent you to fulfill our negotiated conditions.”

The original purpose of obtaining the Healing Factor had been successfully achieved. If Logan could resolve his vengeful heart under this influence, it would be an additional and significant gain.

Without giving Kyle too much time to contemplate, within his line of sight, Logan had already engaged Sabertooth in close combat.

The clash between their black claws and sharp fingers claws ensued! This time, Sabertooth was caught off guard and suffered a setback. He had not anticipated that Logan’s speed, strength, and claw intensity would all be amplified. As a result, the razor-sharp claws tore open a gash on his palm.

“Damn it!” Sabertooth roared in anger as his brawny arms contracted as he tried to trap Logan in front of him, dragging the battle into his realm of strength.

Regardless, physique and strength were his most confident areas of expertise.

But Logan wouldn’t allow Sabertooth to have his way. He quickly lowered his body, deftly evading the bear hug. Swiftly passing beneath the burly figure, Logan’s clawed hands left several fresh gashes on Sabertooth’s waist, splattering blood on the ground as if it were freely flowing.

Sabertooth was both furious and astonished. He was angry because it was the first time he had continuously suffered setbacks, and he was shocked by Logan’s significant overall increase in power due to the symbiotic Venom fusion.

His speed, reactions, and everything he could match before were now surpassed by Logan’s heightened agility.

In the following moments, relying on his speed and agility, Logan, resembling a black beast, relentlessly maneuvered around Sabertooth’s side. Sabertooth became nothing more than a human punching bag, unable to track the black figure with his gaze, let alone launch a counterattack.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh—”

With every swift movement, Logan’s claws splattered Sabertooth’s body with blood, dyeing the mountaintop a dark shade of red. His actions resembled those of a savage Beast as he continuously tormented his prey’s body, depleting his strength, shattering his spirit, and gradually devouring his life.


Suddenly, Sabertooth let out a miserable scream, his face drained of color as he clutched his left ear. There was a smooth cut that marked the spot where his ear had been severed by Logan’s claws.

“This is for my father!” Logan said coldly while holding a bloodied ear in his left hand and throwing it off the cliff.

“No!” Sabertooth’s eyes widened as he watched helplessly as his ear was discarded like trash into the abyss.

In a frenzy, he let out a low roar and lunged at Logan with all his might.

Logan leaped in place, soaring three to four meters high. He stomped on Sabertooth’s forehead mid-air, and his clawed hands swiftly plunged into Sabertooth’s back. “This is for my mother!”


Sabertooth’s eyes widened as he was forcefully overpowered by Logan. Logan took the opportunity to sit on his waist, and his black claws tore and scratched their way up Sabertooth’s back.

“This is for my wife!”

Logan growled and blood splattered into his eyes, intensifying their crimson and bewitching appearance.

Sabertooth, unable to rise from the ground, dug his tiger-like clawed fingers deep into the rocky soil, desperately gasping for breath, his mouth almost biting into the earth. His healing factor couldn’t keep up with the extent of the damage inflicted upon him. He struggled forcefully, causing blood and debris to scatter around his body.

“Logan, continue,” A calm voice suddenly came from outside the battle as Kyle tossed a single-handed sword, and Logan swiftly caught it.

On the ground, Sabertooth seemed to realize something and he began to frantically struggle, his eyes filled with fear and regret.

“Logan, I was wrong… give me another chance!” Sabertooth began pleading, hoping that Logan would spare him.

Logan sneered, his claws piercing into Sabertooth’s spine, pinning him to the ground. Slowly, he raised the single-handed sword in his other hand and said. “This is for my son!”

“No!” Sabertooth howled, but his voice quickly turned into stunned silence as the Carbonadium Sword pierced through the back of his neck, impaling him to the ground.

All grudges and resentments came to an end at this moment.

As Sabertooth’s lifeless body hung limp, Kyle, who had been observing from the sidelines, took a few steps forward and the silver wolf battlesuit on Logan’s body began to ripple and transform into countless liquid black strands, leaping and reattaching itself to Kyle’s body.

Without the battlesuit, Logan returned to his original form and slumped over Sabertooth’s body before falling to the ground, his expression dazed as he laid back on the blood-stained ground.

“Behave yourself,” Kyle said softly, but his words were not directed at Logan; they were directed at Venom, the transformed battlesuit that had reverted to its black form on Kyle’s body.

The symbiotic Venom had absorbed and replicated a portion of Logan’s hatred, resentment, speed, and strength. Its emotions were currently a bit unruly, desiring to vent on the battlefield.

If Kyle, as Venom’s “Creator” and “First-Generation Symbiote,” hadn’t held the reins, it would have been difficult to contain Venom’s skyrocketing killer instinct.

“Understood? Now tell me, have you unlocked the new abilities?” Kyle contemplated as he extended his hands, which quickly transformed into three dark claws each, emanating a chilling radiance.

Venom Battlesuit, Claw Form!

(End of chapter)


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