IMUC-Chapter 5: The Super Soldier Project

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In the underground office of the training base’s highest authority:

Kyle Doffer’s personal profile:

Male, 22 years old, height 178cm, weight 68kg.

Born in 1921, at his home located at 199 Seamist Street, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Current family status: Single. Both parents were American soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the secret war in 1935 and were posthumously recognized as martyrs.

He underwent a physical examination and was selected as a new recruit for the batch of Super Soldiers during this year’s World Expo Recruitment.

On the first day of new recruit training, he competed in marksmanship with Commander Brandt and won convincingly with his exceptional pistol shooting skills.

On the second day of new recruit training, he engaged in close combat training with Commander Joseph and was defeated due to physical exhaustion. However, three days later, the two of them had a rematch, and Kyle emerged victorious showing great progress.

On the third day of new recruit training…

Agent Carter suggested listing him as the top choice for the Super Soldier Program.

Commander Brandt suggested listing him as the top choice for the Super Soldier Program.

Commander Joseph suggested listing him as the top choice for the Super Soldier Program.

At the bottom of Kyle’s profile, there were signatures of the three responsible individuals for the selection and assessment of the super soldier program.

“I didn’t expect that within just six days of the evaluation and selection process, we have more than three officials recommending the same soldier,” An imposing middle-aged man, who wore a general’s uniform and boasted a four-star rank said as he set down the file in his hand, signifying his extraordinary status.

“To be honest, I don’t really like that soldier, Kyle,” Commander Brandt said with a disdainful expression on his face before he sighed, “But I have to admit that he possesses all the talents and abilities of a Soldier.”

Commander Joseph nodded in agreement and said with emotion, “Yes, within just five or six days of training, he has shown qualities that rival the top-tier special forces soldiers. General Chester, if it weren’t for your reminder that the Super Soldier Serum has yet to undergo the final experiment, I would have thought that Kyle was a product of a secret experiment, a true super soldier.”

“If the Super Soldier Serum proves effective on him, he may be the most versatile and perfect soldier ever created, not only in the United States but in the entire world,” Agent Carter coolly offered her judgment.

“Yeah, he would be the Perfect Soldier, not just in the United States, but in the whole world!” Commander Joseph affirmed.

After the three individuals in the underground office finished speaking, General Chester’s gaze fell upon an elderly scientist wearing glasses. 

He asked, “Dr. Abraham Erskine, what do you think? After all, the Super Soldier Serum is your creation, and you should have been involved in the selection of the first test subject.”

“Regarding Kyle, he is indeed exceptional in terms of physical strength and amazing willpower,” Dr. Abraham replied slowly. 

Finally, he gathered his courage and expressed his thoughts, “But I believe Steve would be more suitable. His determination and sense of justice are essential qualities of a perfect soldier.”

Steve was originally his favored candidate for the Super Soldier Program, but Kyle’s sudden emergence was too outstanding, overshadowing the entire training base of new recruits.

“Three to one, then,” General Chester tapped his fingers on the desk and turned to the last man in the room, “Howard Stark, as the scientific strategist responsible for the Super Soldier Program, do you have anything to say?”

Howard, dressed in a gentlemanly suit, shrugged and smiled, “I am only responsible for the scientific strategic project. The selection of soldiers is your job, and I have no objections to whoever you choose.”

General Chester pondered for a moment and said, “Alright, let someone approach Kyle and let him learn about the Super Soldier Program, see what he thinks, and if he is willing to go under such a procedure.”

“I’ll go,” Agent Carter, who had been silent, suddenly spoke up.

“Very well, you go,” General Chester nodded solemnly and said, “Tomorrow, prepare for the final experiment for the super soldiers!”

In the military dormitory for new recruits:

Kyle had just finished showering, his short blond hair still dripping with water as he stood shirtless in front of the mirror, wearing only a pair of shorts.

With his finely chiseled facial features and sun-kissed handsomeness, his most prominent feature was his strong and muscular physique, with abs that resembled those of a trained bodybuilder.

“A body that surpasses every ordinary individual in physical skills. Is this the result of ten Green physical Ability Cards?” Kyle looked at his reflection in the mirror with great satisfaction on his face. He was confident that he surpassed the special forces soldiers in terms of strength, speed, and physique.

