IMUC-Chapter 74: Deployment of the External Battlesuit

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A tremendous force reverberated through the battlefield at the German border as tens of thousands of Allied front-line troops broke through the Tank Defense line, colliding fiercely with the disarrayed German army. It resulted in a one-sided massacre and slaughter.

Under a continuous barrage of bullets, German soldiers fell like rows of harvested wheat, quickly causing the demoralized German forces, now without their Tanks, to retreat and flee into their own territory.

“Kyle! This way!” Fury, rushing forward in pursuit, emerged from the charging Allied soldiers. He waved his hand and ran towards Kyle, who was standing on top of a Tank.

“Fury, I’ll leave this to you. I have something to take care of. We’ll meet in the German capital in a few days.” Kyle removed his Venom helmet and nodded toward Fury, who was a few meters away. Then, with agile movements, he landed and swiftly merged with the advancing Allied forces inside German territory.

By the time Fury, gasping for breath, reached the Tank, he looked around and realized that Kyle had already vanished amidst the sea of soldiers.

“That Kyle, he never leads troops and commands; where did he go again…” Fury sighed somewhat helplessly. However, Kyle always seemed to appear at the most critical moments of the battle, often single-handedly turning the tide and that was already more than enough.

On the other hand, Kyle’s presence, coupled with the aura of a War Hero, exerted tremendous psychological pressure on enemy soldiers and served as a collective inspiration for his own troops.

This was the irreplaceable role of a War Hero on a large-scale battlefield.

Kyle ran all the way, leaving the battlefield where the Allied and German forces clashed, and following the location hints provided by the Blue Falcon from high above, he swiftly approached a nearby mountain.

Within a short while, Kyle arrived at the dense forest at the foot of the mountain. He paused, scanning his surroundings. Further up the mountain, the trees and grass were in disarray, marked by smooth claw marks and fresh blood that had not yet dried. The sounds of a fierce battle between two individuals echoed through the mountain, carried by the breeze.

“Logan and Sabertooth,” Kyle muttered under his breath as he moved towards the mountain. Soon, the scene of the two men locked in combat on the mountaintop came into view.

On the top of the several hundred meters high mountain, with only a few trees growing, a cliff faced them on the other side.

On the open space of the mountaintop beside the cliff, Logan and the burly man each extended their unique claws. Both of them, like wild animals, used their bodies as weapons as they fiercely collided against each other and inflicted deep wounds that exposed bone. However, these wounds quickly healed as if nothing had happened, thanks to their mutant genes and Healing Factor abilities.

As mutants and both possessing Healing Factor, the brutal and bloody battle between Logan and Sabertooth was relentless. Neither side yielded and they fought with their full strength. Unless one of them died or escaped, this fight would not come to an end.

When Kyle reached the mountaintop where Logan and Sabertooth were fighting, he swiftly surveyed their surroundings.

Logan caught sight of Kyle and quickly retracted his gaze, his expression remaining cold and unchanged as he continued his fierce battle.

On the other hand, when Sabertooth saw Kyle, his broad, rugged face immediately changed color. Even his attacking movements momentarily stalled, nearly leaving him vulnerable to Logan’s claws.

As Kyle stood five meters away, calmly observing the battle between the two, Sabertooth felt a slight sense of relief. Kyle didn’t seem to have any intention of intervening and merely stood there with his hands folded, observing from the sidelines.

“What’s the matter? You think I would need Kyle to deal with you?” Logan coldly looked at Sabertooth, his eyes filled with bloodshot veins and hatred. He raised his wolf-like claws as he spoke. “I will personally kill you here with my own hands!”

“That’s what you said,” Sabertooth chuckled with a sinister grin. He stood up as if nothing had happened, and within a few short seconds, the claw wounds on his abdomen had already healed.

With a low growl, the towering Sabertooth lunged forward, while Logan crossed his arms to protect himself. However, he was still forcefully sent flying like a disconnected kite, rolling on the ground, splattering blood, until he finally managed to come to a stop.

“You think I used my full strength earlier? I was just playing with you,” Sabertooth sneered, not giving Logan a chance to recover as he continued to exert his dominance.

“After all these years, haven’t you learned your lesson? Sabertooth stood at the top of the natural food chain, my genes surpass those of a little wolf!” Sabertooth said, grabbing Logan’s collar as he struggled to get up from the ground.

Logan’s physique, while considered strong by ordinary standards, paled in comparison to Sabertooth’s towering and robust two-meter frame.

Sabertooth lifted Logan with one hand and formed his other hand into a tiger-like claw, relentlessly stabbing into Logan’s abdomen with powerful and deadly strikes. Blood splattered and Logan’s Healing Factor struggled to keep up with the pace of the brutal assault.

Watching this scene from nearby, Kyle shook his head, but he had already anticipated it.

Logan was not in his Wolverine state, where he had been injected with Adamantium. It was indeed unrealistic to expect him to defeat Sabertooth single-handedly at this moment.

After all, Sabertooth’s genes, although only of Rare Blue quality, happened to suppress the Wolverine Gene abilities. The stronger wild animal physique and strength were something that time and skill could not compensate for.

“Logan, do you need my help?” Kyle shrugged before he spoke with a slight smile forming at the corner of his mouth.

During their negotiations, Logan had only requested to personally kill Sabertooth, without allowing Kyle to join the fight.

But he hadn’t said anything about not receiving some assistance in battle…

“Venom, go and help Logan.” Kyle lightly tapped his battlesuit, and Venom seemed to understand his intentions. It transformed from the emblem on his chest into a black liquid, bouncing off the ground and approaching the battle where Logan was engaged.

Once Venom completely separated from Kyle, he was left wearing a casual short-sleeved shirt and pants, which he had prepared in advance as part of his plan.

In the midst of the battle, Sabertooth, holding Logan struggling in his hand, stopped his clawed fist and threw Logan’s body forcefully to the side, towards the cliff.

As Logan was about to be thrown off the cliff, a mass of black liquid leaped forward, with numerous strands of black liquid wrapping tightly around his body, forming a resilient black leather battlesuit on his body.

In the next moment, wings automatically extended from his back, and wearing the battlesuit, Logan flipped his body in mid-air, using the suits gliding ability to return to the mountaintop.

“Venom Battlesuit fully deployed. Auxiliary Combat Systems Activated.”

Kyle sarcastically commented from the side as he leaned against a tree. He didn’t look like he was participating in a war or a life-and-death battle but he rather looked like a leisurely tourist, patiently observing the exciting battle that was about to unfold.

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