Moreover, he hadn’t had a moment of leisure in these few days. In addition to the physical skills Ability Cards, he had flawlessly drawn numerous white and Green Ability Cards of various professional skills. 

Currently, he had accumulated a staggering thirty-six Green Ability Cards, and the number of White Ability Cards exceeded four hundred!

This was what people called a genius and all-around ability, nothing less.

It has been nearly a week since his rebirth in this universe, and according to the progress of the Captain America movie, the Super Soldier experiment should have started. Kyle was contemplating this when he heard a loud noise, and the door to the dormitory was pushed open.

“Steve?” Kyle walked out of the bathroom in confusion but when he saw a beautiful woman entering the dormitory, his expression turned to surprise. “Agent Carter? Are you lost? This is the new recruits’ dormitory.”

Indeed, it was Agent Carter who entered the dormitory, her mature figure accentuated by the usual military dress, holding documents in one hand, and walking with clean and precise steps as she stopped in the hallway of the dormitory.

“No, I didn’t get lost. I came here specifically to find you,” Agent Carter raised an eyebrow slightly, asking coldly, “Shouldn’t this be the time for the recruits’ collective training? Why are you taking a shower in the dormitory?”

“Haha, it’s just a small privilege for breaking the training base’s individual record,” Kyle chuckled, not hurrying to put on his shirt. Instead, he draped a towel over his shoulders to cover the important parts as he spoke. “I don’t have much to offer as a host, but please bear with it, Agent Carter. Just find a place to sit.”

Agent Carter maintained her composed demeanor as she surveyed the dormitory, and found no chairs. In the end, she chose to sit on the edge of a bed.

“So, what’s the matter? Why are you looking for me?” Kyle wasn’t polite either, using the towel to dry his damp hair, leaning towards the other side of the bed where Agent Carter was sitting. The single bed left less than a meter of space between the two.

“Why are you sitting so close?” Agent Carter looked at him coldly. In response, Kyle shrugged and said, “This is my bed, so it’s normal for me to sit on it.”

Agent Carter: “…” She didn’t expect that she would end up accidentally sitting on Kyle’s bed.

Kyle maintained a smile. He had a reason for sitting so close. After all, Agent Carter had nearly ten Green Ability Cards on her, which he didn’t possess.

Engaging in conversation with a beautiful woman while casually drawing cards was much more enjoyable than the past few days.

“Let me get straight to the point. How much do you know about the Super Soldier Program?” Agent Carter brought her legs together and asked.

“Super Soldier?” Kyle’s face showed a surprised expression as he answered, “I only know that we, as new recruits, were initially selected for the Super Soldier program. I’m not very familiar with the rest.”

“Let me explain them. The Super Soldier program was developed by Dr. Abraham. It involves injecting a serum medicament into the human body, which stimulates cellular vitality and transforms the human physique from the inside out. In theory, it can enhance all aspects of a person’s physical condition by at least three times! It creates a superhuman combat capability far beyond that of an ordinary soldier,” Agent Carter explained, “The training officer should have already told the new recruits that within this week, the first participant for the Super Soldier experiment will be chosen.”

“I know,” Kyle nodded, but he seemed somewhat distracted. He smiled and asked, “So, have you chosen me?”

“We haven’t made the final decision yet. I’m just here to inquire about your willingness,” Agent Carter said, her gaze briefly passing over the well-defined abdominal muscles that Kyle exposed before quickly averting her eyes.

“The Super Soldier experiment?” Kyle murmured, resting his chin on his palm as he pondered.

In the movie, Steve was chosen as the first test subject for the Super Soldier experiment and obtained the most perfect human physique, becoming Captain America. 

However, at the moment of Steve’s success, the Super Soldier Serum was seized by a Hydra spy. The serum was ultimately destroyed, the doctor was killed, and the ability to replicate the Super Soldier was lost.

Now, due to his outstanding performance, could he replace Steve as the first test subject for the Super Soldier experiment?

Narrowing his eyes, Kyle looked at Agent Carter nearby and made a decision. He smiled and said, “I’m sorry, but I refuse the opportunity to be the pioneer of this Super Soldier program.”

(End of this chapter)

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